Who is the cage of marriage?

If this is not my fault, nor her fault, who is this wrong?Who is the cage of marriage?

01 unexpected information

When Yang Yang was pregnant with the second child, he found that his husband Zhang Ming was derailed.Things were discovered like this–

One day, Yang Yang received a message sent by Zhang Ming, with the content: "Dear, happy birthday! Love you!" Yang Yang was inexplicable at the time because it was not her birthday that day.Is it Zhang Mingji’s wrong day?If you remember the wrong days, why don’t you bless your birthday when you go out in the morning?Is it sent the wrong message?So who did this message originally sent to?

As Yang Yang wondered, the information was withdrawn.Then Zhang Ming sent another message saying, "Oh, I remember wrong, my wife’s birthday is next month."

Yang Yang murmured in her heart. She thought that since ten years of marriage, her husband and wife have always been harmonious.Her husband showed no signs of derailment at all: except for a business trip, he would go home every night; he was accompanied by his son at home for most of the time; and he did not deliberately "protect" the mobile phone, it didn’t seem to have any secrets at all.

That night, Zhang Ming went home from get off work and went directly to the bathroom to take a bath. The phone was thrown on the bedside table at will.Driven by curiosity, Yang Yang picked up Zhang Ming’s mobile phone, entered their common mobile phone password, and turned over all the chat records of all social software, and did not find any suspicious marks.

Yang Yang thought he was suspicious.I was about to put down my mobile phone, and Ali Wangwang flashed a message: "Please click to confirm the receipt for the signing of the goods." Yang Yang was curious about what Zhang Ming bought, so I clicked in: It is a crystal necklace!

The order details show that the receiving address is not the company or Zhang Ming’s company. The consignee is Lin Ling. The order details also showed Zhang Ming’s message to the seller: "Please note that the packaging is exquisite, attached to the card of the birthday blessing."

Yang Yang seemed to understand something, she was shivering, but she still kept writing down Lin Ling’s address and telephone number.

When Zhang Ming came out of the bathroom, Yang Pu was fell asleep, and she shed tears of Zhang Ming silently.

02 Gentle rival

Yang Yang quietly asked Zhang Ming’s colleagues and friends to ask this person called "Lin Ling".It turned out that she was the head of a department of Zhang Ming and their company cooperation unit.Everyone commented that she is a very talented and temperamental woman, with strong work ability and affinity.Yang Yang silently produced inferiority in his heart. After all, he was just an ordinary staff. Compared with Lin Ling, he was too ordinary.

Three years ago, Lin Ling met with Zhang Ming because of business exchanges.She and her ex -husband have a daughter, because the thoughts of her in -laws are very serious, and she asked her to have a second child. She was afraid that her daughter would be wronged and unwilling to give birth.Later, because of the relationship between her mother -in -law, the relationship between her husband and wife was divorced four years ago.She lived with her young daughter, but her daughter died in a car accident three years ago.

Yang Yang sighed in his heart that Lin Ling was really a bitter person, but he couldn’t provoke a woman with a woman, shame!

Yang Yang decided to go to Lin Ling to face the quality. After calling the phone, she heard a gentle female voice.At that moment, Yang Yang suddenly regretted the call herself, but she still had the courage and stabilized her emotions, explaining her identity and intention.

During the conversation, she could feel the surprise of Lin Linggang’s beginning and the calmness and calmness that gradually recovered later.The two women finally decided to meet in Lin Ling’s residence.

This is a six -story house. Lin Ling lives in a duplex suite on the first floor, with a delicate private garden at the door.Yang Yang pressed the doorbell, and Lin Ling, who came to open the door, wore a light purple casual suit. The fluffy and thick long hair was randomly bundled into a ponytail. Such a simple dress could not hide her gentle charm and elegant temperament.

Yang Yang walked into the room, noticed the photos of the little girl on the cabinet, and some of the medals of Lin Ling, about the award -winning of the competition, and academic honor.Sure enough, she is not an ordinary woman.

