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Question: The man is 30 years old, the technology IT man, who has been in a business before, and has been in a large factory. Now the freelance profession has a fundamental income of one million years;

I am a female, 32 years old, operate in a large factory, and the family is ordinary.

The two had three months of dating and felt that the man had a strong desire to control, and hoped that everything would follow him.

At the beginning, he was sensitive to his predecessor and asked me to delete the photos of his predecessor in the phone. He also had restrictions on me to make friends. I hope I will go home after get off work and do not have some gatherings and play outside.

In order to satisfy his sense of insecurity, I have gradually become accustomed to these.

Later, because there was a job opportunity might be in Shanghai, I proposed to go, and he stopped me and threatened to break up. Later, the job opportunity was not talked about, and he didn’t make trouble.

Later, he found that an accidental pregnancy was found, and he proposed to be killed because he didn’t like children and wanted Dink.

I wanted it at the time, but he couldn’t give up at all. I thought about it and felt that it could only be killed, and this relationship didn’t necessarily last long.

I said that it might break up. He said no. He would take good care of me. I also said that I went to see my parents in eleven belts. If you talk about it for a year, you can consider getting married.

By the time of the Qixi Festival, it happened that I had a surgery. He didn’t buy me gifts. We rest at home.

I explicitly showed a gift. He said that there could be, let me link to him, but I sent a precious skin care product, and he felt that I couldn’t use it, and he didn’t help me see other gifts.

Because he had noisy it twice, he didn’t say.I deleted his WeChat at a furious, and I still eat and watch TV as usual at night.

He later said that he asked me to add WeChat, and I asked him to buy gifts and added it. He was there, and he was unwilling to buy it.

He felt that I was forcing him, and I felt that he would never be softened first, compromised first, and deliberately touched him.

Until I packed things, he panicked and said that he took me to buy gifts.

I think it must be achieved with such a small requirement. Is this relationship worth continuing?

Now he bought me a gift, but he can expect to quarrel because of small things, and he is easy to be emotional and throwing things. Is he worth it?

Answer: In the description of the above story, we see that many women feel uncomfortable when they see it: the female boy proposed to be killed after the female was pregnant.etc.

We all sympathize with the heroine.

In addition, we also understand that in this sister -in -law, the heroine is a person who wants to get married even more. She wants to get the results she wants as much as possible in this relationship.

In this regard, we will be divided into three chapters -excellent techniques, use potential, Mingdao, from easy to difficult to tell this matter:


The three techniques shared below are not only for the above cases, everyone can learn from each other.

1) Talking.

Many people are superstitious and think: "Can the words solve many problems?"

In fact, words are a lubricant, but things that could not happen could not happen.

The speech can only be used as possible on the possible spectrum, and at the same time, it is not embarrassing to make everyone not embarrassed.

Because the Chinese people chatting are the most particularly face, and a good thing will never let the face fall to the ground.

So, give you a dry product about the art of conversation: Don’t let your face fall to the ground.Popular translation is: Do not mention any requests that may be rejected unless you have very strong countermeasures.

As an example, the heroine shows that the other party has a gift on Qixi Festival. The other party agreed. At this time, if you send a link to the other party, the other party does not buy it, but the face will fall to the ground; if you send a cheap gift link, it may also be possible.I feel that I will lose the price.Not only is it embarrassing, but it will also upgrade the contradiction.

We can also understand the heroine, knowing that she actually wants to be treated carefully, and hopes that the other party will be attentive in time and space.

If the other party is really willing to give gifts, it can be said at this time: "What is not important to give gifts, what is important is your mind, you can pick a gift based on your heart, I like it."

This is the conversation.

If you want a more valuable gift in your heart, you can also talk about what you have in person, but you are definitely not throwing a link to the other party.Because this is a request that may be rejected.

The art of conversation is to take care of your face, but also give each other.It is difficult to do a very embarrassing and reluctant thing to do.

2) Communication.

