You let me know the importance of immune coagulation for pregnancy and pregnancy

Mihua candy (pseudonym), 33 years old,

Get married in 2015, prepare for 5 years,

There are issues related to immune coagulation,

It is currently produced.

Basic introduction: Preparation of pregnancy in mid -2016, in 2017, two husbands and children’s reproductive department, Daping Hospital andrology, and Daoping Hospital and Male Department were checked. Except for the routine sperm of semen, no problems were temporarily found.In May 2018, I went to the Qixinggang Maternal and Child Health Hospital to prepare for a test tube, and a series of reports were checked. The woman still did not check any problems for the time being.This time the man checked 37.1%↑ of DNA sperm fragments, 8.74%of the semen routine movement, 23.30%↓ sperm activity rate, 60 minutes of liquefaction time, and male doctors opened coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, lycopene for conditioning.It began to promote and get eggs in July. In October, two frozen embryos were transplanted by artificial cycles.

In mid -2016, with the strong expectations of my in -laws, I convinced my husband to prepare for pregnancy. Why should he convince him?(Because he feels that we are still young, the two -person world is good.) The first month of pregnancy made me remember, because many years of the menstrual cycle of thunder can’t be played, it was delayed for three days in this month, and then the dramatic scene appeared.I just went to the hospital to draw HCG, and I had menstruation on the way to the results!After a month after a month, when I was preparing for pregnancy for half a year, I actually started to be anxious. I have always thought about why?In addition, the in -laws also wonder if there is a problem with the daughter -in -law’s body?Because when some people around them gossip together, they said who was infertile after marriage, and the result was the problem of the fallopian tubes and the uterus.

In 2017, my husband and I embarked on the journey to find the answer. For the first time, we came to the Reproductive Department of Qixinggang Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Yuzhong District, Chongqing for a series of pre -pregnancy examinations.No abnormal uterus was seen; 2. Bilateral tubal is unobstructed), the woman did not find any problems, the man’s sperm was weak, the sperm was not liquefied, and the husband was a little frustrated. He did not accept this result and held doubt.The medicine prescribed by the doctor did not take it. In the two months, we went to Daiping Hospital and Master Department, Southwest Hospital andrology. The result of the diagnosis was almost the same.Monthly medicine, look at it again.

Because the doctor took only half a month at a time, he felt troublesome. He chose not to take the medicine again, and then brainwashed me. In fact, Dink is also very good. I will never change it.It may be that he has not been prepared to be a father, or a child’s personality.After returning, the in -laws asked for the inspection results. He didn’t speak and felt irritable. I said neither of us. Please do not put too much pressure on us. We also worked hard. I did not give him any pressure.By the way, it may be possible. Anyway, we are still young anyway. In the past few months, I pulled him in my spare time every morning and evening to play badminton. At the same time, I also bought some regulatory drugs. I said that we would eat together.I will accompany you anything.

In early 2018, for the first time, I came to Ranjiaba Maternal and Child Reproductive Department to monitor ovulation. Simultaneously detecting the poverty and antibody antibodies that had not been checked before.At the time of the menstrual cycle, the early pregnancy test strip was measured several times in the menstrual cycle. There were two lines that were visible to the naked eye. At that time, I was really happy. I thought I was pregnant and shared it with my husband and in -laws.Everyone was very happy, and the result was an oolong, but the menstruation came in the middle of the night, oh!IntersectionIntersectionIn the third month, I went to monitor the follicles again, because I usually run the hospital by me. This time my mother -in -law said that everything would go with me. When I went in to see the doctor, my mother -in -law followed, and asked the doctor.What is my daughter -in -law?I have n’t been pregnant for several years. We are older. We are waiting to hold my grandson. The doctor said that the results of a series of previous examinations can be seen. The woman has no problem. The man was weak before.Continue to monitor ovulation, your family should not put too much pressure on young people.

