Will Northeast sauerkraut carcinogenic?Is it harmful to health for long -term sauerkraut?Bohai University Spring Examination tells you

Whether it is sauerkraut dumpling dumplings or pork stew, all kinds of delicious foods about sauerkraut can make us export water alone.However, different people have their own different opinions about the food like sauerkraut.

Some people think that sauerkraut is a very good food, and it is also the wisdom of the working people. Its existence not only helps to preserve vegetables, but also bring benefits to health.

However, some people think that adding a large amount of salt and high -salt diet in the process of making sauerkrauts is not good for health, and long -term high -salt diets will not only easily bring high blood pressure problems, but also easily induce gastric cancer.

So the question is, will the long -term eaten in Northeast sauerkraut really cause cancer?Is it harmful to health for a long time?

In fact, the production process of the three dishes in Northeast China is particularly simple. First of all, everyone needs to clean the cabbage, remove the old leaves outside, and then start to work with the technical work.

Sprinkle salt on the layers of cabbage, and the whole cabbage needs to be placed in the large tank after the whole cabbage becomes salt cabbage.

Layer is full, and finally put a big stone that can hold on cabbage, so that the work is completed.

The rest is continuously precipitated to the time, so that Chinese cabbage is slowly fermented in the tank. After a period of time, we can enjoy the deliciousness of Northeast sauerkraut.

In order to verify whether the Northeast sauerkraut can cause cancer, the research team led by Professor Liu Guiting, led by Professor Liu Guiting, conducted a corresponding experimental research.

This experiment used sauerkraut and sauerkraut farmers to feed the mice. Two years later, the experiments had to understand the mouse.

In the end, it was found that there are indeed to varying degrees of hyperplasia in the test tubes of the mice, and even have the problem of pre -cancer lesions such as white spots.

This study speculates that sauerkrauts do contain some substances that can induce cancer, and the carcinogens are the nitrite that we all know.

The reason why sauerkraut contains nitrite, which has a great relationship with its fermentation process.

When the general family is marinated with sauerkraut, because the conditions are limited, they will be infected by other bacteria. The mixed bacteria will convert the nitrate of the vegetables itself into nitrite.

Ma Huanhuan and others from the School of Food Science and Engineering of the University of Bohai University in conjunction with the School of Biological Science and Technology of Beijing Forestry University, Lu Xinran conducted a related research on the lactic acid analysis during the fermentation of the Northeast sauerkraut.

In the end, it was found that the content of nitrite in Northeast sauerkraut rose first and then decreased, and finally reached a stable corresponding trend.

Within 15 days

Over time, the nitrite content is also increasing. At the 55th day of marinating, it reached a maximum value and exceeded the national limitation. my country’s limited amount of nitrite is 20mg/kg at 20mg/kg And within 15 days of pickling sauerkraut, the maximum value of nitrite can reach 24.17mg /kg.

2. Twenty to 30 days

When the sauerkraut is marinated from the 20th to 30 days, the nitrite content of nitrite has fallen rapidly, and the content of almost 30 days is 4.13 mg/kg.

3. 30 days to 40 days

The nitrite content on the 30th to the 40th day continues to decline, and finally maintains 3.0mg /kg, and this content is far lower than the corresponding security standards of the country.

In fact, the amount of food that is particular about any food is based on the relevant suggestions of the World Health Organization, showing that the daily consumption of nitrite should be 0.13 mg/kg. If you are in this dose, it is a safe dose.

If it is converted into sauerkraut, about 60 kg of adults, eaten 0.5 kg of sauerkraut every day belong to a safe and eaten range, and will not harm our physical health.


Sauerkraut is rich in organic acid. This substance can effectively promote the secretion of gastric acid and saliva, can help improve the acidity in the stomach, help strengthen the spleen appetizer, and help enhance the digestion of food.


Sauerkrauts will produce amino acids, organic acids, alcohol and other substances during the fermentation process, which also forms a unique acid flavor of sauerkraut, which can be well sober and greasy.

Inhibit the proliferation of harmful flora

Sauerkrauts produce a large amount of lactic acid bacteria when fermentation, and this lactic acid bacteria belongs to a probiotic, which can have a certain acid resistance. After consumption, it can survive in the stomach and intestines to inhibit the proliferation of other harmful bacteria. It can help protect intestinal health.Essence

Prevent constipation

The water absorption of sauerkraut in the stomach is very strong. It can moist food residue and effectively promote gastrointestinal motility. This can help prevent and improve constipation.

1. Pickled enough time

In addition to not always eating sauerkraut every day, the time to marinate is also very important.

Through the above content, we can see that the marinating time is more than 20 days, and the nitrite content will be greatly reduced, so when eating sauerkraut, try to properly extend the pickled time of sauerkraut. This can reduce the nitrite.Act.

2. Eat with fresh vegetables

Related studies have found that vitamin C substances have a very good degradation effect on nitrite, which is due to the oxidation reaction of vitamin C and nitrite.

And fresh vegetables contain a large amount of vitamin C. Everyone eats some fresh vegetables while eating sauerkraut, which can prevent cancer.

Although sauerkraut is very delicious and delicious, it is not that everyone has this blessing. Some people eat sauerkraut can easily bring harm to physical health:

Patients with hypertension

Salva contains a large amount of salt, which is not good for patients with hypertension who need to be salt, otherwise it will easily increase the level of blood pressure.

Patients with digestive diseases

For patients with gastritis and gastric ulcers, it is not suitable for eating sauerkraut, otherwise it will easily stimulate gastric acid secretion and increase physical illness.

Special crowd

For example, special groups such as children, elderly people, and pregnant women are usually better to eat less sauerkraut. Otherwise, high -salt diet will adversely affect physical health, causing people to have too much physical health.

Conclusion: Generally speaking, the occurrence of cancer is closely related to various factors. We cannot blindly blame the cancer on a certain thing or a certain food. If you want to better prevent cancer, we also need to live in life.Changes in all aspects.

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