Women have been unable to get pregnant for many years. At a classmate party, they pregnant with their husband’s children.


Li Xiaolin and her husband have been married for many years, but she is still a big yellow flower girl. The main reason is that her husband Zhao Shuodong has barriers.

After attending a college classmate party, she was pregnant, so an emotional storm began.

Chapter 1: She is nauseous and vomiting

"Xunzi, are you so nauseous and vomiting, are you happy?"

"Don’t talk nonsense, Xiao Man is the problem of my chronic pharyngitis."

"Oh, sister -in -law, I thought you were pregnant!"

The conversation between Li Xiaolin and her aunt Zhao Xiaoman, Zhao Shuo Dong, who was sitting aside, was a little uncomfortable.

Zhao Xiaoman then said to his brother Zhao Shuodong:

"Brother, you have been married for so many years. No matter how busy you are, you have to hurry up and finish your child! Otherwise, you will be old when you are older.Very bad. "

"Xiaoman, you will take care of yourself! It’s so big, you can’t get married yet."

Zhao Xiaoman and Zhao Shuoyong’s siblings ate a meal and teased their mouths.

Chapter 2: She is ready to buy medicine

Li Xiaolin returned to the room before eating. Zhao Shuoyong then came to the room. When he saw his wife lying on the bed, he asked with concern:

"Xiaolin, why are you uncomfortable! Do you want to go to the hospital to find a doctor?"

"Husband, nothing, I just caught a cold."

Zhao Shuoyong poured a cup of hot water and handed it to Li Xiaolin. Li Xiaolin sat up and took the cup. Before he started drinking water, it was a disgusting for a while.

Zhao Shuoyong hurried to the pharmacy downstairs, thinking that he could buy some medicine to stop vomiting and give his wife for it.

He described some of his wife’s symptoms to the pharmacy waiter. The pharmacy waiter looked at him in doubt and said:

"What you said seems to be a reaction of pregnancy, do your wife have it? You have to figure this matter, otherwise, if you are really pregnant, if you take the medicine casually, regret it, and regret it, and regret it, and regret it.It’s too late! "

Chapter III: He bought a note

Zhao Shuoyong was a bit calm. His wife could not get pregnant. He and her never had it once. The real substantial husband and wife live!

When the pharmacy waiter saw Zhao Shuoyong, he didn’t say a word for a long time, he took a pack of test strips, and then said:

"If you don’t, you can buy a bag of test strips home first, so that your wife can use the test strip to test it, so rest assured."

Zhao Shuoyong took the test paper in the hands of the waiter and looked at it. The waiter quickly enthusiastically introduced him to the specific usage of the test strip and some matters that he needed to pay attention to during operation.

After Zhao Shuoyong bought the test paper, he didn’t go home immediately. He murmured a bit in his heart. He was sitting on the bench next to the flower bed next to the community. He thought about it for a long time.

When he returned home, his wife Li Xiaolin had fallen asleep, and he hurriedly took a shower and quietly went to bed in bed.

Chapter 4: His wife said he would not go home for dinner

The next morning, Zhao Shuoyong asked his wife to feel better. His wife said that he was okay, it was good.

Then the two of them hurriedly rushed to work.

At more than 6 o’clock in the afternoon, Zhong Dian Gong made their meals well. Zhao Shuodong and his sister Zhao Xiaoman were hungry, waiting for Li Xiaolin to go home for dinner.

But she was waiting for Li Xiaolin’s call, saying that she had something to do temporarily and did not go home for dinner.

His sister Zhao Xiaoman captured the mouth, complaining that her sister -in -law should notify them earlier so that they could avoid the suffering of hunger and eat food.

But Zhao Shuo Dong still left in his heart yesterday, the shadows and doubts, coupled with his wife on the phone today, not calmly speaking.

His sixth sense tells him what it may be like.

Their brothers and sisters finished their meals. His sister Zhao Xiaoman skinned with him for a while and returned to his room.

Chapter 5: The method came up with

Zhao Shuoyong took out the trial note bought in the pharmacy last night and looked at the small bag of trial note. He wondered how he could find an excuse and let his wife install the urine alone.Intersection

He thought hard, and he finally came up with a way.

His wife returned home at more than nine o’clock in the evening. Zhao Shuo Dong still asked his wife to warmly ask his wife as usual.

In the evening, when his wife Li Xiaolin fell asleep, he closed the total valve of the toilet water tank in the bathroom in their room, and then shown all the water in the water tank.

Chapter 6: Two bars were measured out

His wife, Li Xiaolin, usually has the habit of getting up in the middle of the night. Every time his wife wakes up, he can feel confused.

So, when his wife got up to the toilet tonight, he quickly followed. He estimated that his wife was almost the same time, and he knocked on the door. His wife said anxiously:

"Oh, this is done, the water tank is broken, and the water can’t be drawn."

"Wife, don’t care, you come out, I’m too late."

