Women’s pregnancy is degraded to reduce the value.

Marriage is the grave of love. After entering middle age, I really understood this sentence. Marriage is actually the most test of love, because in addition to money or money in marriage, you will find that buying a house for money, decoration requires money to decorate money., Wedding requires money, collect items for money, honeymoon travel requires money, wedding dresses ask for money, all things that are beautiful with you are piled up with money. The beauty of love may be shattered.confused.

A unmarried mother asked questions because of the accidental pregnancy, so the two sides intend to get married. According to the women’s local customs, it is 150,000 in color gifts.Then just give Cai Li, and after the two parties get married, Cai Li will also let her daughter bring them to their little family, and parents will not leave the money.In this way, the woman is actually very good, but the problem still appears. The man said that everything can be given without giving money. Cai Li is selling daughters …

Cai Li is the trading money of selling daughters?

I don’t know what your friends think. Friends around Xiaoyu have no more than 50,000 gifts. We do n’t pay attention to high gifts on our side, but it is also given.After, the vast majority of the meaning. After the daughter got married, the parents brought the money to their daughters and brought them to the small family as a family emergency money.

Regarding the problem of selling daughters, Xiaoyu also encountered this problem. After a little language talked with her boyfriend about marriage, the man also held the same thoughts, thinking that tens of thousands of dollars in color gifts were used to buy small words, but smallSitting down and counting a account with your boyfriend. If this is a transaction for the buying and selling population, my parents need the man to spend at least one million. In fact, you can’t get the capital.How do time be exchanged for money?Therefore, if Cai Li can buy a daughter -in -law, how can my parents pay for this transaction?

Is the unexpected pregnancy degrading the value?

Then the problem that this girl is different from the small language is that she is pregnant, and she is going to face the problem of abortion. It seems that many comments have said that the girls themselves degrade their worth, and the early pregnancy has lost the congenital conditions of the conditions with the man.The man looked down, and the man had to marry him anyway.But Xiaoyu believes that the child who is pregnant with a boyfriend is treated indifferently, and it can be seen that girls’ status in the man’s heart, so timely stop loss is the right way. Don’t be troubled by the problem of color gifts. Such a man is not worth itYou have a child for him, who hasn’t loved a few scumbags in his life?Abortion, leaving, nourishing wounds, re -welcome your life!

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