Zhejiang’s 46 -year -old mother and daughter are pregnant at the same time. Do you want children?What makes her more tangled is …

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"Dr. Zheng, does this affect the child? I really regret leaving the child now." Ms. Wang (pseudonym) and her daughter were pregnant at the same time.The doctor Zheng Chao’s clinic asked the same question again.

What kind of stoppage did Ms. Wang encounter on the way to the second child?


The 46 -year -old mother found that the blood sugar was high after the second child was

She shaken for her to have a baby

Ms. Wang, 46, married early and had a 25 -year -old daughter. At the end of last year, her daughter was pregnant and brought her a lot of surprises.

What is even more surprising is that she had no intention of having a second child and followed her daughter’s pace -unexpectedly pregnant.Although Ms. Wang was already a pregnant woman, she and her husband decided to give birth to the second child after a few days.

However, after 5 months of pregnancy, Ms. Wang encountered some problems, "blood sugar is relatively high, especially blood sugar after meals."She found Dr. Zheng Chao.

Dr. Zheng Chao introduced that Ms. Wang is an elderly mother, but she has been healthy in the past. Now pregnancy has increased blood sugar. Considering gestational diabetes, this is mainly to increase anti -insulin -like substances during pregnancy, such as placental prolactin, estrogen, progesterone, etc.Pregnant women’s sensitivity to insulin decreases with the increase of gestational weeks.

In order to maintain normal sugar metabolic level, the amount of insulin demand must increase accordingly.

Zheng Chao

The insulin secreted by pregnant women will be relatively insufficient, that is, it is enough, but after the fetus, the burden will increase. At this time, the excess blood sugar will enter the fetus through the placenta, which will eventually lead to the rapid growth of the fetus, which may grow into it.Great children, in addition, high blood sugar can also cause fetal complications and mortality to increase.

At the suggestion of Dr. Zheng Chao, Ms. Wang began to monitor blood sugar every day, do a good job of daily recipes, and actively exercised for half an hour after a meal.

By 6 months of pregnancy, because the blood sugar was still unable to meet the standard after meals, Ms. Wang began to inject insulin to control blood sugar. In the end of 36 weeks, she gave birth to a healthy male baby before her daughter produced. "I am very happy, thank you Dr. Zheng,If there is no Dr. Zheng, I will sleep and eat throughout pregnancy. "

May mother and daughter be safe and like the doctor!

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