Why did women get pregnant in ancient times, it is called "the body is pregnant with the six".

In ancient society, after women were pregnant, people would say that she was "pregnant with six".

In our traditional culture, "Six A" refers to the six "Jiazi" starting with A of sixty, namely Jiazi, Jiayu, Jiashen, Jiawu, Jiachen, Jiayin.Sixty Jiazi is used by the ancients of our country for the age.

To understand this issue, we must first understand the "unity of heaven and man" of the ancients.In modern society, due to the advancement of science and technology, the emergence of machinery, etc., our observation of natural phenomena and the ability of nature transformation have improved rapidly. Therefore, some people believe that humans are the master of this world, and humans can rely on themselves by themselves.Demand and ideas, transform nature and transform the world.

This idea does not fully agree with individuals. We can use existing mechanical equipment, technology products, etc. to transform the environment of our lives, but people are still very small in front of nature. At presentNature, so we must know how to get along with nature, and our ancients attach great importance to the laws and rules of harmony with nature.

The ancients believed that man and nature were integrated into one. Without nature, there would be no humans.From birth to death, and what he will do in the future is doomed and synchronized with nature, so the ancients believed that the growth of the fetus in the mother’s body was also a kind ofresult."Sixty Jiazi" is a way that the ancients used to record time.To a certain extent, it represents the rules of nature of nature, that is, nature runs in accordance with the laws of "sixty armor".

The Taoist literature of the Tang Dynasty "Taoist and Treaty" stated: "Sixth, one Jiayinmu, the main bone; the two Chen style, the main atmosphere;Jiayu soil, main muscles; Liujiazi water, main blood. "Jia Yin in" Liuga "is wood, representing the fetus of the fetus; Jiachen is a wind, represents the fetal breath;Shen is Jin, which represents the fetus of the fetus; Jiayu is the soil, representing the muscles on the fetus; the nam is water, which represents the blood in the fetus.

The fetus in the mother’s abdomen has bones, breath, body temperature, teeth, muscles, blood, etc. He also has life, so the ancients would be pregnant as "in the six", that is, the fetus in the mother’s abdomen.Have the prototype of a person."Six Jia" represents the law of time in nature, so the growth of the fetus in the mother’s fetus is also a result of complying with the law of nature and growing up.

In addition, "Six Jia" has other meanings.In traditional Chinese medicine, the "Six A" also represents the six organs of the human body, namely the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidney, and gallbladder.Under normal circumstances, women’s uterus will not have organs such as heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidney, bile, etc. When a female uterus has organs such as liver, spleen, lungs, etc.The fetus, that is, the woman is "pregnant with the six".

Our Chinese medicine also pays attention to the concept of "unity of heaven and man". Chinese medicine believes that the various organs in the human body must be consistent with the time and operation of nature.Only to live healthy and healthy.People call pregnancy as "in the six", and also hopes that the fetus in the abdomen of the mother can grow and birth and birth without disease and disaster.

With the "Six A" of the Six, it also represents a deity.In our local religion, Taoist culture, there are twelve gods of "Liuding Liujia".In other words, the twelve heavenly gods of "Six Ding Liuga" managed the law of running in nature.The "Six Armor" in the "Six in the Six" here refers to the six gods in the "Six Ding Six Jiajia".

Comparing the fetus in the abdomen to the "Six Gods" in heaven, it also implies that the fetus in the mother’s abdomen is the god of heaven, which is very noble.Before birth, children were still a god in the sky, which made the children in the mother’s belly look noble and mysterious.People also hope that their children are the gods of heaven. Not only are they healthy and healthy, they are also smart and outstanding. In the future, they will be greatly prosperous.

At the same time, comparing the fetus in the mother’s belly to the god of heaven, it also represents the blessing of the fetus. It is hoped that the fetus can get good blessings and grow healthy, smooth growth and birth.In ancient society, the medical conditions were backward, and the fetal death was very high. People compared the fetus to the gods. They also hoped that the fetus could get the blessing of heaven, so that the fetus would grow healthy and birth.

These kinds of statements are a good wishes. I hope that the fetus in the mother’s abdomen can be healthy and smooth and smooth. It is a blessing for people to the fetus in the abdomen of the mother.

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