Yang Yang’s inferiority has come up again. In the marriage, she has not improved with Zhang Ming.Seeing that her husband was promoted and raised, he rose high step by step, but he has been turning in place.Does Lin Ling’s women and Zhang Ming match more?

No!Not like this!Marriage should pay attention to loyalty!

Lin Ling gave Yang Yang a cup of tea, and the two women sat opposite the sofa.

Will this be a war without smoke?

After a embarrassing silence, Lin Ling spoke first: "I expected that it will have this day sooner or later, and you will know all this, just earlier than what I think. No matter how you scold me today, I recognize it.I apologize to you first. "

Yang Yang originally prepared a lot of words. After listening to Lin Ling’s words, she didn’t know how to speak. He hesitated. Yang Yang asked: "I think you are also a person who knows Shustel. Why should you develop this underground love with my husband?"

Lin Ling sighed, saying, "The place is here. I am sincere to him, but I don’t want to hurt your family, so we are very converging and careful. I can feel when he is with me with me.Happy, although this time is very short. Sorry, I know that no matter what I say, it hurts you. "She lowered her head after saying.

Yang Yang finally couldn’t help tears and choked: "If you don’t want to hurt us, you should not approach him! What do you plan to do now?"

Lin Ling handed her paper towels, and she was also red. She said, "I will leave City A. You can rest assured. I heard that you are pregnant with a second child and take care of your body."

Yang Yang was surprised, but did not expect that the conversation was so smooth.As long as Lin Ling leaves, Zhang Ming will be able to change his mind.Yang Yang said to Lin Ling: "That being the case, I hope you say what."

Lin Ling nodded.

So Yang Yang was about to leave. When she walked to the door to change shoes, she accidentally glanced at it. There was a hospital checklist on the shoe cabinet of the porch: it was Lin Ling’s early pregnancy diagnosis form!

Yang Yang grabbed this list, facing Lin Ling, and said, "This … is his child …? …"

Lin Ling grabbed the list, tears crushed, and his eyes were full of tears, but he said to Yang Yang firmly: "You don’t have to know this matter, he doesn’t have to know. You can rest assured. I will leave." She said she would leave. "She saidAfter finishing, gently pushed Yang Yang and closed the door.

Yang Yang heard the cry in the door.She is not a taste in her heart.

03 Innocent love

After chatting with Lin Ling, Yang Yang observed Zhang Ming’s changes at home.She hoped that Lin Ling would leave soon, and Zhang Ming’s heart would return to her.

However, the development of the matter is not as good as she wish.About a week later, Zhang Ming seemed to be a bit anxious, and then slowly turned the soul.

One night, Zhang Ming returned home drunk and fell asleep.Yang Yang called him to take a bath and shouted, so he twisted the hot towel to help him wipe his face.Zhang Ming’s mouth began to break: "Lingling, baby, where are you going … how can you just disappear … baby … Lingling …… ""

So Yang Yang knew that Lin Ling had left, but Zhang Ming’s state was unexpected.Unexpectedly, her husband was so deeply affectionate to other women. Yang Yang was cut like a knife and sat next to the bed and cried all night.

The next morning, Zhang Ming woke up, rubbed the temple, and wanted to relieve the headache brought by the hangover. He saw his wife’s red eyes and leaned on the head of the bed, so he pushed Yang Yang and said, "Why do you get up so early, he will sleep again, and he will sleep again.Children. "

Yang Yang glanced at him and said coldly: "I want you to tell me personally, what’s the matter about you and Lin Ling?

Zhang Ming was surprised: "You … you all know?" He sighed and said slowly: "Yangyang is sorry for you. But this matter is not her fault."

Yang Yang sneered: "Isn’t it her fault, is it my fault? I can’t match you, is the woman outside worthy of you? How did she seduce you?"

