Why do you always feed the King of Kings to eat grapes

One reader who loves to eat grapes | The original author of Zhang Yi’s ancient novel "Fengshen Romance" may not have thought about it.Even the main story of the king of Wu Wang.

Since the "Fengshen Bang" in the 1980s, "Fengshen Romance" has been remaked of nine versions. However, careful netizens have found that no matter which version, I am constantly feeding the king to eat grapes.

Picture source: film and television stills

Why do you always feed the King of Kings to eat grapes?

Some netizens said that in the world of foxes, grapes are the most delicious foods. Of course, they must feed him the best; some people think that through the form of a form of complementingWang has big eyes like grapes; gamers with "Synthetic Big Watermelon" said that they want to make the grapes synthesize the big watermelon in the mouth of the king …

So, aside the imagination of these days and horses, what are the reasons for the king of the king to eat grapes?Why not feed something else?

Can the real king of the king eat grapes?

Grape has a long history and is one of the oldest plants in the world.

Archaeological studies have found that grapee plants were discovered in the Geori Geological Fragments from 67 million to 130 million years ago.

Grapes are not foreign species in China.In the 1990s, experts excavated wild grape seeds at the Yuqiyan site in Daoshi County, Hunan Province, proved that grapes can be regarded as ancient products in my country, so China is also one of the origin of grapes.

The earliest text of my country’s "Grape" was recorded from the Book of Songs.In the age of Yin and Shang, people can already eat all kinds of grapes.

"The Book of Songs · Wind Wind · July": "In June food depression and 薁, July Hengkui and 菽."

"Book of Songs · Wang Feng · Ge Yan": "Mian Mian Ge, in the river of the river."

The "指" in the Book of Songs refers to 蘡薁, which is a kind of wild grapes, and "Ge 藟" is also a grape family.However, the grapes here are not artificial grapes, but wild grapes growing naturally, which are not the same as the grapes we eat today.

After the contemporary grapes were Zhang Jian in the Western Han Dynasty, they brought back artificially planted the "descendants" of the Grand Wan Grape, and the use of Dawan grapes was originally brewing.

"Historical Records": "Da Wan brewed with grapes."

"Hanshu · Western Regions Biography": "Dawan uses grapes as wine, rich people hide wine to Wan Dendu, and those who have been undefeated for a long time." Wild grape fruits are very small | Source: Tuwa Creative ideas

It can be seen that the King of King who died in 1046 BC, as the last monarch of the Shang Dynasty, was very likely to eat domestic wild grapes, but he could not eat this big and watery grape.

Fox eats grapes or grapes

The King of Kings has always eaten grapes, so why can’t we see the self -made grapes from Jiuguan Linghu?

Fox is a carnivore. It mainly feeds small -sized mammals, such as rabbits, mice, and squirrels.Other chickens, birds, frogs, snakes and even insects are their favorite.In addition, the fox is also a random omnivorous animal. It also eats berry and berry and berry of strawberries, rubber, grapes.

Photo source: Tuwa Creative

So I do n’t do n’t eat grapes, but there are big fish and meat around the king of the king. Why can I see this little grape?

Regarding the saying that fox loves to eat grapes, what can be found at present is "Isso Fables".Seeing the grapes on the grape rack, a hungry fox wanted to eat but couldn’t pick it up.So there was a later "I can’t eat grapes and says grapes."

From this perspective, the self -made king feeds grapes. In fact, he was wronged and gave all the beloved things to the people.

Why do I have to feed grapes?

There are already many types of fruits in the pre -Qin classics.Tao, Li, jujube, pear, plum, apricot, persimmon, melon, hawthorn, mulberry, etc. can already be eaten in the Shang Dynasty, let alone the fruit supply of the royal family.There are so many fruits, why did you choose the grapes?

First of all, the grapes are small and exquisite. Both green ti nor purple grapes are light and crystal clear. Like crystals, picking grapes is much better than picking up the big pear.

Secondly, the grapes can be eaten directly without peeling. You have to peel in advance to change the fruits and cut it into small dices in advance.It is not only very convenient to feed grapes. For those who eat, the juice is not out of flow, and feeding and eating are elegant without losing their grace.

In the end, because the grapes grow up, the fruit is dense, indicating that the multi -child and more blessed, which means that people are prosperous.But it is estimated that Ji Ji did not expect this layer at the time.

Can’t you change the king of the king?able!

In the 2019 version of "The Romance of the Gods", Ji Ji let the King of Kings realize the "cherry freedom", without feeding grapes, and switched to the big red cherry.

Picture source: film and television stills

The advantages of grapes also stood out from many fruits and became the royal fruit of film and television dramas.

The emperor in "Yanxi Raiders" ate iced grapes one while.

Picture source: TV series "Yanxi Raiders"

When Cao Guiren in "Zhen Huan Biography" was feeding grapes, he even peeled the skin intimately; in order to please the emperor, Song Zhi presented a round and full "sunshine rose".

Picture source: TV series "Zhen Huan Biography"

I have to say that the aesthetics and convenience of grapes in film and television dramas are indeed unmatched by other fruits.

Therefore, in the "Fengshen Bang", the crystal clear grapes are more beautiful, and it also looks more demon atmosphere in the hands of Ji’s fibrous jade. Grapes have become the first choice for the king of the king.

Grapes are considered to be sexual symbols in many national culture due to their shape and purple colors.

"Purple Grape" is a metaphor for women’s nipples in the Chinese context. Among them, "purple" is the purple that becomes mature and charming due to rich sexual experience.

The Tang poem "Crispy Milk" you haven’t carried has used "Purple Grape" to refer to female nipples. The author is also the well -known sex practitioner Zhao Yan, a well -known sex practitioner in Changan City Pingkangfang (entertainment venue).

The "Pan Jinlian Drunken Grape Bridge" in "Jin Ping Mei" is a well -known paragraph of sexual description, showing the life of Ximen Qing and Pan Jinlian.The image of "grape rack" has since its new connotation -lust not only refers to the place where men and women are secretary, but also the space for sex activities.

Xiao Qing played by Zhang Manyu in "Green Snake" successfully seduced Xu Xian with a grape.Xiaoqing was fed to the sleeping Xu Xian with a grape, charming and tempting.

Picture source: TV series "Green Snake"

In the West with huge cultural differences, the cognition of grapes is unexpectedly co -produced.

The French Rococo style, which originated in the 18th century, is pornographic in painting, mainly portraying the love of secular men and women.In the painter Francois Buxi’s work "Autumn Pastoral Shepherd" and "Are they thinking about grapes", the protagonist of the painting is a pair of noble men and women who are feeding grapes.Here the grapes are used as flirtators by the painter, implying that men and women love.

From left to right, "Autumn Pastoral Shepherds", "Are they thinking about grapes?"

In addition to the meaning of literary works and film and television dramas to grapes, grapes have a realistic promotion effect on eroticism.

Researchers at the University of Sarri, the University of London, found that the brain area of sex hormones is very sensitive to glucose level, and the sugar in grapes is mainly glucose, so eating grapes and drinking appropriate amounts of wine can help regulate sexual function and enhance sexy sex.

A grape, which is full of wisdom to feed the king of the king. In contrast, those netizens who think that the king of the king eats the grapes is too simple …

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