Which one is better than the flow of people and the medicine?

In the face of accidents, many women may consider abortion because they are embarrassed or do not want to go to the hospital for people, but they are inevitable that they do not know how to choose for their own safety and health.So, which one is better than the flow of people and drugs than?

I. Operation method: There is no instrument to enter the uterus during the process of abortion. The possibility of infection after abortion is less likely to cause infection, and the possibility of endometrial injury is also small.During the flow of people, an attractor must be scraped out of the inner wall of the uterus in the uterine cavity. If the doctors operate are rich in experience, they will not hurt the endometrium, but if the operation is improper, it will damage the endometrium.

Second, abortion time: The key to wanting to do medicine is early, so people with regular physiological cycles can be found immediately after pregnancy.The applicable time of the drug flow is in the early stages of pregnancy (39 to 49 days from the advanced menstruation of the last menstruation), and the abortion is suitable for pregnant women within 14 weeks of pregnancy.Before the drug abortion, you must do a B -ultrasound examination. First of all, the possibility of ectopic pregnancy must be excluded. Secondly, the size of the fetal sac is measured. The fetal sac exceeds 2.3 cm.

3. Modern process: The entire process of abortion is relatively long. You need to take the medicine for 3 days at home. After taking the Kaiguku drug at the hospital on the day of the abortion, you can observe for several hours at the hospital.The flow of people only takes a few minutes, safe.

Doctors remind: The drug flow effect clinical has been proved to be around 75%. Generally, the drug flow needs to be cleared, and the bleeding time is long, which is harmful to the body.Therefore, the effect of the drug flow is obviously much lower than the 99%effect.In addition, the abortion surgery time, small damage, small bleeding, fast recovery, and safety minimally invasive hardship, does not affect work and life.Once the drug flow occurs, the residual fetal membrane tissue will cause blood crash, and it is necessary to immediately be admitted to the clear palace treatment, otherwise there will be life -threatening.

The above is a detailed introduction to this issue. I believe that the majority of friends will get the answer after reading. Therefore, I hope that the accidental women can consider themselves for their own security before preparing to be a person.It does not need to harm the abortion.(LY)

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