Why did dreams predict what is about to happen?

When I was in private with a colleague, she was suddenly surprised: "I have dreamed of this scene, the scene is the same, and even the words we just talked. I had a dream, and I wanted to verify that the prophecy happened."

We often encounter something we have done. It seems that we have appeared in our previous dreams. This feeling of acquaintance will make us confused. Is there a mysterious power in the underworld that led us to our destiny?

It seems that such incidents often often see in the media that a child in India dreamed that he was murdered, and he disappeared within a few months. After a few months, he found the body. The parents thought that the previous dream was the instructions given to them by the gods, but they wereNot noticed.There is also a British woman who dreamed of being pregnant after sexual relationships, and gave birth to a pair of twin sisters. As a result, she found that she was pregnant with twin girls.

From ancient times to the present, human dreams have been regarded as a warning, and in the customs and culture of many countries, there will be a part of the dream as a warning prophecy.A large number of fulfills of Meng Zhao are even more convincing: Dream is a sign of the future.

The Oracle of Oracle in the Yin and Shang dynasties was the earliest text of Chinese civilization, and most of them were the words of Dream Zhaoji.

In the same record of historical records, it is also a record about dream prophecy."Zuo Zhuan" records: After Song Jinggong’s death, he had to compete with the two sons to compete for the throne.Dreaming of opening his head to the north and lying outside the door, he had to be a crow on the Qi, his mouth was placed on the south gate, and his tail was on the Tongmen.So I have to think.His dream is good, symbolizing that he will successfully inherit the throne.Later, he was really established as the king of Song.

In Western culture, there are the same concepts.For example, in the Old Testament, the Egyptian French veterans dreamed of seven Jianye cows, and then seven thin cows appeared and eaten the health cow.Joseph told Pharaoh that this foreshadow that there will be seven rich years, and then seven disaster years, they will consume all the surplus of the first seven years.The foundation of the foresight is the "induction" view of primitive people, and believes that the heavens and the earth can be induced with each other, which is the "primitive osmotic law" proposed by many anthropologists.This ancient concept still exists.

So why can dreams indicate the future?

In psychology, dreams have functions such as sorting memory, relieving emotions, trauma repair, and state presentation.Dream is the product of memory cognition in the state of sleep.

Therefore, many times dreams predict that in our cognitive system, the results of some things may have been predicted, but it is not truly perceived by consciousness.(Human conscious functions are also bounded.

Those information that is not conscious will be captured by the subconscious sensitivity, and those information that subconscious integration will be realized if you realize it?Through dreams, there is a dream of warning function.

There is an interesting in the history of chemistry, Kaikol, his biggest achievement is the cyclical structure of benzene molecules.According to himself, this comes from a dream.It was when he taught at the University of Belgium. One night, he fell asleep in the study, and a rotating carbon atom appeared in front of him.The long chain of the carbon atomic was rolled like a snake, and when he saw a snake holding his tail, he kept rotating.He woke up like an electric shock and sorted out hypothesis of the benzene structure.

This is not to say that we must be able to perceive the future when we dream more. Imagine that if Kaikle has not experienced hard research for several years and accumulates a lot of scientific knowledge structure.But the details he ignored were manifested through the "snake" in the dream, and he suddenly penetrated the structure of benzene.

The subconscious cannot highlight the content it wants through the standard expression. It can only use the image of an image to draw away his concept and achieve the purpose of "looks".key.

In this regard, Kaikler said: "We should dream, then we can discover the truth, but don’t announce our dreams before a sober rational test."

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