Why don’t I believe it?A woman’s massage shop fell asleep, but she found pregnancy after January

A single woman went to massage the shop after get off work, and a male technician Qi in the massage shop received her.

When Qi saw the woman’s face was good, she decided to massage her herself.

Maybe Qi’s technology is too good, or the woman is too tired. After a while, the woman fell asleep.

After about a meal, Qi woke up the woman and said that the massage was over.

At that time, there was no other feeling, but I felt particularly comfortable.

She stretched her back and packed up her clothes to go home.

However, more than a month later, her menstruation had not yet come, which made her feel a little uncomfortable. She went to the hospital for examination and found that she was pregnant.

This made the woman very depressed. After she divorced, she had been single and never touched a man.

Based on days, it may be related to the technician of the massage store.

So the woman went to Qi to discuss, and Qi not only strongly denied it, but also humiliated the woman.

In the attitude of solving the problem, the woman wants Qi to make some money and kill herself.

However, Qi Mou’s strong opposition to angered the woman. The woman bought the fruit knife and faced Qi.

Later, the crowd around reported the police, and the police took the woman away.

According to the woman’s explanation, when she was massaging in a massage shop that day, one masseur’s method was too good, and the second may be that the masseur pressed her acupoints to help sleep, so she slept very deeply, and later she did not know.In the case, Qi was violated.

The police also found the evidence of Qi’s infringing women.

What do you think about this case?I have no other meaning, I just want to give you a popular science: Can humans enter deep sleep quickly?Can you feel the movement of light sleep?

Deep sleep refers to a kind of sleep in the process of sleep, and it is also an important stage for human repair and recovery.Some scientific research shows that it takes a certain time to enter the state of deep sleep. Generally speaking, it takes about 90 minutes to enter the deep sleep state.

During sleep, the human body will go through two different sleep: fast eye movement sleep and non -fast eyes sleep.Non -eye movement sleep is divided into two stages: light sleep and deep sleep.During light sleep, the human brain began to relax and gradually entered the state of deep sleep.Deep sleep generally experiences several different stages, and the time required for each stage is different.

Although it is difficult to enter a deep sleep state in a short time, some regulatory measures may help improve the quality and effect of sleep.For example, maintain a good sleeping environment, avoid interference such as noise and light, arrange a good schedule, exercise regularly, and avoid eating too much dinner.

In general, although people cannot immediately enter a deep sleep state, we can improve the quality of sleep through a reasonable sleep method and lifestyle, thereby better enjoying life.

Light sleep is a kind of sleep, usually occurs when entering deep sleep or waking up from a dream.In light sleep, people’s muscles are relaxed, but their consciousness is relatively awake.

In the process of light sleep, people can feel the movement of some extent.For example, when there are sounds in the room or someone entering and leaving, people may feel these changes in their dreams.In addition, some external stimuli, such as alarm clocks or phone ringtones, may also interrupt people’s light sleep.

However, it should be noted that people’s perception and response ability in light sleep are relatively limited. If the external stimulus is too mild or people are already in deep sleep, it may not cause any response.

In addition, when people sleep light, some people may have a dreamy experience.These dreams may be presented in the form of images, sounds, touch, etc. For some people, these dream experiences are very real, and they can still remember after waking up.

In short, in the state of light sleep, people’s perception ability exists, but it should be noted that the intensity and characteristics of external stimulus will affect people’s perception.At the same time, people also produce a variety of dreamy experiences in light sleep, and different people will experience different content.

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