Will the safety period be pregnant? Is the chance of pregnancy high?

Will the safety period be pregnant?I believe that many women are not quite safe when they hear the safety period. Will they really get pregnant during the doubtful safety period?Why is the safety period unsafe?What is the reason?The purpose of achieving contraception through the method of safety is a method of calculating your physiological contraception. Since the advantages of more natural, economical, and harmless than other contraceptive methods are more natural, economical, and harmless than other contraceptive methods, so many couplesOr the favor of husbands and wives, many people think that the safety period can prevent most unexpected pregnancy from occurring, but now through statistics, the safety period is not completely safe.

What is a safe period

Safe contraception refers to the time when the ovulation period of women’s ovulation, the time for the survival of the female reproductive tract, calculate a period of time that will not conceive, and then the same room during this period to achieve the purpose of contraception.Generally, women’s ovulation time is 14 days before the next menstruation, so the safety period is about twenty days after menstruation and the lower menstrual period after menstruation to the tide of menstruation.The greater the possibility of contraception.

As for why the safety period is not an absolute safety, the reason is as follows: 1. Insufficient understanding of safety comparison contraception, for people who can achieve success in success in the safety period, mainly because they have sufficient understanding and understanding of the safety period.The understanding in this regard is not very clear. If you want to achieve contraception through this method, it is a bit indifferent, because someone has done a survey, and now the lack of understanding of the correct understanding of the safe period is one -fifth of the crowd.Some people do not know well, I do n’t know how to calculate the ovulation period, and when the safety period is.2. Because the ovulation period of women will be affected by the environment, climate, work, life and emotion, there will be advanced or pushing back, and additional ovulation may occur. ThereforeAccurate, the safety period becomes not so safe.

Failure rate of safety period

According to statistics from foreign experts, the failure rate of adopting a safe -phase contraception is as high as 14.4%to 47%.And this method is only applicable to those who have a normal menstrual cycle, live together for a long time, and can correctly grasp the estimated safety period.The main reason why the failure rate of safety during the safe period is so high, the main reason is:

First, due to the time of women’s ovulation, it can be affected by many factors. For example, the environment, climate, work, life and emotions, and personal health factors, etc., will cause women’s ovulation periods to be advanced or pushed back. This is a one.Very important factor, and because of the bad environment and the huge pressure on work and life, many women will have irregular menstruation and unstable physiological cycle, so this is one of the important reasons for contraception failure.

Second, when sexual intercourse, because of the high mood and more excited, hormones in the body can also give birth to ovulation, increase the secretion of hormones in the body, and it is likely to cause ovulation, which is one of the reasons for contraceptive failure.

Therefore, when you are not preparing for your parents, you should be responsible and responsible for your life. When you are in the same room, you must take safety measures to prevent accidents.

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