Yang Ying’s small sponge Sanya vacation, Su Yan baby smoking was captured, and two cigarette addiction was big.

Recently, Baby took his son on vacation in Sanya. Many media photographed the pair of mother and son, and even took pictures of baby smoking.At that time, Baby and his friend Yu Ran walked on the tree -lined avenue, and faced the sky.Walking, Baby took a pack of cigarettes from his pocket …

Wearing pink clothes, a fisherman’s hat was baby, and the gray clothes were Yu Ran. Both of them lit a cigarette in their hands, swallowing the clouds along the way.

After Baby took a sip, threw the cigarette butt on the ground next to him, and then immediately ordered another one. It seemed that it was not addictive and the addiction was quite large.

Baby smoking is no longer news. She has always been an old smoke gun, and the posture of smoking looks quite skilled.

If there is only Baby smoking in the entertainment industry, I am afraid that they will be scolded, but seeing Zhou Xun, Faye Wong, Ma Yizhen, and Haiqing also smoke, the outside world seems to be much tolerant to baby.

Baby is not the first time to smoke. Although smoking is not illegal, I always feel that the image is not good. This does not look cute, not to mention that it is still such a high star.Too positive examples.

Baby once determined to quit smoking. After all, it is not good for your health, and it may also allow the small sponge to suck second -hand smoke, let alone what if you want to have a second child?During pregnancy, you must quit smoke.

The second -generation star Li Yan was born with cleft lip and palate, which affects the face value very much. Many netizens speculated that it was caused by Faye Wong smoking during pregnancy, so smoking was endless.

Earlier, another media also took pictures of the mother and son played together in Sanya, looking very warm.Baby is a recognized good mother. She has no job on weekdays, and her time is used to accompany her son.

Baby once said that when she had time, she would send her son to school every day. The son had separation of anxiety, so she comforted her son to see her mother, and two people worked together to make progress together.

Outside of the class, baby will accompany his son to a interest class, such as drawing together, and then planning to learn the piano together. In the process, baby can experience the inner change process of his son.

Baby once said that the little sponge is like his boyfriend, and the relationship is particularly good.In the future, my son really finds his girlfriend. It is estimated that baby will have to be jealous and cry.

Baby can have the popularity and status of today’s entertainment industry, and it is inseparable from marriage to Huang Xiaoming.

The outside world said that if it divorced the Lord Huang, his career would almost have an end, but maybe the two people are good, but they don’t want to show love.

It is hoped that a family of three can be upgraded as soon as possible to become a happy family of four.

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