After this period of time, the atmosphere in the family was extremely tense. After various considerations, my husband and I decided to test the tube and came to Qixinggang Maternal and Child Health Hospital.The situation is that the weak essence can be conditioned alone. It is not necessarily preferred by the tube. The next day we hung up the legendary Dr. Wang who was particularly good to speak. It really agreed, and also opened a series of inspections before the week. The diagnosis showed:The woman still has not found any problems for the time being. The man added an additional DNA sperm fragmentation this time. The diagnosis result: 37.1%of the fragmentation, the routine motion of semen is 8.74%↓, the sperm activity rate is 23.30%↓, the liquefied time is 60 minutes↑, transferred to the male doctor’s medicine, in July, a long plan was set (first Daipa will be adjusted for 16 days, and then it is promoted for 11 days.Ovarian increases, ascites, severe thoracic effusion, unable to transplant fresh embryos, and 10 remaining sacs, developed 0).

In October, Diffin will adjust the 24 -day manual cycle to return to the hospital. It is transplanted in early November. Two frozen embryos are transplanted. Drugs are used: ground flexion, tonic, Angtan, 14 days of officials to declare blood.There are so many, and there are many failed, but when the doctor shouted my name, it said that this failed. When the report is in my hand, I was really sad. Although I tested early pregnancy test strips at homeAs a result, I still look forward to the miracle of blood drawing. I have not collapsed at all. It ’s too uncomfortable. In fact, my husband has been accompanied by comfort. In fact, I also saw him secretly crying. In the afternoon of that afternoon, we hung a reproductive chief doctor.The reason for finding the number, the doctor said that it should not be unsuccessful?Hormone, endometrium, and embryo quality can be said to be very good, better than many people, I said why?The doctor said that the chance of success in test tubes is not 100 %, and it is normal for those who are unsuccessful once and twice. You may be missing a little luck this time. You still have embryos.The report form is about to expire, and early transplants can be checked for less inspection costs.

I’m gone, I didn’t choose to continue to transplant in weekly. When I don’t want to find the reason, I still silly my embryo baby to bet. After a while, when I was free, I would be in Xiaohongshu., Institute of test tube groups, IVIT APPs, learn about the knowledge about reproductive test tube, and also have gains. They also learned a lot. They are no longer as small as before.What causes it, how to treat or intervene.

特 2019, this is a particularly important year, because my lucky male god appeared. Yes, he was Dr. Mu Fangxiang.It’s not easy. The number is really difficult to hang up, and the number was grabbed in seconds. Fortunately, the sisters of the same batch of test tubes in the previous batch of test tube were pulled to the communication group before I found the organization.To a number.

When I first brought all the reports before the test tube to Mumu, so many report forms were very thick. He was particularly patiently viewed one by one. When I saw the five items of the coagulation,Take the pen circle to point the D2 cluster 0.41 and tell me that this is best below 0.2 before 12 weeks of pregnancy. Don’t look at the reference value <0.55. That is wrong. Considering that your coagulation has some problems?Then I suggest that I can check the combination of the bolt, and the uterine arterial blood flow ultrasound + basic immune examination. I said to add another B27. I suspect that I may have ankylonal spinalitis?Because when I took an egg with the ascites and thoracic effusion, the left eye was blind at a time, and I went to the ophthalmology (diagnosis: irisitis. During the treatment, the doctor asked me, is there any other symptoms during this period?It is painful to say that the back pain is painful at night. It is relieved during the day. After the doctor said that after your eyes are better, I recommend you to go to the Southwest Hospital to go to the Rheumatology and Immunology Department of the Southwest Hospital to find Dr. Mu Fangxiang to check whether there is rigidity, because rigidity can easily cause irisitis. HeIt is an expert in this regard).

