Who is dead female rabbit, isn’t she afraid of retribution?

Text/Picture Zhu Maoqiang

As soon as I sat on the grass, I sighed: The little rabbit died like this, and was a mother who was pregnant!Before you have time to close, it just swallowed the last breath. The front leg and body still kept rushing forward. It was struggling all night, roaring …

The land under its feet is speechless, and the night sky of the stars is speechless. It is mistakenly entered into this fine grass -like wire. No matter how hard it is, it can’t break away from this deadly fine iron circle.Exclusive, the more accelerate the process of death.

The black stone beside it is blood, the small tree of the thumbs of the thumb is blood, and the bark is taken away in a section of the bark.Intersection

I sat next to it and used small branches to drive a few flies for it.

I want to cry without tears!A yellow flower, called yellow flowers called horn, is embellished in the blue and yellow grass full of blue.

Who tied this thin iron wire to this and set it?

Who do you know how to retribute?Reform?Perhaps, in the next generation of descendants, this little rabbit went to his house.

I’m here late. If I get up early up the mountain, maybe it is struggling with blood heads, and I will save it.

It is next to the mountain top, you can see at a glance!

I got up and night this morning. When I went to the mountain spring, I couldn’t think of climbing the mountain!I was still hesitating, unconsciously put down the bucket and took the first step to go up the mountain.

The peach blossoms along the way are still very beautiful.

The cotton flower between the pine trees and a string of red dumb are more than in previous years.

I forgot to all, shuttle between trees, stand or kneel, and take hundreds of flowers.

When I turned around, when I went down the mountain, I found it that had struggled to die.

In the middle, I was destined to collect the corpse this morning and see it last.Maybe there is a fate between us.

Maybe, we have seen it many times. In the snow, it will run to my mountain house to find food, run to the mountain spring to drink water, and a string of footprints in the snow is it.

In the cold wind of winter night, in the early spring of the flowers of the early spring, I walked alone on this mountain road alone.

It was on the side of the road, silently looking at my firm pace, and sometimes I saw me drunk in the drunk step of drinking two cups of wine.

It was hidden in the grass, waiting uneasily to wait for my desires one by one, walking, and the blood of the blood faded for a while.

On the top of Xue Rongchun, it was stepping one by one, greedily sucking sweet grass roots, and spent this cold winter.

The mountain solstice was early on the mountain, and it was one of a pair of rabbits.

Shortly after they were born, I was eager to try to take a picture of taking pictures of my mobile phone. In my eyes, there was a hint of play that was not involved in the world. When the two of them reacted, I was a man.The alert ears ran into the yellow grass.

This morning, on the top of the mountain, I saw it again. It grew up, grow taller, but died early.It is impossible to escape.

It is already pregnant, and it is about to be a mother, and the bones are not agile and agile before, otherwise, it is easy to enter the invisible routines that cannot be set up.

Black its thinking is not flexible enough?Can’t think of the set of the grass in the grass?

If you do n’t earn, calm down, watch Yunjiao Yunshu, listen to the bird’s contention, smell the well -known unknown flower singing, and wait for the opportunity to appear.

I took it down the mountain, this morning.

It was stiff and straight, and the bottom of the white hair belly was still soft and shiny.The yellow hair in one body just added more than a few black silk on the back.

Black holes, black holes -like mysterious eyes are open, and the grievances are difficult!It seems to be silent and silent, and like a new life in pregnant tires, waiting for new life.

I gently closed the yellow orange eyes of it with my hand.

The blood of its ears began to flow down, a little red blood, splattering this road down the mountain.

I want to bring it back to my mountain house and bury it under the apricot tree. Do not let the big pieces of Yi Yi, eat its meat, talk about its story, drink and laughed.

It is better to forget each other!

It always exists in my memory, but disappears on my mountain.

I hope it can sleep quietly. In this life, he will never be easily on earth.Forgot all the resentment and hatred of the world!In the next spring, we will accumulate the reincarnation reincarnation!

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