Why not prepare for pregnancy and pregnancy women take Chinese medicine

The issue of Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine is now controversial.But I don’t recommend taking Chinese medicine during pregnancy and pregnant women.The reason for this is because there are several reasons.

First, the efficacy of Chinese medicine is doubtful.Modern medicine is also known as evidence -based medicine.The so -called evidence is that there must be evidence.In terms of diagnosis, there must be evidence in treatment.In the face of evidence, many treatments that want to enter non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -study research has been shown as "invalid". This has a large number of practical examples in modern medicine.So far, the vast majority of proprietary Chinese medicines have basically not been tested by this random, control and double blindness, and they do not even know if effective and invalid.This type of medicine that has no treatment effect is not only economical, but also morally. It is more importantly whether these drugs have reproductive toxicity and whether they have terators. They are all confused.

Some people say that what exists is reasonable.Since Chinese medicine has no effect, why are there so many people eating, and the country has to increase investment and advocate?In fact, this problem is purely an economic problem.Nowadays, Chinese medicine has become a huge industry, with millions of practitioners, and its annual annual output value is close to trillions.Such a big industry is not what anyone can ban. This is not only an economic issue, but also a political issue.However, medicine involves the human body and life, especially the health issues of the next generation, so they need to pay more attention.

If the proprietary Chinese medicine can be carefully studied and developed several effective drugs, especially the Chinese patent medicine for random, double -blindness, control research and clinical toxicology research, that is trustworthy, can be eaten.For example, artemisinin, the state spent huge manpower and material resources for research, not only master its molecular formula, but also to synthesize it in the laboratory through modern chemical synthesis technology.More importantly, it took a lot of manpower and material resources to do toxicology, pharmacological experiments and random, and double -blind control tests, which proved to be a very effective drug.Such drugs are of course trustworthy.However, the current Chinese patent medicine, especially many compound preparations, has not done such research, so we must be vigilant before use.

Many people advise others to use Chinese medicine to use Chinese medicine is "non -toxic side effects of traditional Chinese medicine."In fact, traditional Chinese medicine has not only toxic side effects, but many toxic side effects are ignored by intentionally or unintentional.The mosenic acid incident was a alarm.The aristolochic acid in weight loss pills discovered the toxic and side effects of death in the 1990s. The World Health Organization issued a warning to all countries around the world in 2000.Chinese medicine with a particularly large amount.During this time (from 2000 to 2004), some people died of poisoning for taking diet pills.In fact, "the medicine is three -point poison", this sentence originally comes from traditional medicine, and Chinese medicine has never denied the toxicity of Chinese medicine.Some people have collected a lot of toxicity of Chinese medicine.For the toxicity of the drug, we should consider whether it is applied after the pros and cons. This is also the code of conduct of the medical industry.It is against the ethical principles of the medical industry to write the "toxic and side effects unknown" in any medicine. Therefore, women in preparation and pregnancy are not advocated to eat any drugs with unknown poison and side effects in pregnancy, including Chinese medicine, herbs, and Chinese medicine.

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