Will the vaginal B ultrasound cause abortion?

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"Obviously it was the outpatient doctor who asked me to do a B -ultrasound. How could I make me a yin super? Did you do it wrong? I don’t want to do yin super." Many patients have such questions when they come to the ultrasonic department.

In fact, doctors did not make mistakes. B -ultrasound is a collective name, including the belly super and Yin Chao.However, the name Yin Chao sounds a bit terrible, and the rumors about it are outrageous: "I heard that someone has miscarriage after doing it", "Will it bleed vagina after doing it?", "Will it cause in -palace infection?"… In response to these questions and misunderstandings, Dr. Guo Zhijuan, the Department of Product No. 1 of Shunyi Maternal and Children’s Hospital of Beijing Children’s Hospital to make a comprehensive secret of" terrible "Yin Chao.

Yin Chao, the full name of the vaginal B -ultrasound, is one of the gynecological examinations, is to put the B -ultrasound probe into the vaginal diagnosis.During the examination, the probe is placed in the patient’s vagina, but it only touches the outer mouth of the cervix, will not enter the neck or uterine cavity, and will not damage the mother’s private parts.In addition, the doctor will wear a condom to the probe during the examination, and then apply an ultrasonic coupling agent to play a lubricating role to alleviate the discomfort.

Why do you do Yin Chao?What are the functions of Yin Chao?

Clear the position of the gestational sac.In the early pregnancy, the "ectopic pregnancy" can be determined through the Yin Chao examination. Once diagnosed, measures can be taken as soon as possible to terminate pregnancy.In addition, pregnant mothers in cesarean section need to observe whether the embryo is planted in the scar of the last cesarean section. If the "scar pregnancy of the cesarean section" occurs, it also needs to be treated as soon as possible.

Clarify the number of embryos and development.It can be clearly determined whether it is a single or multiple tires, and at the same time, you can also use the fetal buds and fetal hearts to judge the development of the baby baby.

Clear pregnancy time.Menstruation is not timely. Even if you are pregnant, you do n’t know when you start your pregnancy. In the yin super examination, you can clear the pregnancy time by measuring the length of the fetal bud.

Early found that the uterus was abnormal.In the early pregnancy, the embryo was relatively small. It can be clearly observed whether the pregnant mother has symptoms of uterine development abnormalities such as uterine malformations, uterine fibroids, and ovarian cysts.It is best to have no problem. If you have any problems, you can also find it early and diagnose it as soon as possible.

Convenient and clearer images.This is relative to the "super -belly" method."Benefit" must be checked after the bladder filling of the pregnant mother, but the "filling" is a bit difficult to grasp.The water is too small, and the uterus cannot be seen at all; too much water, too large bladder will block the uterus, while Yin Chao does not need to fill the bladder, the piano ion is closer, and the image is naturally clearer.

Will Yin Chao cause abortion?

From a professional perspective, Yin Chao leads to miscarriage is nonsense.The "Specifications for Clinical Technical Operation" compiled by the Chinese Medical Association states that the indication certificate of vaginal ultrasonic examination includes diagnosis of early pregnancy, and the taboos of Yin Chao do not include early pregnancy, that is, the yin super examination during early pregnancy is safe.

A small number of patients may have all kinds of discomfort, such as vaginal bleeding. This may be due to the gynecological examination before the outpatient clinic, such as the anti -cancer screening of the cervix, or the patient’s cervical lesions, or the patient exists in cervical lesions.Vaginal inflammation, accumulation of uterine cavity, endometrial polyps, etc., Yin Chao’s examination probe caused a small amount of bleeding after touching the cervix and vagina.There are some symptoms of bleeding or uncomfortable symptoms after the yin super, and generally do not have to be too nervous.

Through the introduction of obstetricians, it can be seen that Yin Chao has important value in the diagnosis and identification of early pregnancy and disease, and it is not terrible to let everyone know that Yin Chao is actually not terrible.Although Yin Chao is good, the specific pregnant mothers are suitable for Yin Chao, but also judge according to "sexual living conditions".The following form can see several simple comparison of ultrasound.

When facing the doctor’s consultation, you must answer truthfully. Only in this way can the doctor choose the most suitable way to check and get the most accurate test results.

In short, the vaginal ultrasound examination is greater than the disadvantages in the early pregnancy. Pregnant mothers must follow the doctor’s advice.

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