Xiao Chen’s pregnancy has led to the bankruptcy of the company. What did she do?

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When Qingdao’s Xiao Chen was in job hunting, he focused on her inquiry because she was just married and was also at the age of suitable for childbearing, so the company has always been struggling with whether she wants to hire her.

In the end, the company combined the situation of other competitors. Because Xiao Chen’s professional skills were strong and the overall quality was high, the company finally chose Xiao Chen.

After three months of employment, Xiao Chen applied to the company for maternity leave, saying that she was pregnant, but the current belly of Xiao Chen was already very big, which made people very puzzled.

The company is obviously unexpected. As a newcomer, I just have to be familiar with the job work, so I have to recruit maternity leave.This seems to be obviously concealing his pregnancy when he was interviewed.However, since the contract is signed, the company said that it will definitely follow the law to allow Xiao Chen to rest on maternity leave, and at the same time, the salary will continue during maternity leave.

One day, Xiao Chen, who was resting at home, suddenly learned a news that the company declared bankruptcy.

The company’s owner has explained that the company has been losing money since last year, and the capital turnover is also a problem, and compensation will be issued to everyone in accordance with regulations.

According to the "Labor Contract Law", the company’s bankruptcy shall be given compensation for employees in accordance with regulations. Economic compensation shall pay for economic compensation for employees for a half -month salary according to the time of working in the unit.Essence

Although Xiao Chen only worked for three months, it was also considered a working time during maternity leave, so the company gave Xiao Chen a monthly salary compensation.

After the original company closed down, the boss re -opened a company. Former employees were willing to go to the new company to continue to work.

Xiao Chen, a new company, does not know. Moreover, in the subsequent conversation, the company believes that Xiao Chen does not meet the employment conditions of the new company, so he will no longer be issued to her job application, and the salary of maternity leave is gone.

In this regard, Xiao Chen said that he was very dissatisfied and had always refused to sign the contract and asked the company to continue paying her salary.The two independent systems are not related.

In the end, Xiao Chen could only continue to find a new job.

What do you think about Xiao Chen and the company’s approach?

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