After listening, Mumu added B27 to investigate, and then said: According to these symptoms you are currently, I have highly suspected that there is an analgesic spinalitis, and then very humorously say that I suspect you are here to see me to see the rigidity.Is it the cause of infertility?I said that of course the two were together, he said very confidently, then you were looking for the right person.Haha, after a few days, the results came out. Once again, I found a clinic assistant to help add the number to find Dr. Mumu to see the results.(Diagnosis of B27 is positive, and the combination of easily shaped; immune basic examination diagnosis: anti -endothelial cells weak yang, other examinations are normal; uterine arterial blood flow ultrasound reminder: bilateral uterine arteries in the early stages of diastolic diastolic, disconnection can be seen at the end.)

Dr. Mu Mu said: "You see this may be one of the reasons for you not to bed. These are more common. You don’t have to worry. This is also easy to solve.B27 positive may also be mild, and there are no symptoms at present. You can keep it for the time being. "Then continue to ask:" Did you really not be pregnant once before? "I said I dare not be sure, because how many are there, and how many are there, how many are there?The test strip was found out in the early morning pregnancy, and the menstruation did not have time to draw blood.Mumu said: "It may be a huge one at a time, and I have a high degree of suspicion of biochemical: 1. The immune coagulation may cause biochemicalization; 2. Sperm fragments are too high, not liquefied, and weakness is not easy to conceive the quality.What do you think of test tubes as you are? So hurt your body, in fact, your report is completely unnecessary. Your husband can also regulate. Your arterial blood flow will give you a weekin who will give you 1 week.Play, usually exercise more, let’s review it next time. "

On July 19, 2019, the ultrasound review prompts that the bilateral uterine arteries ultrasound are not obviously abnormal.After this time, because of family reasons, I did not put on the agenda for pregnancy, and I usually like to exercise and exercise with the sisters in the exchange group.(Mu Fangxiang’s family friend’s home) The popular science knowledge, I really recommend that you can see more when you have time. You can learn a lot. When you encounter a problem, you will not be so panic.

In March 2021, I went to the Golden Domain to check K9, K10, TBNK, and then found Dr. Mumu’s solution (aspirin entericocholic tablets 25mg two tablets a day + strong pine 5mg a day + low molecular heparin a day + one dayBefore the transplantation of biological preparations, a subcutaneous injection of 1,3,5,7 Jesin 1,3,5,7), and then super confident, returned to the hospital again to Qixinggang Maternal and Children for the natural cycle of frozen embryos (women and children’s transplantation: LandFlexion, one in the early days) transplanted to meet my baby ♥ ☀ ☀ ☀

On May 23, 2021, this is the two lines to test the test strip on the 11th day of the 11th day after transplantation.

On May 24, 2021, the first time the woman and child were drawn HCG105.3 to determine pregnancy.

On May 26, 2021, the official announced that the woman and child were pumping HCG194.9 for the second time. After getting the results, I was still worried, because I started to fail to get in the second blood, and I immediately contacted Dr. Mu Mu.: "Considering that you may have ankylosing spondylitis, although the results of tumor necrosis factor in the first two trials are normal, but after pregnancy, this may be increased by hormones.Looking for me at Jinshan Hospital.

Adjustment scheme: Low molecular heparin (incisia 6000, one a day), Gaming Saixin (one every day), strengthened 5mg of pine, once a day, two at a time, aspirin 25mg, once a day, two at a time, biological preparations, biological preparations(One of Adama), one of the ground murmone tablets one morning and evening, medical vitamin, once a day, one pack at a time, calcium tablets a day.

On May 27, 2021, Jinshan Hospital took blood: three pregnancy (HCG296.70, estradiol 726, progesterone 47.29), D2 polymer <0.19, it looks good, but it is not the same hospital as the previous hospital.Blood, so you can’t refer to comparison for the time being.

On May 29, 2021, Jinshan Hospital took blood: three pregnancy (HCG616.80, estradiol 603, progesterone 38.25), HCG doubled just pass, estradiol, progesterone, in the range of fluctuations, no need to adjust for the time being, no adjustment does not need to be adjusted for the time being.Use medication and continue the same hospital the next day.

