You may not know that these four actions may cause the fetus to suffocate.

From the moment of pregnancy, expectant mothers may "lose freedom."Many foods cannot be eaten at will, and many things cannot be done willful, because many "delicious" "delicious" cannot meet the nutritional supply required for fetal development during pregnancy. Many simple things will hurt the fetus as soon as they don’t care.Some seemingly very daily movements, it is best not to do it during pregnancy, because the baby may not like it, and it may hurt the baby.After pregnancy, as the fetus is getting bigger and bigger, some movements need to pay special attention.The wrong posture not only affects physical health, but also is not good for the development of the fetus.You may not know that the following four actions may cause fetal suffocation, don’t care about expectant mothers!

First, go to the toilet for a long time

Pay attention to the words of a pregnant woman. Don’t squat to the toilet for a long time, because if you have squatted for a long time, you may appear numb.For pregnant women themselves, if a long -term squatting toilet is likely to occur, the blood circulation in the body is not smooth or the sudden blood pressure occurs, it is easy to make pregnant women dizziness and dark eyes.And it is very important. The pregnant woman’s belly is relatively large. Squatting is too long for compressing the belly, causing the fetus to hypoxic. You can use the toilet. The pregnant woman itself will be more comfortable, but it is also recommended not to be too long!

Second, take a long time

Pregnant women are a special group and need to be specially taken care of.For the health of the fetus, some families do not allow pregnant women to do anything. Many times pregnant women can only rest.Pregnant women cannot play mobile phones and computers during pregnancy, making life monotonous during pregnancy, and they cannot sleep all the time, so they can only sit and rest.Sitting for a long time will have some negative impacts on the baby’s health. Pregnant women keep sitting for a long time due to lack of activity on the blood circulation of the body. The blocked blood flow will cause excessive bleeding, which will cause abdominal pain or waist pain or waist.Symptoms such as soreness may also cause fetal suffocation.Therefore, pregnant women can do some proper exercises during pregnancy, so that they can improve the boring life during pregnancy and be beneficial to the baby’s health.Too much sitting will also affect the operation of the digestive system! Because sitting for a long time will make food gather in the stomach and intensive digestion, and the gastrointestinal peristalsis will become slower, and the digestive fluid secretion will be reduced.It will be disrupted, prone to symptoms such as bloating, constipation!

Third, go to sleep

Some people have become a habit of sleeping when they are afraid of cold, so they have developed the habit of sleeping.It is winter, and the weather is relatively cold. Some pregnant mothers are still used to sleeping during pregnancy, but do you know?Pregnant women are dangerous to sleep!The sleeping head has a decline in the breathing quality of pregnant mothers and a decrease in oxygen absorption, which can cause dizziness.Babies and babies during pregnancy will definitely affect the baby’s growth.And it is very important that the air in the quilt does not circulate, which will cause the fetus to be hypoxic and severely stop the fetal heart to stop beating, so it will change this bad habit for the baby.

Fourth, the wrong sleeping position

During the third trimester, pregnant mothers should avoid compressing the fetus at night, and the left side position should be adopted. Such an lying position can correct the right rotation of the uterus, reduce the compression of the main arteries and iliac arteries of the uterus, improve the bloodCycles increase the blood supply to the fetus, which is conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.Don’t sleep on your stomach in the late pregnancy, sleeping on your stomach is not good for the fetus and pregnant women!Sleeping on your stomach may cause the fetus to suffocate!

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