A higher level than conversation, called communication.

Communication is not the same as conversation. The conversation is a lubricant, which is moved on the spectrum; but the essence of communication is to create a two -way communication, to eliminate the asymmetry of information, to let the other party know what they want, and they must also have to be.Know what the other person wants.

As an example, after the two people conflicted with a gift, the female lead deleted WeChat in anger.After deleting, the two people still eat and watch TV together, which shows that the other party knows that the female lead deletes WeChat. In fact, it is a fake action.

This is a wrong communication, without two -way flow.

So, what is the correct way to communicate?It is to let the other party see their emotions and create a tension at the same time.

For example, there was a reader who contributed. During the Qixi Festival, a girl received a WeChat red envelope sent by a boy. Obviously, the WeChat red envelope would not exceed 200 yuan, and the girl did not receive it.

Later, the boy issued another red envelope with a amount of 7777.77, and an embarrassing situation appeared at this time:

If the heroine is collected, it will seem that the heroine originally suspects that the red envelope is too small, and the relationship between the two people has not reached the point of collecting thousands of dollars in red envelopes, should it be difficult to collect.Because I have received it, I have to give something that I don’t want to pay.

So what is a better way to operate?

In order to avoid embarrassment, we must let both parties know what they want in the communication.The essence of communication is to eliminate information asymmetry.

When the other party posted a 200 red envelope, I actually didn’t want or want more, at this time, it was brave to express.Because the woman who dares to want, and the woman who makes good use of each other, is actually more respected.

For people with a slightly taller class, dare to have something to represent a thing that they can pay.

Therefore, in fact, there is no problem. As long as you can face each other, you can also communicate in a way to create emotional tension.

For example, the other party posted a red envelope, which can be said, "I want to play a game with you."

The other party will ask, "What kind of game is this?" It can be said, "Guess, at this moment, how big do I dare to collect you at most? What I dare to accept it, and I feel comfortable in my heart?"

No matter how much the other party sent, there is a good space for communication.

If the other party posted 7777.77, it can be said, "I’m sorry, this is beyond my psychological limit", and it can even say "you then guess and guess there is gifts."This becomes a fun game.

In any case, this is at least a two -way communication, not the fake action of deleting WeChat.To let the other party know your true intention, the two sides have information symmetry.

3) control of human beings.

There are actually tens of millions of people. Today, I share a focus on the above story: "I don’t know what to do, don’t control it.

That is to say, we must know the other person’s heart, but also the changes in time and space.

The above story is an example. The boy said, "I don’t want children, I want Dink."

I can say that this is a high probability of lies, because most of the Dink regret at the end.

Moreover, the boy is only 30 years old. He said that Dink is too early, and he is likely to be Bhink in the future.Therefore, "the man does not want to be with the heroine for a long time, and does not want to have a child with the female lead" is a high probability.

Or wait until the heroine does not want to give birth in the future, or cannot be born, but the boy regrets it.This is a product that changes time and space.

Therefore, in control of human beings, we must first know the true mind of the other party, and I do n’t know that they must not control them.

All the problems of the heroine are because the heroine does not understand the heart of the boy at all.

In addition, girls are actually a little careful.To put it bluntly, how can there be any accidental pregnancy in this world, more or less what happened under the default of both parties.

The truth of this relationship is that some boys have some weak willingness to get married.The so -called boy’s so -called "if you can consider getting married well", the subtext is that the woman is mainly high enough and the emotional intelligence can he consider getting married.

The essence of controlling people is that in addition to understanding the other’s minds, but also the time and space node of the relationship.

The heroine is 32 years old and the boy is 30 years old. This time node is a premise that must be considered in this relationship.However, girls did not consider this premise seriously, which caused a series of problems in the relationship to have no way to deal with it.

The above is excellent technique, from conversation, to communication, to controlling the art.In the layer, the more you need to understand the next.



