Women have five obvious signals in two weeks of pregnancy, and pregnant couples should pay attention to

How do you know that you are pregnant?The vast majority of people will answer whether to see if menstruation stops. If the usual cycle is not coming, then you will consider whether you are pregnant.However, some women are irregular during menstruation and often cannot find themselves pregnant in time, and they violate many taboos, such as drinking and smoking, affecting fetal development.

In fact, in the two weeks before pregnancy, the body has sent a signal to remind you that you have conceived your baby. Be careful to take care, but because your personal constitution is different, the performance of these signals may not be the same. There are several aspects:

1. Bed bleeding

About 10 days after the same room, fertilized eggs will have slight bleeding in bed, and the amount of bleeding in bed is very small, often pink or brown, but not everyone will appear.If a small amount of bleeding is found in the same room for 10 to 14 days, it is likely to be bleeding in bed.

Second, slight abdominal distension

When fertilized eggs are in bed, the pregnant mother will feel a slight bloating, which is not very obvious, and it is easy to ignore or misunderstand the indigestion.

Third, breast pain

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will find that the breasts are obviously larger, softened, and have a tenderness.As the pregnancy month increases, the color of the nipples and areola will gradually deepen. This is a relatively obvious pregnancy signal that is distinguished from the breast tenderness before menstruation.

Fourth, easy fatigue

After the fertilized eggs are in bed, the hormone in the pregnant mother changes, you will become lethargic, feel very sleepy every day, feel tired when you move a little, often in a state of fatigue, just like a cold.Don’t rush to take cold medicine at this time, first determine whether you are pregnant.

Frequent urine

Also due to the impact of hormone changes in the body, there will be frequent urination from early pregnancy. The amount of water drinking is the same as usual.Essence

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