Wu Zongxian made a show to touch the pregnant daughter’s belly to make controversy. He spent 400 million to buy a daughter’s wedding room upper.

Recently, Wu Zongxian and his daughter Wu Shanru made a show. In the show, Wu Zongxian’s move on his daughter has attracted huge controversy.

Wu Zongxian’s daughter Wu Shanru was 32 years old. In January 2022, Wu Shanru was married and is now pregnant.This time, the father and daughter had a show together, but Wu Zongxian frequently touched her daughter’s pregnancy.

Wu Shanru obviously disgusted his father’s move and said many times: Don’t always touch it.

Wu Zongxian didn’t take it for granted, but instead said with a hippie smile: What happened, I developed well for my children, and I touched it.

After the show was broadcast, many netizens called Wu Zongxian’s approach to "spicy eyes"!

Some netizens leave a message: The female avoids her father, her daughter is 32 years old, and she is also married. His father should keep a distance from his daughter.

Some netizens joked: What is this operation?If you don’t know, do you think he is the child’s father!

In fact, this is not the first time that Wu Zongxian was criticized for being too close to his daughter.

Once Wu Zongxian and his daughter were interviewed, Wu Zongxian was actually in front of the camera, the face of his daughter in public.Wu Shanru seemed to be particularly embarrassed, and said as he dodged: Don’t do this, I am your daughter.

But Wu Zongxian did not converge at all, and ignored her daughter’s feelings at all.

There was another time Wu Zongxian walked the red carpet with Wu Shanru. Wu Zongxian actually used his hands to lift his daughter’s evening dress with both hands, which made people look down.

These are not the most outrageous. After Wu Shanru married, Wu Zongxian actually came to a god operation, took 400 million, and bought the daughter’s wedding room.

Wu Zongxian also told her daughter that I gave me the keys and passwords of your family. Wu Zongxian was interviewed and even said: He wants to open up the house upstairs with the daughter, so that the two are more convenient to walk.

It is said that after Wu Shanru knew that his father did this, he cried at the time. She thought that she was at any time under the monitoring of her father, and life was not free.

Originally, her daughter was new to her husband when she was painted. As a result, her father was upstairs, and it was awkward to think about it. No wonder Wu Shanru was dissatisfied with his father’s approach.

Netizens did not understand Wu Zongxian’s approach, and even many people felt that Wu Zongxian infringed his daughter’s privacy.

The explanation given by Wu Zongxian is that the reason why buying the room upstairs upstairs is entirely for investment.

He said that he consulted a lot of real estate agents. The house where his daughter was located had a lot of room for appreciation. When he started, he only left the daughter’s house upstairs.

So he bought the room upstairs in his daughter was just a coincidence.

However, many people also sweat for Wu Zongxian’s son -in -law, and his father -in -law lived upstairs in his bedroom. Will there be psychological obstacles for a long time!

Once a father once said to his son -in -law at his daughter’s wedding:

The first person who hugged her was me, not you.The first person who kissed her was me, not you.The first person who loves her is me, not you.

And I hope that the person who accompany her life is you, not me.If one day, you do n’t love her anymore, please do n’t hit her, scold her, and do n’t tell her, come here to tell me, I ’m going home.

The daughter is the father’s little cotton jacket. It is not wrong to love her daughter, but there should be a degree of everything.

Do not deny Wu Zongxian’s love for his daughter, but Wu Zongxian’s approach has obviously surpassed the boundary of the ordinary father.

Maybe many people think that Wu Zongxian was originally the character of an old naughty boy and did not make things.

It is just that Wu Zongxian should think about her daughter. After all, her daughter is already married, and she is another man who lives with her.

If you don’t care about the feelings of another man at all, will the daughter really happy?

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