Women are pregnant by accident, is there a drug or abortion?Hope women can’t use it

Women’s pregnancy period can be roughly divided into three stages: early, mid -term and ending.If you want to terminate your pregnancy, it is best to take measures before the 14th week of pregnancy. There are two main methods, drug abortion or abortion.

Divine abortion refers to the process that women are similar to abortion in the early stages of pregnancy. The most commonly used drugs are macyl ketone and macolyterol.

Mi buttero is a kind of anti -progestive hormone that can be necrotic and fall off from the villi of the embryo to prevent embryonic development.

Mornesol is a synthetic prostaglandin that can soften and expand the cervix, separate the placenta from the uterus, and promote the discharge of the placenta that has stopped development.The combination of the two usually requires about one week to complete the abortion.

The success rate of abortion within ten weeks of pregnancy exceeds 90 %, and the success rate of abortion within seven weeks of pregnancy can reach 95 % -98 %.

Diseases seem to be simple, but they must go to a regular hospital for treatment.Because it is difficult for ordinary people to judge the amount and method of medication, they must obey the doctors’ suggestions and cannot be taken casually.

In addition, the abortion of the drug is not as unreasonable as it looks like.There are many symptoms of drug abortion, such as abdominal pain and bleeding. These are generally much more serious than women’s dysmenorrhea and menstruation, and it lasts longer.30 days after the abortion of the drug, about 9 % of pregnant women still have mild bleeding.

If unfortunately, severe bleeding or even life -threatening, and because the success rate of drug abortion is not 100 %, it is necessary to use ultrasonic to check whether the pregnancy sac in the uterus is completely discharged.If the abortion of women failed, surgery was needed to clear the palace.

As for the abortion medicine commonly used in costume dramas, it is even more unreliable. Without clinical verification, it may cause residual or toxicity.Some people try these remedies abortion, which leads to a large amount of bleeding, which is very dangerous.

There is more or less uncertainty, so there is an artificial abortion surgery.

At present, the safest and most commonly used abortion surgery in the world is negative pressure attraction.The principle of negative pressure attraction is actually entering the women’s uterine cavity through a straw. With a strong suction force, the embryo that attached to the female uterus with a strong suction is absorbed and discharged from the body.Essence

The speed of negative pressure attraction is indeed very fast.Usually operation can be completed within 15 minutes, but negative pressure attraction is only suitable for pregnancy within 10 weeks.Because the fetus has developed into bones or bigger at 10-14 weeks of pregnancy, it is difficult to suck it with a straw.

At this time, only another method can be used to scrape.Pie scraping can cause serious damage to the body, and it is prone to symptoms such as cramps, bleeding and abdominal pain after surgery.

If the bleeding is severe, the sanitary napkin may be soaked more than once in an hour.The process is also uncomfortable. It needs to pierce the fetal membrane and suck out amniotic fluid, and then use the teeth with teeth in the uterus to break the fetus and the placenta into small pieces, remove them separately, and finally take out the inner wall of the uterus with the uterine scraper.the remains.

If you reach 14 weeks or longer, you can determine the gender of the fetus through B -ultrasound.

In order to prohibit gender choices, many places in my country stipulate that the induction of labor for more than 14 weeks of pregnancy must be issued by the relevant departments. Unless the fetus has serious defects, severe genetic diseases, or continuous pregnancy may endanger the life and other special circumstances of pregnant women, and induction of labor is not allowed.

Both pharmaceutical abortion and artificial abortion have a certain impact on women’s health.

For example, there is no clear statistical evidence that drug abortion or artificial abortion surgery will increase the future fertility risk of women.

However, it is true that some women are difficult to get pregnant again after abortion surgery, which may be caused by different physical conditions of the individual or complications after surgery.

Among them, cervical adhesion is one of the most serious complications after artificial abortion.It refers to the adhesion of mechanical damage to the cervical mucosa, which causes the fallopian tube obstruction, hinders the movement and contact of sperm and egg cells, which leads to infertility.

It may also deform the uterine cavity, leading to abortion or premature birth.In addition, abortion surgery may also cause uterine perforation or reproductive tract infection.

Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and even shock may occur during the operation, which may cause unnecessary pain to suffer women.As for public toilets, electric poles, or relaxed painless abortion advertisements on the website, claim to be the flow of people in the morning. Do not trust in the afternoon.

The essence of painless artificial abortion is to carry out systemic anesthesia on the basis of artificial abortion, so it will not feel pain during the operation, but the damage to the body itself will not be reduced.

Therefore, after waking up from anesthesia, women still face various complications or other risks, which is not as easy as the propaganda.

In addition, the hygiene conditions and doctors of these unknown hospitals or clinics are not guaranteed, and the possibility of postoperative illness may increase.

In the end, everyone has the right to determine their own lifestyle, and everyone is worthy of the responsibility of their own and partners, so the most promising thing is that you don’t have to use it.

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