When you come to control, you will take advantage of the potential, and there are many types of potential. Today, we only talk about one of them: strength and weakness.

As an example, the heroine’s tragedy is that she is obviously weak, but must not adopt a strong.Many poisonous chicken soups on the Internet now spread this concept wrongly, which is not shallow.

Boys are 300 years old, each year, the female lead is 32 years old, and the ordinary family.No need to talk about anything else, in terms of the mate selection market, the female lead must be weak.

However, the female lead wants to reverse the weak in some ways. Whether it is an unexpected pregnancy or a false breakup, it is actually trying to cover each other’s huge mate selection advantage with the advantages of weak women.

This is impossible in the real long -term relationship.Understand this, you will understand the pattern on the potential.Here are two keywords: the advantages and weakness of class, mate selection.

Obviously, boys are more excellent.

Under normal circumstances, the two people in the long -term relationship are not too bad, and the other party will consider getting married.

In this way, I also want to talk about one of the biggest taboos of men and women: humble and hyperactive.

In fact, the female lead has some inferiority, because she knows that she will face a relatively large crisis.In other words, her mate selection rights are more and more boys with their age.

Therefore, the heroine actually knows that this is a strong and weak relationship, because she has to be done with a small requirement to complete it.

Answer the female lead’s question: "Isn’t the emotional value worth continuing?"

It is worth continuing in today’s relationship pattern, because this is something that makes you feel very difficult.

In terms of the layout, the more difficult things are worthy; but the more difficult things, the greater the price, the greater the price.

Therefore, it also depends on whether the heroine is willing to pay a large price.

The pattern is determined by two major factors: value and demand.The lower the value, the lower the pattern, and the lower the demand, the lower the pattern.

For example, because the poor man is low in value and is easy to have a low pattern; women who hate marrying are low because of high demand and low pattern.

The value of the heroine is lower than the other party and the demand is higher than the other party. It is obvious that the pattern is weak.

In this weak pattern, there is only one way of life: Shangshan Ruoshui.That is, to carry each other in a seemingly low way, this is the only antidote.

The main gift of women is a counterclaim.The hostess forced the other party to buy a gift until the other party bought it.

Although the heroine panicked when the heroine packed things.But I can tell the heroine now that this momentum was used up in the pose, in fact it should have been used in a very important thing.

For example, in terms of "whether two people want to get married", the female lead can adopt such an withdrawal method appropriately.But as a result, all Tanabata gifts released all the potential energy.

The heroine thinks that the next time you buy gifts, do you have to clean up things?For the first time he packed things, he panicked. Is he panicked for the second time?

Therefore, this relationship may be worth continuing, but it must not be able to force the other party to do anything.

It is not worth a person, depending on the relationship value.

Therefore, we must understand in the potential that "women are held in the palm of the palm" that many online remarks are poisonous chicken soup and a kind of killing of women.

Sorry, we are a sober self -media media, and we have to tell you some truth on earth:

It has been made in the Youshu chapter that the other party’s probability is not the real Dink, but he doesn’t want to have a child with the heroine.Unless he is a monk or a very centrifugal practitioner.Under normal circumstances, where is so many Tintins?



Regarding Ming Dao, we only share one point today: fate.

Many people may want to plan a child, but I want to say: Every life comes to this world is the arrangement of the universe, and the parents are just a channel.For the level of life, I don’t think so many plans.

Therefore, there are not so many accidents in pregnancy, and each child should be blessed when they come to the world.

We need to know that parents are the origin of all. One day, the parents leave the world, which is a fate for children.

Either I, our team, is not qualified to decide the issue of "whether to give birth if you are pregnant."I just hope that everyone will respect every life in this world.

Because the advent of life is the origin of everything.

There is no surprise in itself. It is a fate that cannot be understood by human causality.

Therefore, only by respecting each paragraph can we go to a higher level in this life and have a life without distinction. This is also the starting point of far away from all the pain of all life.

In this paragraph, people with fate can slowly understand.

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