Will urine be turbid during pregnancy?Is this normal?

Pregnancy means that a woman has changed from a girl to a mother.There is a small life in the body, which means that people’s physical function and other aspects will change.

However, no matter whether the mother who has already given birth to a few children, it is often overwhelmed by the different situations of the body during pregnancy and the previous situation.

During pregnancy, mothers sometimes have dysplasia of urine more turbid than before, not as clear as before.So, is this a normal reaction of pregnancy?Today we still want to emphasize.

Why is urine turbid?

During pregnancy, some pregnant women find that there will be some white substances in their urine, causing the urine to look turbid.Don’t panic if you find these conditions.We are called proteinuria.As the name suggests, the protein content in the kidneys is too high.The human body excretes protein through urine.Therefore, at this time, the urine is not clear.

Secondly, the secretions of women’s vagina during pregnancy will be more than when they are not pregnant. At this time, urine will become turbid accordingly.

If you eat too much food during pregnancy, causing the body to be hot and humid, and drinking too little water, and the urine is concentrated, it will easily lead to turbid urine.

If you suffer from vaginitis, the color of the urine may also occur.

Need to see a doctor?

Whether it is too much protein content, too much secretions in the vagina, or the body’s dampness and heat, these are related to the water content in the body.If the water content in the body is more, the excluded urine will be more, and the turbid matter will be diluted. At this time, the urine excreted will be clearer.On the contrary, when the body is insufficient, the urine will be less. Naturally, the urine will be turbid.At this time, pregnant women can drink plenty of water or eat more water -containing foods, supplement their own water, and first observe whether their urine has changed.If this situation has not been improved, you need to see a doctor.

If you are worried about yourself, you can also go to the hospital for routine urine, urinary B -ultrasound, renal function and other inspection items, and determine the treatment plan according to the reasons for the examination.If it is a urinary infection, take a little bit, Ulogo, and three gold tablets, don’t worry too much.

what do we need to be caucious about?

Drink plenty of water and replenish water.For pregnant women, this must be done.Eat less spicy, easy to get angry.However, it should be noted that drinking water must be regular. Don’t drink it wildly. Drink too much at one time. Drinking more will afford your body as usual.

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