Why is the pregnancy reaction particularly serious during pregnancy?

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Guide: In the process of pregnancy, early pregnancy is the time when the pregnancy reaction is the strongest, and the most prominent reaction is pregnancy. Generally, from 6 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will gradually begin to have different pregnancy reactions.Only then will slow down.The pregnancy vomiting has also been called one of the "nightmares during pregnancy" by many pregnant mothers. During this period, personal spirit and diet were greatly affected.

In terms of pregnancy, different pregnant mothers vomit differently. Some pregnant mothers respond slightly, and some pregnant mothers will be stronger.And the manifestation of pregnancy during the day is also different. Many pregnant mothers say that the situation of waking up in the morning is still a problem, but I do n’t know why, the pregnancy response will be particularly serious as soon as it is in the afternoon?

In fact, the condition of pregnancy is linked to factors such as hormone levels, personal constitution, fetal condition and other factors in the pregnant mother’s body.

1. The impact of physical hormone level changes

The key to the reaction of pregnancy is the adverse reaction caused by the body’s uncomfortable adaptation to the changes in hormone levels.In the afternoon, some pregnant mothers are more sensitive to the reaction of hormone changes in the body. At this time, severe pregnancy problems are prone to occur.

2. Differences of mental strength

When I get up in the morning, my body is more vitality, so the perception of pregnancy is not so obvious.After a long half of the activity, the energy of the pregnant mother has almost been consumed. It was not as full as when she got up in the morning, so in the afternoon, the tired body would become particularly sensitive to the pregnancy.

In the process of pregnancy, as long as there is a pregnancy reaction, it is almost unavoidable. When the pregnancy reaction is serious, is there any way to relieve it so that the pregnant mother does not need that uncomfortable?

1. Pay attention to rest

In the state of tiredness, the response to pregnancy is very obvious. Especially when the rest is not good, neurasthenia itself will have dizziness and nausea, but it will aggravate the expression of pregnancy.Pregnant mothers must pay more attention to rest and keep their bodies always vitality, so that they have more energy to fight against uncomfortable pregnancy.

2. Adjust the diet

Fighting pregnancy reactions can slow down pregnancy through diet adjustment. In daily diet, you can choose low -salt, low -fat, and high -protein foods. The light diet can keep your appetite stable.At the same time, we must pay attention to avoiding the intake of sweets, which can reduce gastric acid secretion and slow down the uncomfortable feeling of pregnancy.

3. Appropriate exercise

In the early pregnancy, it is not particularly distressed, and the physical activity is still quite flexible. At this time, you must pay attention to multiple activities, and it is best to maintain the appropriate amount of exercise every day.During the exercise, pregnant mothers help promote the body’s metabolic cycle and reduce the feeling of burnout in the body. The body and mind of the whole person will be more relaxed and comfortable, and the reaction of pregnancy will be relatively reduced.

4. Avoid sensitive food odor

In the process of pregnancy reaction, the pregnant mother’s sense of smell will become much sensitive, so the response to some special smells will be very obvious, such as some fishy smell, oil fume flavor, raw garlic flavor, etc. Many pregnant mothers will stimulate pregnancy vomiting when smelling.EssenceTherefore, in daily life, we must know how to deliberately avoid those irritating odors and reduce the number of pregnancy.

5. Eat less meals to avoid empty stomach

Many mothers are afraid of pregnancy, so they eat less or even eat, but in fact, it is easier to cause pregnancy reaction in the empty stomach, and there is nothing in the stomach. It will be very uncomfortable when vomiting.Throat.Therefore, eating less meals to ensure that there are something in the stomach, which can relieve pregnancy, and it will be much smooth and easy to spit.

Important tips: In the early pregnancy, due to the different perception of hormone levels and the differences in the mental state of pregnant mothers, the pregnancy reaction in the afternoon will be relatively obvious.If you want to relieve the pregnancy reaction, you must pay attention to rest, adjust your daily diet, maintain an appropriate amount of exercise, avoid sensitive odors, and eat less meals to avoid empty stomach.

Today’s topic: During the process of pregnancy, have you been pregnant, how long does it last?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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