Will pregnancy -induced behavior hurt the fetus?Safety behavior during pregnancy

For the sake of the fetus in the abdomen, mothers will preconceived that they should stop pregnancy sex; in fact, most doctors say: sexual life does not threaten the fetus!As long as you pay attention to the safety posture during pregnancy, you don’t need to worry too much!

Pregnant behavior is unsafe?

During pregnancy, you can have sex. Instead, the body of the pregnant mother will increase due to hormones. The response to sex is better. The most important thing is that healthy and moderate sexual life can improve the relationship between husband and wife.It is good for the baby’s prenatal education.

Many pregnant mothers are worried that sexual things will affect the baby in the abdomen and even cause abortion.In fact, when the fetus is formed, it will be closely attached to the uterus, and there are amniotic fluid protection to avoid impact and damage; and the mucus of the cervix will play a protective role, seal the uterine mouth, and avoid bacteria entry. ThereforeBroken the fetus!

However, most doctors will recommend suspending sexual life in two periods, namely before 12 weeks of pregnancy (embryo is in the development stage) and after 37 weeks of pregnancy (production period, it is easy to produce discomfort) to ensure the safety of mothers and fetuses.

What conditions need to avoid pregnancy?

1. There is a history of premature risk or habitual abortion

2. Unknown vaginal bleeding: There is any bleeding in the vagina during pregnancy. It is a signal sent by a pregnant body. I must go to the hospital as soon as possible.

3. Severe pregnancy toxic hemosia: Pregnancy toxia is also aura eclampsia. In addition to rising blood pressure, systemic edema will also occur, and more serious is accompanied by cramps.

4. Insufficient cervical atresia: Most of the cervical atresia occurs mostly in 16 to 24 weeks of pregnancy. Due to the short cervix length, as long as slight contraction, it will not support bleeding.

5. Pre -placenta: It means that due to the low position of the placenta, it may even cover the cervical mouth, resulting in unable to produce naturally, and it is easy to bleed during pregnancy.

6. Early stripping of placenta: Early placental stripping is very dangerous. It often occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy to before birth. Symptoms include bleeding, uterine hardening, and pain.

Can Pregnancy do not wear condoms?

Looking at the part that no longer conceive, it is indeed possible to wear a condom.However, if pregnant mothers have more secretions; or worry that men’s genitals will hide dirt and risk of infection; or fearing that prostaglandin in the sperm will cause uterine contraction (there is very little incidence), it is best to or it is better orPlease put on the condom on the other half.

Precautions for pregnancy sexual behavior

1. Cleaning is important

Before and after sexual behavior, the two parties should do a good job of cleaning. If you are worried about the risk of infection, you can use the condom throughout the process.

2. Don’t press the abdomen

Try not to press your body on the pregnant mother to avoid directly pressing the stomach. Especially after the belly becomes larger in the middle and late stages, pay attention to the posture, and the husband’s movement also needs to be gentle and considerate.

3. Pay attention to the shrinkage of the uterus and stop shouting at any time

If you feel swelling or pain in the abdomen, you should temporarily interrupt the rest for a while. After the discomfort disappears, continue to have sex.If a regular uterine contraction occurs, it depends on a doctor.

4. Proper communication and adjustment of mentality

There are many kinds of intimate gender life, not only sexual intercourse.Tell your feelings and needs frankly.When the wife feels burden, Mr. should give care and consideration, and respect his wife.

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