Xie Yilin gave birth to a woman in the water.

At 12 noon on November 4th

Xie Yilin (Sister Hold) posted a Weibo newspaper to "unload" successful

In March of this year, Xie Yilin announced the wedding good news on his birthday. After more than a month, he publicly made a good news of pregnancy. Two "happy bombs" really surprised netizens.Now that the "unloading" is successful, star friends and netizens such as Yang Mi and Han Xue have sent blessings.

At the same time, congratulations,

The focus of many netizens,

It was a cylinder of blood from Xie Yilin.EssenceEssence

A whole cylinder of water is dyed red,

Netizens have said that it is not easy.


Someone tried it very early

Ms. Zhang Hangzhou was delivered in the water in 2015.

"When I went to make an appointment at that time, the doctor repeatedly emphasized that in addition to their own physical conditions, the most important thing is that the baby’s weight cannot be too heavy."

Therefore, she should control her diet appropriately in the late pregnancy period, and she eats lightly, and she exercises appropriately every day, walking and walking for about half an hour.

"When the water, the warmth of the water made me relax a lot. It was not as painful as before, and it was more powerful."

Ms. Zhang recalled the feelings at the time:

"When the pain comes, I will feel backache, and the midwife will let me try to change my position. Don’t always lie down, but lying on the side or sitting up, this can relieve lumbaric acid and speed up the labor process."

Husband, Mr. Yu, also felt incredible:

"My wife is actually a person who is very scared of pain, and she is relatively small. She has never been sleeping in the early morning, but after the water is in the water, she hasn’t shouted in a pain."

In the entire production process, Ms. Zhang did not shout a pain. There was no side cut in the birth canal, only slight scratch.

Is it safe?

Experts say that

1. Will the baby be born in water in water?

The baby does not breathe immediately after delivery from the vagina. When the baby is exposed to the low temperature air and the umbilicus is broken, it will reflect the breathing. Generally, it takes more than ten seconds to this process.When we wait for the baby, we will hold him or her from the water, and then clamp the umbilical cord, so the baby will not sting the water due to breathing within a few seconds of underwater.

2. Do you need to cut off your yin when you give birth in water?

Yes.Childbirth in water is a natural process. Do not make perineal cutting. Due to the buoyancy protection of water, it will reduce the degree of perineal cracking.The degree of perineal injury is related to the size of the fetus, the elasticity of the perineum skin, and the skills of maternal force. After the water is left, the maternal scholars will check the perineal cracking injury. If there is no damage, it does not need to be sutured.

3. Is it shorter than the normal delivery time?

Obviously shortening time.Generally, it is 12-16 hours when the preliminary mother is used, and the maternal is 11-12 hours.The mother took only two hours from the mouth of the palace to 6 cm to delivery.

Conditions for delivery in water:

The fetus should not be too large, the most suitable at about 3000 grams;

The fetal position is the head position, but the fetus will actively transpress the position during childbirth. The best childbirth fetal position is the pillow position;

The fetal heart and monitoring are normal, and there is no pollution of amniotic fluid;

The perineal conditions are good, the perineal body has a certain length, and the perineal skin elasticity is good.

The following situations should not be delivered in water:

Maternals who are suffering from illness such as hypertension during pregnancy, cholesticidal stasis, pre -placenta, etc.;

It is estimated that a huge fetus with a weight of more than 4000 grams; when there is a fetal distress and suspiciousness, the output of the output, etc.

Pregnant women with analgesic analgesia with duria.

Note: The assessment of fetal position, fetal heart, perineal conditions, etc. must be carried out during childbirth, and the conclusion cannot be obtained in advance, so as long as the size of the fetus is appropriate, the expectant mothers who have no taboo in the water can make a desire to try.After delivery, the medical staff will give an evaluation and decide whether to launch the water.

Whether it is produced in the delivery room or in a water tank,

Every mother is the most brave hero!

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