Why do women "below" stink and smell?Maybe these 5 reasons

In women’s life, the probability of gynecological diseases can be said to account for 70 %.Because women’s special human organs, they are often prone to disease distress. If you find that you have gynecological inflammation, you must go to the hospital for examination in time to take treatment measures.

So, why is the private part of women’s private parts prone to smell, and how does the odor of women’s private parts cause it?

In fact, gynecological diseases can also be produced through some private parts. It is recommended that female friends must understand in time to avoid serious diseases and diseases.

1. Bacterial vaginitis

Bacterial vaginitis is the cause of odor in women’s private parts, which is different from vaginitis.Vaginitis is an inflammatory response of vaginal mucosa, while bacterial vaginitis does not have this inflammatory response, but it will destroy the environment and pH of the vagina and increase female leucorrhea.

Proted in the private parts increases, and evil odor occurs. If the examination is caused by bacterial vaginal disease, it should be treated in a timely manner, and the life of men and women should be avoided before healing.

2. Reproductive tract tumor

It mainly includes cervical cancer and endometrial cancer. The initial manifestation of cervical cancer is due to the infringement of local tumor tissue of cervical, tumor tissue and local cervical tissue necrosis, and a fishy smell.

Cancer cells with endometrial cancer necrosis of the elderly are easily caused by infection in the uterine cavity, forming effusion and dysplasia in the uterine cavity, which can cause stench.

3. Tight -fitting clothing with poor breathability

Tights can cause the genitals to be in a humid and warm environment, which will not only emit odors, but also increase the chance of inflammation and infection.In addition, if the underwear is too long, it will breed a large amount of mold, induce mold vaginitis, and cause abnormal symptoms such as vaginal odor in the patient.

4. Uterine endometrial lesions

Private secretions have odor and sometimes related to uterine lesions.At this time, B -ultrasound examination is required to eliminate endometrial polyps, endometrial thickening, uterine mucosal fibroids, and endometrial cancer.

The above lesions of clothing sometimes continue to be infected, causing vicious secretions.If there is a lesion in the uterine cavity, the corresponding specific treatment should be given, and hysteroscopy is often required.

5. Improper hygiene

If a female friend does not do the cleaning of the vulva in life, or if the sanitary napkin is not replaced in time during menstruation, the symptoms of vaginal odor are prone to occur.

In addition, if female friends do not do a good job of cleaning in the life of husband and wife, they will also cause local bacterial infections and cause an unpleasant smell in the vagina.

Fishing smell: Generally speaking, if women’s private parts emit fishy smell, it may be bacterial vaginal disease.

Simple odor: If there is only a simple odor in the private part, it may be caused by bacterial infection.Common acute vaginitis, cervicitis, uterine pus, vaginal foreign objects, etc.

Strong sour taste: Women’s private parts are weak acidic environment and will have a slight sour taste. This situation is relatively normal.Some women have a strong sour taste and feel like moldy things. This strong sour taste indicates that there is some kind of disease, usually fungal vaginitis or trichomonas vaginitis.

Rusty flavor: Women will have a certain iron fishy smell and bloody smell during menstruation. This is caused by the mixed -race of private parts, that is, the taste of menstrual blood flow. This situation is normal, don’t worry too much.

But if it is not during the menstrual period, this kind of iron rust may be abnormal vaginal bleeding.In this case, we need to be alert to uterine fibroids.

1. Pay attention to hygiene

If there is a special smell in private parts, women should pay attention to hygiene issues. Due to unwavering, a large number of reproduction is one of the serious reasons for this situation.Many people usually do not pay attention to hygiene issues. After the bacteria multiply, the bacteria invade, which can produce a special smell.

In order to prevent this serious phenomenon, the most reasonable way is to pay attention to hygiene and maintain a clean and hygienic state through local cleaning.At the same time, while improving the odor of private parts, the prevalence of gynecological disease is reduced.

2. Correctly clean the private parts

The unpleasant smell of women’s private parts is obvious, and it can be improved by proper local cleaning.Washing with water during bathing can not only inhibit the breeding of bacteria, but also not easily damage the acid -base balance.

Many people use shower gels and detergent to clean their vulva. They do not know that these shower gels are likely to damage acid -base balance, which is not conducive to the prevention of gynecological diseases.To avoid this, clean water should be cleaned, and the unpleasant smell of cleaning people will improve.

3. Wear cotton underwear

Although many underwear and underwear on the market are relatively new, they are not cotton.Wearing these non -cotton underwear for a long time will cause stimulation to the vulva, affect the normal ventilation of the part, thereby aggravating the vaginal odor.

It is recommended to wear loose and comfortable cotton panties as much as possible, so as to better keep the vagina clean and dry and prevent vaginal odor.When choosing underwear, be sure to pay attention to which lace lace and bright colors are used. It is recommended to choose simple cotton underwear.

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