Why is an extramarital affairs man who is always cold and hot?

Text/Xingzhi Online Special Author Mu Ziqing

There is a question on Zhihu: Why is the old man with extramarital affairs always cold and hot?

Although the answer below is diverse, the meaning is basically the same: because he does not love you at all, but just wants to soak you for free, so when there is a need, come to you, and the matter is finished.

The eyes of the masses were clear.

Suddenly cold and hot, it should be a common problem for all extramarital love men. The cause is simpler: because the most important thing in his life is never you.

The elder brother of an entertainment industry is a well -known representative of an extramarital affair.

His romantic tricks are estimated that few girls can resist.

Zhu Maowen, the producer of "Surprise", interviewed Wu Qili and dug a lot of little -known details in the past: after shooting, the elder brother had to wait for Miss Wu to eat together, so the entire crew had to wait for Miss Wu, Miss Wu arrived, the elder brotherGive her the same as the same; Miss Wu filmed in the middle of the night, the elder brother packed the supper, and sat in the car and waited for her to close the work.At home, the elder brother couldn’t care about eating, carefully put on her home, and then arranged for the assistant to change the bad cabinet, the old sofa …

His enthusiasm never concealed.

Everything stopped because of pregnancy.In the year of pregnancy, Wu Qili’s birthday was the last time she received a call from the elder brother.

That year, she became a bomb in the entertainment industry. The unmarried pregnancy caused a stir. Even if she moved, many reporters still found her, guarding downstairs, waiting to see who the father’s father was.

When the most helpless time, I called the elder brother and found that the other party changed the number.

The pillow people who used to be grinded, I do not know when they have become strangers.

Wu Qili knew that the other party was escaping, so he trusted people: I won’t find you anymore in the future.

There is a consensus in psychology: the prelude to love is passion, and the period of passion is less than three months.

When the passion is righteous, the extramarital affair man will behave very enthusiastically, but when the passion retreats, especially when the object of extramarital affairs threatens his core interests, men will become very cold.

Their enthusiasm is true, and their cold is also true.

The silly girls who moths in this world always misunderstand their affection.

The movie "Double Food Notes" tells a period of extramarital affairs.

Chen Jiaqiao is a successful businessman, and the heroine Coco is a pure stewardess.

At the beginning of the movie, the two people kissed inside the car. They met to go to the temple incense, but in a blink of an eye, when Coco turned back, Chen Jiaqiao was gone.

After that, it was completely lost, the phone was not answered, and the text message was not returned.

A few months later, he suddenly appeared again, holding a bunch of the keys to the house, saying that he would surprise Coco.

Hugging and sleeping, you can wake up again, and people do not know where they return.

It is often loved and intimate in the first second. In the next second, because of a phone call, he dropped the bowl directly to the chopsticks and decided to leave.

It wasn’t until Coco learned a new skill to cook, and Chen Jiaqiao, who had been left out for a long time, became hot again.

"Double Food Notes"

Coco innocently thought that as long as he grabbed the man’s stomach, he could catch the man’s heart, but at the end, he knew that the man never loved her.

He just wanted to know what kind of style of the stewardess under the uniform.If it weren’t for Coco, he had learned to cook again, and he would have left enough.

There is a "memory effect" in psychology: it is more impressive than the things that people are not yet processed.

It is also the same to explain the behavior of men’s cold and hot behaviors: Men who are extramarital affairs are more enthusiastic about women who have not satisfied their curiosity than women who have already satisfied their curiosity.

With the increase of getting along, the woman who seemed to be wearing a veil was no longer mysterious for him. Therefore, a man of extramarital affairs no longer thoughtfully asked for warmth.

Rather than the "emotion" faded, it is better to say that his "conquest desire" is not so strong.

A male colleague from the former company, who is particularly honest. If it wasn’t for the lover to come to the company, I would not believe he would be derailed.

The girl pulled us to comment on her, saying that the man promised to divorce and marry her, but did not wait for him to divorce, but waited for him to ignore it, and even the living expenses were not given. She asked us. This was a responsible attitude.?

The married women present laughed: a person who is not loyal to the family, do you expect him to be responsible for extramarital affairs?

We later learned some of the male colleagues.

His wife was good at work and strong personality, and he accounted for at home.And the lover lives by him, giving him sufficient dignity.

When a man is in a weak position in his family, he cannot get enough care and respect at home, or his family cannot understand his psychological feelings, he will seek out to obtain psychological compensation.

This kind of man is often the most terrible. They are inferior and selfish, and they are always exploring what they do not have, and they will never be satisfied.

A man who is too affectionate must have his own affection. They look passionate. In fact, their favorite people are themselves.

In their world, the measurement of interests everywhere, when the cost of choosing extramarital affairs is far greater than the opportunity cost of retaining families, an extramarital affair man will not hesitate to give up his lover without hesitation.It means a greater sinking cost because giving up the family.

Seeing the benefits you can bring to him, he is a warm man, weighing your disadvantages to him, and becoming a scumbag in minutes.

At this moment, they have eager to betray his family, and they will betray your relationship because of greed for other things.

Extramarital affairs are just a transfer of life for men, and for women, it is like a dangerous goods that will explode at any time.

Because, only a woman who is desperate for love will devote her body and mind to this kind of moth like a fire.

In their native families, they have been ignored and they have the least love for children. They are eager to be kindly treated, so they have no power to fight the sugar and clothing shells that appear in life, and they can confuse them a little warmth.

"Double Food Notes"

To put it plainly, I still think of myself too much.

Rather than saying that they are not good, they must be fulfilled; it is better to say that they feel that they are not good enough, and others will take advantage of them.

Because there is no way to share the same man with others.

Women who truly love themselves will not please anyone, nor will they be the foil of anyone in their lives. They are the protagonists in their lives. They can give their own sense of security and make their lives full and nourish.

They see themselves important enough, and they never disdain to others to pity for love.Because of this, they can hold their heads up and leave the most precious feelings to the most worthwhile people.

As a woman, no matter how warm you meet, keep in mind the following three principles: never provoke married men.Never believe that men will divorce your ghost.Never think of a man higher than himself.

Those emotions that need you full of sake are not real love.Only you love yourself more, and those who are better will appear on the future.Please believe that you deserve your love.

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