Li Xiaolin was confused by her husband, and quickly opened the door of the bathroom and came out.

Zhao Shuoyong followed into the bathroom, locked the door, tear the trial note, and according to the method taught by the pharmacy waiter, there were really two bars!

Chapter 7: I have encountered her heart.

Zhao Shuoyong was paralyzed on the toilet, and his wife finally couldn’t help it. His wife really betrayed him.

At this moment, Zhao Shuoyong hated his wife to be unfaithful to him, and he hated himself incompetent at the same time.

He loves his wife Li Xiaolin too much, he is too afraid to lose his wife Li Xiaolin.

Since he was injured in a car accident, when the doctor told him that when he had lost his male function, he was desperate, and he put his energy on his work, so that the people around him called him a workaholic.

But one day, he met Li Xiaolin, and he began to have a hint of fantasies about himself. He started a crazy pursuit of Li Xiaolin, and he finally got the heart of his goddess.

Chapter 8: He blame himself

But he couldn’t give the happiness he deserved to his goddess, and he couldn’t give his goddess and be the right to be a complete woman.

He once had guilt, but he was unwilling to let go. He desperately earned money and made his goddess live an enviable high -quality life. For so many years to his goddess, he has always been the same.It’s considerate!

However, he can’t keep his wife’s heart!

Zhao Shuoyong made his slap in pain. He slowly came out and walked out of the bathroom. His wife Li Xiaolin slept positively, and he lay quietly in bed.

Chapter 9: She saw the note in the trash basket

The next day is the weekend. Everyone does not need to go to work. Zhao Shuoyong was lying on the bed and was boring. The wife next to him slept very fragrant.

Zhao Shuoyong has lost his mind. He doesn’t know how he should do it in the next step. He only has a quiet view.

His wife woke up, and when she got up to the toilet, she saw the test note that was thrown in the trash basket. She immediately understood why she couldn’t get out of the toilet in the middle of the night.

Her husband Zhao Shuo Dong already knew that she was pregnant. Although she was a little panicked, she was inexplicably relaxed.

Chapter 10: She really wants to be a mother

Because she went to the pharmacy to buy a note two days ago, she measured that she was pregnant. She did not regret her and her college classmate. At that time, she encountered the impulse.

Instead, she is a little fortunate that she can conceive her child, although her college classmates already have a home and cannot be responsible for her.

But she didn’t intend to kill the child. She was going to give birth to the child. She wanted to make herself a complete woman. She longed for a child to call her mother.

It’s just that she is struggling, I don’t know how to make it clear to her husband,

Li Xiaolin said softly to her husband from the bathroom:

Chapter 11: She has a showdown

"Shuo Dong, you can say what you think, what you want to ask me, just ask,"

"What should you do if you are going to the next step?"

"Shuo Dong, I want to give birth to the child, you can divorce me. No matter how hard I am, I also have to raise the child to grow up."

"Xiaolin, I know you want to be a mother, blame me incompetence, and can’t give you the right to be a complete woman, but. You use the way to betray me to achieve your wishes. Don’t you think you are too cruel?"

"Yes, I betrayed you, but why did you conceal my dysfunction with me? You ruined my life."

"Xiaolin, my original intention was not to conceal you intentionally. I thought I met a woman I particularly liked, and I would have improved. Maybe there would be a miracle.Say about this. "

Chapter 12: The House of Happy Three

They had noisy for a long time, and neither quarreled.

As a commercial elite, Zhao Shuoyong specifically helped people solve problems at work, but his own business was helpless.

The most important thing is that he is still reluctant to let his wife Li Xiaolin leave him.

The two of them had been in the Cold War for a week, Zhao Shuo Dong cut an apple to his wife Li Xiaolin, and then sat next to her and said softly:

"Wife, can you talk about it?"

"Shuo Dong, just say whatever you want, I listen."

"Wife, I don’t want to separate with you, I want to grow up with you with you."

"Shuo Dong, don’t you really care about this child?"

"This child is not someone else. This child is the woman I care about most. I love the child who loves the child, and I will love this child, because I don’t want the woman I care about most, I can’t look at what I care about what I care about most,Women suffer. "

Li Xiaolin never thought that she would have to divorce with her husband. She really just wanted to be a mother and a child.

In this way, the two of them reconciled. After that, Li Xiaolin gave birth to a cute daughter, and Zhao Shuoyong also obeyed his promise, still treating his wife and daughter as intimately as he had.

The story is over here, and their lives continue.

The author’s speech: The heroine Li Xiaolin was originally unfortunate, but because of her charm, she had an irreplaceable position in the minds of the male lead.

This may be her life!

If the female lead Li Xiaolin realizes that after being a mother’s wishes, she can really do the problem of her husband and dysfunction, then, it is reasonable that their family of three should be beautiful and happy!

I don’t know what the officials have the solution!

Hope you can leave your wonderful comments!

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