Will women get pregnant while taking contraceptives?

Contraceptives are a popular and effective contraceptive method.However, some factors may reduce the effectiveness of the pill and may cause accidental pregnancy.This article talked about 5 common causes of contraceptives that caused contraceptives.

There are two kinds of drugs in clinical practice. One is that the hybrid pill contains hormones that prevent ovulation and prevent the ovarian from release eggs.Another pill, called a mini pill, will make the cervical mucus thicker, which reduces the possibility of combining sperm and eggs.

If a person takes contraceptives correctly and does not miss any medication period, contraceptives will be very effective.According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the effective rate of contraceptives is 99.7 %.That is to say, less than one of the 100 women taking contraceptives may be pregnant.

Five common reasons for the failure of pills

Although contraceptives are usually very effective, some cases will reduce the effectiveness of contraceptives, and sometimes may cause accidental pregnancy.These include:

Manufacturers want people to take this medicine every day to maximize their effectiveness.If a person missed for a day, their hormonal levels may not be able to maintain a constant level to prevent pregnancy.

Sometimes it is possible for a person to take contraceptives, which may cause the efficacy to be unable to completely absorb it in the body.

People who vomit soon after taking contraceptives should take another pill as soon as possible.

In addition to taking contraceptives every day, a person should also take contraceptives every day at a certain period of time.This can maintain its hormone level more consistently.

A person should take contraceptives within the same 3 hours a day.Those who miss the medicine during this time should use a spare birth method or avoid the same room in the next two days.

Can’t guarantee the packaging of the pills, the currently available

Try to use it as much as possible every day when taking contraceptives every day to ensure the efficacy

Some drugs can reduce contraceptives.These drugs

Including some antibiotics (such as Liping) and antifungal drugs (such as aslalomycin);

Antipiatic epilepsy, such as phenobarby, phenytoin sodium and Kamazi Ping;

Anti -virus drugs used to treat HIV;

If a person takes contraceptives correctly and is fixed at the same time every day and does not miss it, they will be very effective.According to the Disease Prevention and Control Center (CDC), anyone who misses two or more pills in a row should use spare contraception methods or avoid sexual intercourse until they take contraceptives for 7 consecutive days.

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