On June 2, 2021, Jinshan Hospital took blood: three pregnancy (HCG3564, estradiol 595.7, progesterone 47.63). This day was determined in the palace.It is also good. Dr. Mu Mu and I are still satisfied. The resistance of the blood flow of ultrasonic arteries is a bit slightly higher. Mumu shouted to go back for a day to walk and walk more., Watch the ultrasound again.

On July 6, 2021, ten weeks of pregnancy, 34.5mm of germ, Dr. Mu Mu told me that congratulations to graduating from elementary school, and it has been stable in the early days. Just wait for NT ultrasound to build files.Wow, hee hee.

In 12 weeks of pregnancy, files have been built; NT and non -invasive results have passed.

Adjustment of medication: Earthurone tablets, aspirin stopped, heparin continued to use, hepanoplasia was replaced by Runkang, and calcium tablets continued to eat.Check the ultrasound every 4 weeks, D di agents, lupus anticoagram, thrombosis elastic diagram, tumor necrosis factor, and blood routine.

At 16 weeks of pregnancy, ultrasound display arterial blood flow resistance increased slightly, placenta was low, and the neck was around, tumor necrosis factor 26.70 ↑, blood routine (hemoglobin 105.0 ↓, red blood cell ratio 31,70 ↓, red blood cell count 3.76 ↓), adjustmentOption: One of Gaxi Minjia, subcutaneous injection, and iron tablets once in the morning and evening, two at a time, and the remaining medication is temporarily not adjusted.

At 22 weeks of pregnancy, the system ultrasound, the heart ultrasound was all over, and the placenta was lowered.Glycogen (blood glucose 4.3, 120 points of blood sugar 10.0 ↑ after a meal, 12.6 ↑ 60 cents after meals), blood routine (low hemoglobin), tumor necrosis factor 21.70 ↑, blood conventional (hemoglobin 104.0 ↓, red blood cells ratio capacity31,80 ↓, red blood cell count 3.64 ↓) High blood lipids.

Adjustment plan: plus iron tablets three times a day, two times at a time, plus vitamin C tablets three times a day, one at a time.Finger monitoring, controlling diet, more exercise, and the rest of the medication is temporarily not adjusted.

At 28 weeks of pregnancy, the conventional ultrasound is normal, and the D diber is normal. Reviewing tumor necrosis factor 19.20 ↑ Slightly high.

Adjustment plan: One of Gaxi Minjia, the rest of the medication is temporarily not adjusted.

At 30 weeks of pregnancy, because of frequent pseudo -contractions, long -term chest tightness and shortness of breath, the ultrasound was reviewed in time.Jiayi, temporarily add ground musch or 1-2 tablets in the morning, middle and evening, rest more, count the fetal movement.

39 weeks of pregnancy +4, today is a particularly important day. Dr. Yu Xinxuan, the first hospital of the first hospital, gave birth to my baby.

Recalling that many years from 2016 to 2022, I have sadness and expectations during the period. What makes me better is to meet a good doctor, a good team, how lucky, you let me know about immunogenic coagulation for pregnancy and pregnancy.The importance of the time, if I did not meet you, I may still continue to say that this time I lack some luck, so HCG has doubled.It’s too particular about the survival of the fittest, but a lot of no bed, biochemical, fetal stop is not necessarily the quality of quality, or bad luck, there may be other reasons. Thank you Dr. Mu Mu to find the reason for me, and keep the fetus smoothly.It made me feel how sacred in October in October, so that I was fortunate to participate in witnessing the growth of the accompanying child and gave my life a new significance.


[Disclaimer]: This article was created and submitted by Dr. Mu Fangxiang’s patients. A small amount of modification was performed with the consent of the patient. Thanks to the patient’s narrative, the reprint was prohibited without permission.I hope to help and inspire the sisters in the same situation. I wish you all a lot of pregnancy and smoothness!

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