Women’s classmates were spoof at the party and became pregnant with the old lover "entering the cave" … The ending is sighing

One day in October 2010, Xiao Lan received a call from the old classmate Zhou Qiang and invited her to a high school classmate party.Zhou Qiang and Xiaolan were classmates in high school and were natives of Deng County, Henan. In 1997, they admitted to Henan University together. After long -term contact, they started to fall in love, and then they may have no points.Failure to form positive results.

After graduating from college, Xiao Lan returned to his hometown, served as a business manager in a foreign trade company, and married the company’s colleague Zhao Gang. The husband and wife had a good relationship and a smooth work, but unfortunately, they had no children after marriage.

As a result, the two of them went to the hospital for examination was that Zhao Gang’s sperm survival rate was very low that Xiao Lan was unhappy for a long time.And Zhou Qiang was already married, his wife was gentle and beautiful.

At the time of the agreed dinner, more than 30 students were emotional and excited after meeting.It was very late that day, and someone proposed to give them a chance to let them ‘into the cave’.

So, Zhou Qiang and Xiao Lan were locked in the room in the room. Both of them drank too much. Zhou Qiang praised Xiao Lan that was still so beautiful. Xiao Lan even cried. Zhou Qiang hurried to comfort her. Finally, he was confused.The two did what they should not do.

The next morning, the two woke up very embarrassing, and they pretended to appear in front of their classmates without any matter.

Shortly after the party returned, Xiao Lan was pregnant. She wanted to shed her children secretly, but the doctor warned her that she was not suitable for abortion surgery.Helpless Xiao Lan decided to leave the child.

When she told Zhao Gang’s pregnancy, Zhao Gang was very happy, but he soon appeared in doubt. Why did he get pregnant after attending the party? Under his repeated questioning, Xiao Lan, who was ashamed in his heart, acknowledged that he and his colleagues had happened to happen.One night stand.

Zhao Gang proposed a divorce in anger, and Xiao Lan knew that he had been out of the house.

One year later, Xiao Lan gave birth to a boy smoothly with the company of his good friend Xiaoqing.

Looking at Xiao Lan so hard, Xiaoqing called Zhou Qiang. Zhou Qiang didn’t believe it. After Xiaoqing said that Zhao Gang could not have the fact, Zhou Qiang hurried to the hospital.

Seeing Xiao Lan and his child, Zhou Qiang went home and divorced his wife to marry and raised his son with Xiao Lan. Zhou Qiang supported the heavy responsibility of the family. All the time after work was used to accompany Xiao Lan and his son.

However, Zhou Qiang’s abandoned his ex -wife’s heart was unwilling. By the time of Zhou Qiang’s company, he seriously affected Zhou Qiang’s promotion, but his son grew up day by day brought brightness to Zhou Qiang’s life.

However, the day of happiness is very short. During the play, the son had too much blood loss to lose blood, and his true identity emerged, which gave Zhou Qiang a heavy blow.

One day in 2013, the son needs to be transfused because of too much blood loss, but the blood type of Zhou Qiang and Xiaolan did not meet. After the son was discharged, they took their son to a parent -child appraisal center to identify it.After 1%", Zhou Qiang was dark in front of his eyes and fell on the chair.

In order to clarify the truth, Xiao Lan Yo Zhao Ganglai came to do a parent -child identification with his child. The results showed that the possibility of Zhao Gang and the child’s relationship was 99.99%, and Zhao Gang was ecstatic.

In order to recapture his son, Zhao Gang came to find Zhou Qiang and asked him to exit. In the face of Zhao Gang’s step by step, the anger Zhou Qiang picked up the fruit knife on the table.Without breathing, waiting for Zhou Qiang is the legal sanctions.

Xiao Lan, who knows things, burst into tears all day and was depressed.

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