Why do you still get pregnant after taking contraceptives? It is recommended that women spend some time to take a look

The young people are now open, and they live with her boyfriend before they talk about marriage.Two young people live together, and it is difficult to have a relationship.Some young people do not take protection measures before they have a relationship.When women are afraid of pregnancy, they will take emergency contraceptives after the incident, hoping to take medicine by taking medicine.But some women found that they were still pregnant.Many people ask why they are pregnant after taking contraceptives? In order to avoid accidents that happen after taking medicine, they must understand this issue.

Why do you still get pregnant after taking contraceptives

1. Method error

If the time of emergency contraceptive is required, it is not effective at any time.And different types, the number of times and time are different.For example, some need to take it within 72 hours after the same room to effective, and some need to eat it every 12 hours.As long as you do not take emergency contraceptives in accordance with the instructions, even if you take medicine, it will not work. Naturally, it is easy to take medicine and get pregnant.

2. The drug has expired

Some women are young and are embarrassed to go to a pharmacy to buy emergency contraceptives.You will choose some small shops to get medicine, and there are many things in small shops that have expired.Women are afraid of being seen, and they run away when they get the medicine, and there is no shelf life at all.You must know that emergency contraceptives also have a shelf life. If the drug has exceeded the shelf life, it is effective if you take it.

Third, the drug vomits

Emergency contraceptives can not be eaten by every woman. Some women will have some side effects after taking it, and the response is very violent.For example, after taking the medicine, vomiting occurred within two hours.Vomiting occurs in a short time, and the drug has not been completely digested and absorbed. At this time, vomiting drugs are equivalent to being spit out.If there is no time to take the medicine in time, there is no contraceptive pill in the body, and naturally it will not have the effect of contraceptive.

How should a woman contraceptive

If women have sex, but if they do not want to have children, it is recommended to let partners wear condoms.This contraceptive method has a high success rate and is not easy to cause damage to women’s health.It can also reduce the probability of bacteria invading the vagina and avoid inducing gynecological diseases.

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