Why do you still have menstruation when you are pregnant?

Everyone knows that menstruation will stop naturally.However, some women are obviously pregnant, but their aunts are still "as scheduled". For the prospective mothers in the early stages of pregnancy, they are really shocking and scared.Why do you still come to aunt when you are pregnant?Let’s understand the truth together!

1. Will menstruation come to pregnancy?

Seeing red as soon as I was pregnant, I was frightened

Lin Chen has been married for two years and has always wanted a child.In April this year, she finally conceived her baby smoothly, and the whole family was immersed in joy.But when the baby was less than two months old, Lin Chen suddenly found blood on the panties one day, which made her shock and scared. When she was pregnant, was it a sign of miscarriage?

Everyone has an inherent concept of common sense: Generally, the first manifestation of women’s pregnancy is to discontinue menstruation.A married woman with a regular menstrual cycle, once the menstruation is postponed, should think of the possibility of pregnancy.But this is not absolute.

A blunt shock, it turned out to be the aunt’s report

Lin Chen was very nervous, and the whole family was worried.After being surprised, the family hurriedly sent Lin Chen to the hospital for examination, but found that it was a false alarm. It turned out that the "aunt" reported.Lin Chen was very curious when he was ecstatic: when you were pregnant, why are you still menstruation?This is different from the pregnancy performance of normal women.

The doctor explained: Usually reported on time on time every month, because ovulation once a month, the menstrual period is generally 3-5 days. During this period, the function layer of the endometrium was peeled, causing the wounded surface in the palace.God, the base layer of the endometrium of the endometrium is divided and proliferated, moved to the wound of ulceration, and gradually repair and form a new functional layer.At this time, new egg cells in the ovaries are growing, mature, ovulation, luteum, and sex hormones, so that the endometrium is proliferated, peeled, and bleeds, so I have a menstruation again.The ovarian lined up once a month, and it has formed a menstruation once a month.

If the eggs are fertilized, the human body will regulate the secretion of hormones and maintain the endometrium without falling off, which will be mana.However, there are still the following situations that make it still have menstruation.

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