Why can some people have many miscarriage?Some miscarriage can’t be pregnant once?

In sexual life, if you do not have a plan to get pregnant, it is best to take contraceptive measures, otherwise it will cause accidental pregnancy and can only solve the problem by abortion.Artificial abortion has a great impact on women’s fertility. Many people have such doubts. Why do some women have no birth after abortion, and some women can continue to give birth a few times. Let’s take a look at it together.

The reason why people exist in individual differences are also because the physique of each woman is different.Some women have better physical fitness and recovery faster. After a period of conditioning, the body will return to the level of not being pregnant, and it has the conditions to continue pregnancy.Some women have weak bodies and have low resistance. They have only aborted once, and the uterus and cervix have been greatly traumatized. The recovery is particularly poor. There is no way to get pregnant in the future.Therefore, women do sex when they do not have a child to have a child. We must take contraceptive measures. Do not put themselves in a dangerous situation, and do not make fun of your fertility.

1. Full rest

Some women continue to work without rest without rest without rest. Such behaviors are incorrect, which is not conducive to their own recovery.After performing artificial abortion, you have to rest for at least two weeks. We must pay attention to strengthening nutrition in the past two weeks and do not perform severe exercise.

2. Do not perform sexual life one month after surgery

After performing artificial abortion surgery, the uterus was injured, and the cervix was also injured. At this time, you must pay attention to abstinence for a month.After a month, go to the hospital for review, and recover almost after recovery.After the sexual life is restored, contraceptive measures should be taken, and at least the first half of the year will begin to prepare for pregnancy.

3. Pay attention to conditioning depression and sadness

When women lose their children, they always feel particularly sad and regret that this negative emotion is normal, but don’t indulge in such negative emotions and cannot extricate themselves.After performing artificial abortion surgery, pay attention to the guidance of the mood, you can do more things you like to do, and transfer your attention. If you keep drilling the horns, your body recovery will also be affected.

Different women have different constitutions and can withstand different times of abortion.I hope that women can cherish their bodies, cherish their fertility, take contraceptive measures, and avoid accidental pregnancy.

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