Women come over, these reasons will cause menstruation to be advanced or delayed, don’t care!

Women’s menstruation every month may be advanced or delayed. Many women will worry about it, thinking that this may be a problem with their own body.In fact, it is not necessary. According to scientific research, women’s menstruation is normal in advance or postponed within a certain limit. The normal menstrual cycle of human beings is 25-30 days.normal.

However, if this limit is exceeded, it may be a problem with the body of a woman, and there is no conclusion that whether menstruation is early or delayed in advance.In general, in the normal limit, delay or no harm to the human body in advance, but if it exceeds this limit, then it can represent the human body in advance or delay.

First, pregnancy.The abnormal changes in women’s menstruation are the initial standards for many people to judge whether they are pregnant. Generally speaking, when menstruation is delayed for more than a week, you can consider whether you are pregnant.

Second, drug factors.Doctors said that if women take a series of drugs such as contraceptive pills, gastric dynamic drugs, and drugs such as hyperthyroidism, etc., a series of drugs such as drugs such as hyperthyroidism will cause delayed menstruation.Essence

Third, mental factors.The delay of menstruation may also be related to the spiritual pressure of women.If the spiritual spirit is in a state of tension for a long time, it may cause women to delay, dysmenorrhea, and even amenorrhea.

Fourth, the impact of the disease.Some of the abnormal conditions of menstruation can reflect some women’s physical health problems.For example, diseases such as cervical adhesion, premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovary syndrome, tumor, and severe iron deficiency anemia can delay women’s menstruation.

Fifth, living habits.If women have poor living habits such as staying up late, excessive diet, fans of tobacco and alcohol, and greedy cold, menstruation may suddenly be postponed.

The causes of early menstruation are also diverse.

First, emotional fluctuations.Great joy and sorrow, most of the emotional fluctuations may cause women to advance in advance.

The second body organic lesions.If women have gynecological inflammation, thyroid disease, brain tumor and other diseases, it may cause menstrual early phenomena.Impact of the birthplace: After some women go to the ring, the phenomenon of menstruation and early menstruation will occur.

Third, qi deficiency and blood heat.Traditional Chinese medicine generally believes that those with weak qi and blood and blood flowing too fast will cause women to advance in advance.

All in all, if women must maintain a healthy attitude and good living habits in daily life, there will be no major menstrual disorders.

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