Will it affect future pregnancy after the flow of people?If there are multiple flows, the degree of harm will be greater

Birth and childcare are the most dreamy of women in their lives, but for unmarried women, unexpected pregnancy is the least want to happen, and abortion has become the most helpless choice.But the first child is very meaningful for women, and the damage of abortion to women is unimaginable.The cervix of the uterine uterus of unprecedented women is round, the inner mouth of the cervix is tightened, and the mucous membranes are complete, which can effectively resist the invasion of external bacteria.The endometrium is complete, and the regularity of the menstrual cycle falls off without any damage to external operations.

Unsupply women are more or less psychologically, and there is a must of abortion. Moreover, there is an uncertain complication of abortion, such as:

1. After abortion, women’s physical resistance decreases, and the reproductive tract is open due to operation, which can easily cause reproductive tract infections.If the endometrium inflammation is caused, abdominal pain will occur, and vaginal hemorrhage will end.If it causes inflammation of the egg tube, it will increase the probability of ectopic pregnancy.

2. Due to the damage to the endometrium of the palace, it will cause a small menstrual flow or the vaginal bleeding after surgery.

3. The flow of multiple abortion causes multiple injuries to the endometrium, causing the uterine cavity to adhere, and increase the chance of infertility.

4. If the number of people is too large or the neighboring time is short, the doctor is not operating properly, which can easily cause uterine perforation.

5. If the palace is incomplete and the placenta remains, it is likely to clear the palace again.

Will it affect future pregnancy after people flow?

Although abortion surgery is damaged to the female uterus, under the operation of regular hospitals and doctors, precautions are posted after the flow of people, and they are actively resisting infection.As long as the recovery of people after flow is good, it will not affect future fertility problems.But this is the premise of only one or two times or twice. If there are many abortion, the endometrium of women may be severely damaged, causing the endometrium to occur with ectopic and too thin.As a result, sperm cannot be bed, even if bed conception will naturally have a miscarriage.Therefore, if you want to avoid infertility, you must try not to make many abortion as possible.

It is so much harmful to women’s body. For women who have completed the major events of birth, it is necessary to consider less than women who do not have children.The government and learning should increase the publicity of unmarried and miscarriage hazards, and correctly treat campus education courses, thereby improving women’s self -protection ability and reducing unnecessary abortion.

Guidance expert: Huang Kun, deputy chief physician, general department of Fuxin Mining Group General Hospital.

He has been engaged in general surgery for more than ten years. He is good at diagnosis and treatment of common surgical diseases such as breasts, thyroid, gastrointestinal tract, peripheral vascular disease, and complex trauma.

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