Will Yin Chao hurt the fetus?What is the difference between Yin Chao and B -ultrasound?Which one is better?

Pregnancy examination, as the name suggests, refers to the examination during pregnancy, the yin and B -ultrasound are two types of examination methods during pregnancy.

For Yin Chao, many people have some misunderstandings for it because they do not understand.

Today, pregnant mothers and mothers who are preparing for pregnancy can learn about the knowledge about Yin Chao and B -ultrasound.

After 95, Shanshan was diagnosed and became pregnant in February this year. However, it was not very pleasant to make trouble with the hospital during the examination.

In February this year, Shanshan used the pregnancy test paper to test two bars. In order to ensure that he was really pregnant, he went to the hospital for examination.

However, when I heard that the doctor was going to do a yin super, Shanshan was very indifferent, so he had to let the doctor do a B -ultrasound for himself.

The doctor said to her that when she was pregnant, considering the development of the embryo, it would be more accurate to do yin super detection. If B -ultrasound, it may not be too accurate.

But after hearing it, she refused, and was very impolitely saying that she did not believe in the professionalism of the doctor, and even threatened to threaten not to do B -ultrasound, so she changed her hospital.

In the end, the doctor can only respect her choice and give her a B -ultrasound.Since then, Shanshan’s "image" has become famous.

Is Yin Chao so bad?Is it so avoided?

Undoubtedly, from the above cases, we can find that the pregnant mother cannot accept Yin Chao psychologically, although she is a post -95s.

Her example is the same as that of some pregnant mothers who are unwilling to do Yin Chao. She feels that she is too embarrassing to do yin, because she is a yin super. After all, she puts the detected probe directly into the vagina of the pregnant woman for examination.

Other pregnant mothers will feel that this examination may hurt the fetus in the belly and refuse to be overnight; some pregnant mothers refuse Yin Chao because they do too much pain.

From the perspective of medicine, Yin Chao does not cause harm to the fetus.Women’s reproductive structure is composed of vagina, cervix, uterine cavity, etc. from the outside to the inside.

The position of the fetal baby is in the uterine cavity, and the vagina is separated by the cervix.

Therefore, only the yin super examination of the vagina of the pregnant woman will not hurt the fetus in the uterine cavity through the cervix, let alone miscarriage.

For pregnant mothers who are super painful, they can relax and cooperate with doctors’ examinations when they do yin super.

If you feel the embarrassing pregnant mothers, you can consider changing the female doctor.

Do n’t, like Shan Shan in the example, question the professional literacy of the doctor. You can choose to do or do not do it, but please respect the doctor.

In response to some pregnant mothers, they would rather choose a B -ultrasound and do not want to perform yin super checks. You can learn about the difference between B -ultrasound and Yin Chao examination during pregnancy, and when to do B -ultrasound and when to do yin super.

1) Different definitions

The B -ultrasound is to check the probe on the stomach of the pregnant woman.

Yin Chao, we already know from the above that it is a way to put the probe into the vagina for examination.

The former is the vagina and the latter is the belly.

2) Different use tools

The B -ultrasound tool is a semi -circular, round, round, and a probe that does not cause damage to the stomach.

Yin Chao’s use tool is a probe that is suitable for long sticks that enter the vagina, and it will not cause damage to the vagina.

3) Different effects

Compared with B -ultrasound, Yin Chao’s appearance definition will be higher.This is because the B -ultrasound is on the stomach and is checked through the abdominal wall; the Yin Chao enters the vagina directly for examination.

Compared with the former, the latter will see the embryos, fetuses, etc. in the uterine cavity clearer.

4) Prepare different

Before the B -ultrasound examination, pregnant mothers need to urinate; Yin Chao does not need special preparation.

5) Different comfort

Psychologically and physical, B -ultrasound is more acceptable than Yin Chao.Some pregnant women are unwilling to accept Yin Chao because of their psychological embarrassment;

Some pregnant women will refuse Yin Chao because of pain; and some pregnant women will bleed a small amount after finishing the yin super examination.

Relatively speaking, pregnant women do not have any burdens to do B -ultrasound.

6) Different prices

Yin Chao is more expensive than B -ultrasound.

It can be seen from the above that Yin Chao and B -ultrasound have their own advantages.

From a medical professional perspective, if it is a month of pregnancy, such as six or seven weeks of pregnancy, you can choose to do B -ultrasound.

If it is just a small pregnancy month, or the pregnant woman is fatter, it is recommended to do yin super, so that the examination is clearer and the test results are more accurate.

[Mother’s message] There is a certain difference between Yin Chao and B -ultrasound. Different time, pregnant mothers can obey the doctor’s advice and choose the way that suits them.

[Topic today] Do you know when to do yin super?When is the B -ultrasound?

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