Women who are pregnant?After seeing this, maybe you don’t think so!

Pregnancy is a very hard process, but to some people’s eyes, "Isn’t it pregnant?"

There is a friend around Mommy who is serious after pregnancy.

But during that time, she insisted on squeezing the bus to work every day.One morning, someone on the bus ate the dumplings of leek stuffing. After smelling the taste, she suddenly felt nauseous, wanted to spit it, but couldn’t spit out.Uncomfortable.

Since that day, she took a taxi every day to get off work.

A intern of her company knows that she took a taxi every day and said to her, "Sister, I found that you have become very different after you are pregnant. In the past, you lived a dragons every day.Be careful in one step, and every day is to take a taxi every day. Is it necessary to be so careful? "

After listening to this, my friend laughed on his face, and in his heart …

To many people, pregnancy is a very happy thing.The expectant mothers are expensive, and they are served by their family members. They are taken care of by colleagues and leaders at work. They can enjoy the "special" treatment that many ordinary people cannot enjoy.

And pregnancy itself does not seem to have much pain. After you see that the female star should not fit and fit after pregnancy, the running and running, the complexion and value seem to be better than before pregnancy.

Then think about our mother and grandma. At that time, did n’t you still work on the ground and work on the ground, it seems that there is no problem!

So, now those women who do "special" treatment after pregnancy are not pretentious?

Without experience, there is no right to speak.Those who have not experienced pregnancy also do not know how bitter pregnancy is.

Women who are pregnant?

Many people only see how good the woman is taken care of by her family after pregnancy, but who saw her after pregnancy and torture after pregnancy?

This is the quasi -mother JUJU who has been pregnant for 47 days after eating breakfast, and she squatted on the side of the toilet and vomited. During that time, she was so like this …

However, JUJU’s pregnancy is not the most serious. Some expectant mothers even have to be hospitalized for treatment because of pregnancy.

The famous host Zhu Dan has shared it online, and he was severely tortured by severe pregnancy.Crying, desperate, hanging nutrition needles, gastric acid burning esophagus … Have you still felt that pregnancy is a relaxed thing?

In addition to pregnancy, many expectant mothers will experience incredible edema during pregnancy, and the whole person looks like a bolt bun.

Xiong Dailin had exposed his feet during his pregnancy on the Internet and teased like a trotter.This foot is more than doubled than before!

But the hard work of pregnancy is more than this, but also the pain of stretch marks.

When Xie Yilin was seven or eight months pregnant, she took her pregnant belly, and her round belly was covered with stretch marks.The depth is shallow, long, like a small earthworm.

The stretch marks are extremely itchy, and the feeling is like countless bugs in the skin, but they can’t scratch them. They can only endure tolerated.

The most sad thing is that once stretch marks grow, these lines will accompany you throughout your life and can no longer be eliminated.This is a postpartum belly produced by a mother. Not only is the stretch marks but also clearly visible, but even the belly is a lot black.

May every pregnant mother be treated gentle

However, this is just the burden that pregnancy brings to women’s bodies, and the psychological burden that pregnancy to women is beyond imagination.

From NT, Tang S screening, and sugar to four -dimensional, which maternal inspection mothers must not be careless, for fear of hearing the word "abnormal" from the doctor’s mouth.

Although pregnancy is a normal physiological process, it is undeniable that pregnancy really puts a lot of pressure and challenges to women’s body and psychology.

In this process, the pregnant mother who plays the protagonist, whether it is psychological or physiological, is not comparable to others.

The pain and dedication of each pregnant mother are worth seeing, and each pregnant mother is also worthy of being treated.I hope that the family can give the expectant mothers more considerate and accompanied by, especially the prospective father, actively share housework, help the mother’s massage, and learn about parenting together …

At the same time, I also hope that everyone can take care of the pregnant mothers a little more "special", but to be blame, more tolerance and understanding.

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