Why do stomach hurt in the early pregnancy?

After pregnancy, the body of pregnant mothers will experience major changes, and various discomforts will occur.Recently, there were many Baoma who asked "the pain of a sudden spasm in the early pregnancy" in the early pregnancy.

It is not uncommon for stomach pain in early pregnancy.Spasm abdominal pain is a manifestation of stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy. Some are normal physiological phenomena caused by pregnancy. In a few cases, it may also be a sign of serious problems.

The hormones during pregnancy will relax your ligament. At the same time, your constantly bulging abdomen also brings a greater burden on your muscles and ligaments.Therefore, if you are just a stomachache in the early pregnancy, but there are no other symptoms, you do not need to worry about it.The stomach pain caused by this ligament stretching will continue the whole period of your pregnancy, and it may increase with the progress of your pregnancy.

If you have sex during pregnancy, then you may feel spasmal abdominal pain when orgasm.This pregnant woman’s stomach pain will neither hinder your health during pregnancy, nor will it affect the baby in your belly.

If you are spastic abdominal pain, you are accompanied by red, bleeding, fever, chills, vaginal secretions, tenderness and pain, or after a few minutes of rest, the pain still fails to relieve it. It is recommended that you go to the hospital in time.

Early pregnancy, stomach pain and symptoms such as bleeding and other symptoms should immediately attract your attention.

Extraordinary pregnancy causes stomach pain in early pregnancy in pregnancy

Possible symptoms: spasm and pain, tenderness, usually start from one side, and then spread to the entire abdomen.

Reason: The fertilized eggs are bed outside the uterus, and may be in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, abdominal cavity or uterine mouths.

Possible time: early pregnancy.

How to deal with: Go to the hospital immediately.If not treated in time, ectopic pregnancy may lead to danger of life.

Early abortion causes stomach pain in early pregnancy in pregnancy

Symptoms that may occur: 3 months before pregnancy, spasm and bleeding and pain in the middle of the lower abdomen.

Reason: In the early pregnancy, most of the cause of abortion is that the embryo is dysplasia, and it is rarely caused by what the expectant mothers do.

Possible time: 1 to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

How to deal with: medical treatment in time.When the pain appears, lie down or sit down and raise your foot.If possible, try to relax.If pregnant women have spasm abdominal pain and have a large amount of bleeding, call 120 emergency calls or go to the nearest emergency center.After examination, the doctor will judge whether the miscarriage has occurred, the risk of abortion is still occurring.

Late abortion causes stomach pain in pregnant women

There is also a stomach pain in pregnant women related to miscarriage occurs in the middle of pregnancy, but symptoms and treatment methods are very similar to early abortion.

Possible symptoms: abdominal colic with a lot of bleeding.

Reason: usually because of the aging of the placenta or the disease or trauma of pregnant women.

Possible time: 13 to 27 weeks of pregnancy +6 days.

How to deal with: If there are a lot of bleeding at the same time of spasm abdominal pain, call 120 emergency calls or go to the nearest emergency center.If the abortion is occurring or has already occurred, the abdominal pain will continue, and uterine scraping may be required.If there is only a risk of abortion, the doctor may suggest that you rest in bed.

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