Zhang Lan broke the truth of pregnancy in a word.

The size S is really a fertile melon, and from time to time, a few shocking melons will burst.

To be honest, many netizens eat her melon and vomit, but they can’t avoid their figures by detouring.

A few days ago, a May Meimei, who was married to France, had just wanted to expose an old news about a host forcing her to take nude photos.responsibility.

Originally, he also respected him as a good man who dared to be a dare to be, but did not expect that as soon as he opened it, he spit out thirteen people who could not see the light.

Among them, the size S and Ge Junye invited him to take drugs 20 years ago.

At that time, he was still a little S’s boyfriend, but was invited by this pair of sisters and Aya and Fan Xiaoxuan. The burly body of Jun Jun also took the little man in the bathroom to force.

Huang Zijiao’s exposure was scared that these people said that they would pick up the legal weapons to defend themselves, but they were unwilling to imitate Xiao Jingteng’s initiative to do hair testing at the request of netizens.

The drug abuse has not yet understood, and suddenly there was news that Da S was pregnant with three babies.

According to Taiwan media reports, Da S has been pregnant with Junjun’s children, and it has been pregnant for 9 months.

No wonder Gu Junjun would say that she was weak enough to walk, and she had to hold it to the toilet. It turned out that she was pregnant.

However, in the face of rumors of sudden reaching Great S, Zhang Lan, the former mother -in -law of Da S, did not believe it.

On the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, Zhang Lan broke Big S in her live broadcast room to get pregnant.It’s three years. "

While talking about the appearance of a pregnant woman, he was stuffing his clothes, and then he let go of the clothes to drop his clothes, and shouted directly: "Give it away."

I have to say that Zhang Lan is a powerful woman, and she can always use the hot search sent by the big S to the extreme.

As soon as Huang Zijiao exposed the news, Wang Xiaofei rushed to Taipei to take a pair of children with him.

This time, the big S was very refreshing. It is estimated that it was also caught by Huang Zijiao’s sudden exposure. If she really gave birth to a child, it should be self -care.

This reminds me of the white snake played by Wang Zuxian, no matter how she usually goes to the earth, when she is in the golden mountains, she is still pregnant when she is pregnant.

Therefore, Wang Xiaofei’s arrival helped Big S a lot. At least, she could have no worries about the new crisis that Huang Zijiao brought to her.

As for whether she is pregnant, how long is she pregnant, when she gives birth, the media can be her mouth instead, or she can be a tool she used to transfer her goals.

At present, the strategic means of former mother -in -law and daughter -in -law are extraordinary. It is not what ordinary netizens can see through. Both of them are women with high IQ. They are true and false.

However, no matter how clever they are, they can’t escape the phrase "time is the only criterion for testing truth".

As netizens said, "It’s a mule or a horse, see you next month."

Isn’t it 9 months pregnant?If the big S is really born, it is to pat the face Zhang Lan.

If it is not born, Big S will have no trust in front of netizens.

In fact, Zhang Lan University does not have to be so disgusted with big S pregnancy. No matter who she is born with, it is always a great event. Maybe she is happy, and she will agree to Wang Xiaofei take over the child’s custody.

After all, having children and sickness, they have to consume physical strength. Big S is not a man.

(Picture from the Internet, invading deletion)

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