You can’t tell others in the early stages of pregnancy, there may be two sayings, but these people must tell

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For a while, I always felt that Xiaoli was mysterious. I used to make an appointment together to play for a while after work, but now I go out and play with various excuses.Isn’t it pregnant? Xiaoli quickly explained that it was not just that she had a bad stomach, and she didn’t continue to ask, but this morning Xiaoli said that she was pregnant for more than three months, and she was stunned instantly.Why is it three months pregnant? Xiaoli said that it is not possible to tell anyone in the early stage, otherwise it would be frightened. On the other hand, it is because the fetus is unstable. If there is something wrong, it will be troublesome to explain it in the future. It will be troublesome.After listening to Xiaoli’s statement, it was clear, but these three kinds of people must tell.

1. My family

Many women can’t wait to tell their husbands when they are pregnant.Tell yourself that your family can give himself a pointer, you can know how to protect yourself from giving birth to a child smoothly.

2. Doctor

The current life is more convenient. Some women will use some things to monitor whether they are pregnant, but sometimes the test strips will be wrong, so for the sake of safety, you still need to go to the hospital for B -ultrasound or draw blood to check whether he is pregnant and the child is healthy.But sometimes if women get sick during pregnancy, doctors need to know so that they can take medicine safely. Therefore, women can hide anyone when they are pregnant, but they must not hide their doctors.

3. My colleagues

Some women may encounter a chance to be promoted during pregnancy or what to do if they will hide their pregnancy, but in fact, this is not good. After all, the fetus is unstable in the first three months of pregnancy.I need a colleague to take care of. If you don’t say that others don’t know that affecting children, this is very unwise.

So if you do n’t want to tell others during pregnancy, you must remember to say for the three categories of children.


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