Who is the 18 million villa in Shanghai?In order to force his wife to go out of the house, the man staged a big show!

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Did you watch the movie "Disappearing"?

In the movie,

Actor Zhu Yilong played "He Fei"

It is a model of "scum man"!

(The following involves some spoilers, please skip if you don’t see it)


In order to get his wife’s property,

He designed Southeast Asian tourism,

He killed his pregnant wife in diving.

Many audiences who have watched movies

Straight: Stay away from the scum man!

And Shanghai Mayor Ning District Court

Real cases are accepted together

It makes people emotion:

Drama comes from life

And life is often more complicated than drama!

Before the divorce, the husband even performed a big show in arrears

Just for "swallowing" real estate!

Women are forced to go out of the house

It’s a big show played by her husband

5 years ago,

Men Xiao Li and the woman Xiao Zhao Xiang love to get married

Xiao Li’s family is not in Shanghai

So the little Li’s father proposed

Use daughter -in -law Xiao Zhao’s Shanghai to buy a house to buy a house

In the name of the two couples

I bought a set of 18 million yuan villas in the full amount

After marriage, Xiao Zhao gave birth to a girl.Soon after the daughter was born, the couple often quarreled because of various family chores. Sometimes Xiao Li also shot Xiao Zhao Da. In the end, Xiao Zhao couldn’t bear to ask Xiao Li to divorce.

However, when divorce

Xiao Li is reluctant to share the share of the real estate

Actually with my father and uncle


Attempt to make your wife go out of the house

After repeated discussions with his father and Uncle Dang, Xiao Li said to Xiao Zhao who bought a wedding room and borrowed more than 7 million yuan from his uncle. If Xiao Zhao wanted to divorce, he would pay back when he bought a house.Xiao Zhao did not pay back the money, but he needed to voluntarily give up the division of real estate in the divorce agreement. "Otherwise, don’t want to leave the marriage."Xiao Zhao refused to sign the divorce agreement.

On September 1, 2020, the Mayor of the Shanghai Mayor Ning District accepted a case of civil loan disputes. The plaintiff’s uncle said that because the nephew Xiao Li did not repay the debt, the defendant asked the defendant to return the borrowing principal of 7 million yuan, interest, lawyer, lawyer, lawyer, lawyer, and lawyers.Various other costs such as costs are more than 2 million yuan.The court confirmed the fact that Xiao Li’s borrowing from his uncle to buy a house did not return the arrears, and made a civil judgment that supported the plaintiff on November 26, 2020.

After Uncle’s victory, Xiao Li did not fulfill the content of the judgment in time, causing the property to be seized by the court.

Seeing this situation, Xiao Zhao decisively called the police, saying that his husband colluded with other people’s fictional debt and filed a false lawsuit to the court.After investigation and interrogation of the public security organs, Xiao Li and others quickly confessed the fact that the fact that fabricated debts filed a false lawsuit.

January 26, 2022

Prosecution was filed by Shanghai Mayor Ning District Procuratorate

The court sentenced Xiao Li for false lawsuits

Uncle and Uncle

Six months in prison

Each and a fine of 1,000 yuan

Support and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the woman

To promote justice

The procuratorial organs held a public hearing on this case

I heard the opinions of the parties and the representatives of the National People’s Congress and members of the CPPCC

Xiao Zhao said at the hearing:

"I hope that the procuratorate can supervise the court to judge according to law,

Maintain my legitimate rights and interests."

The hearing said:

In order to force the woman to go out of the house, Xiao Li and his family actually deceived the court through false lawsuits to make a judgment that is conducive to his own.Support the procuratorial organs to supervise this case according to law and correct the wrong civil judgment.

In the end, the procuratorial supervision of Changning District launched the retrial procedure

In June 2022, the court conducted a retrial of the case

Between Xiao Li and his uncle

Folk loan relationship is not established

Revisit the original judgment

Prosecutor said:

In this case, the real estate involved was purchased by Xiao Li’s father after he married Xiao Li and Xiao Zhao.According to the law, if the parents ‘funds for their children’s marriage and buying a house, if they have no pre -clarification of the agreement to buy a house, the borrowing of the house as the parents’ borrowing of their children, and not in advance that it is a gift to the children, it should be identified as a gift to both husbands and wives.

Considering that the real estate in this case is purchased by the man’s father’s full money, in general, the man will have a relatively much property share during the divorce.However, due to the man’s malicious fictional debt and intending to infringe the legitimate property rights and interests of the woman, in accordance with the principle of punishment stipulated in the law, the man’s actual share of the event should be reduced accordingly.

This case has also attracted the attention of netizens

Many people say:

Support the woman!

Fujia fictional 7 million debt

Just in order to force your wife to go home

What do you think of it?

Source: Prosecutor’s Daily · Minsheng Weekly, Dialog box

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