"It’s not what you think, she is a bitter woman. I’m sorry for her, and I’m sorry for you. It’s all my fault." Zhang Ming covered his face with both hands and said with a desire, "Some things I have been in my life will beI don’t want you to know, but it ’s now that it’ s unavoidable. Do you remember that when my son was born when I was born, I entered the delivery room to accompany the delivery? At that time, the scene of my son was born.I have never dared to tell you.

"Before my son was old, we both slept in a room. I verbally said that I was afraid of affecting the rest of the child, but it was actually because I couldn’t do it. Later, in order to prevent you from being suspicious.Restore and maintain a sex life once or twice a month. Until recently, I have always rely on Viagra with you. But I can’t get any happiness from it … This pain may not be able to understand …… "

Zhang Ming’s eyes were covered with blood. He looked up and looked at Yang Yang, who was shocked, and continued: "Until I met Lin Ling three years ago, when I saw her, I seemed to have a new life.Feeling back.

"Of course I know my marriage status, so I have been suppressing her emotions, but I feel too strong about her, and I can’t help but want to approach her. Only she can make me feel like a man.

"She just started to resist my diligence. But at that time, her daughter had an accident in a car accident, and she was in a trough. I gave her a lot of care at that time.Later, I came together with her. But then she knew that I was a family … "

"What? You even concealed your marriage to her? You …" Yang Yang asked incredibly.

"Yes. Sorry, Yangyang. If she knew that I was married, it was absolutely impossible to be with me." Zhang Ming sighed. "She collapsed after she knew, crying and breaking up, I almost knelt down and begged her beforeShe kept her.

"But since then, she is very concerned about my schedule, stipulating that I must go home before 10 pm. I am not allowed to find her on holidays. She even wrote down your birthday with your child, and my marriage with me and youMemorial Day. She said that these days, I was not allowed to contact her, even if it was just a message.

"She sets up these rules to protect our family, but also to protect my feelings and her feelings. She has always felt ashamed to you and children. I feel that her emotions are unstable.How far can I go, but I didn’t expect that she would end so hasty, she didn’t say anything … "Zhang Ming choked.

Yang Yang had been crying, listening to her husband in front of himself telling about the love of another woman. What a cruel experience.

If you didn’t ask your husband to enter the delivery room to accompany the birth, would you still happen all of this?

Maybe not, maybe, or it will.

04 The hope of failure

After a long silence, Yang Yang finally asked Zhang Ming: "What do you plan to do now? Divorce? Go to her?"

Zhang Ming shook his head and said, "I won’t leave you and my son, and the children in your stomach. Give me some time, I will adjust it. Sorry …"

Zhang Ming rubbed his face and got up from the bed. He stroked Yang Yang’s shoulder and said, "It’s not too early, I should go to work, you remember to go to the birth inspection. After all, I ate Viagra.Will it have an impact, and I did not expect that Durex also lost … ""

After Zhang Ming packed out, he went out.Yang Yang sent his son to the school, asked the unit for a day off, and walked towards the hospital.Do not divorce, have to live, and have to do the checkup.This is the first time she went to the hospital with her early pregnancy test paper at home.

However, unexpected things happened!

The results of the blood test showed that Yang Yang was not pregnant, and B -ultrasound could not see the fetal buds and fetal hearts.

how can that be possible?Yang Yang’s menstruation did not come for two months, and last time at home with early pregnancy test strips, it did show pregnancy!

The doctor explained that Yangyang’s endocrine disorders caused the fluctuations of the HCG hormone level, so the results measured by early pregnancy test strips were not accurate.

This news made Yang Yang’s heart fall into the bottom again. I thought that the arrival of this new baby could be met with the relationship between husband and wife.But this hope has also fallen.

A cold wind rolled up the leaves on the ground, and Yang Yang wrapped his coat.She glanced at the gray sky and fell into the boundless despair.

What should I do in the future?

Should Lin Ling’s pregnancy tell Zhang Ming?Will he leave this house?

If Zhang Ming knew that she had found Lin Ling, would she hate herself?

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