Which of black tea and green tea is good for women during pregnancy?


Guide: In the incident of having children, parents will start to pursue the purpose of eugenics and eugenics, advocate healthy baby, instead of raising it.Many couples have a long period of time before they decide to ask their children to prepare for pregnancy to ensure that their body and husband and wife’s fertilized eggs can maintain the best state.

This is mainly because the lifestyle of modern people has brought many hidden sub -health problems to the human body. Preparation can help avoid or reduce the adverse effect on pregnancy.In the process of preparing for pregnancy, there are often various methods of maintenance and conditioning. Some time ago, it was said that drinking tea is good for women to prepare for women.

The common one in tea is divided into black tea and green tea. Between these two, which one is good for women during pregnancy?

Here, let’s talk about the difference between black tea and green tea:

1. Processing method

The most essential difference between black tea and green tea is the difference in processing methods. Compared with ordinary tea -making methods, black tea adds the process of "fermentation" during the processing process., The fragrance is more intense.There is no fermentation process in green tea, so the color of the tea is green and the fragrance is more fragrant.

2. Difference in nutritional ingredients

In terms of nutritional ingredients, the types of ingredients between black tea and green tea are not much different, but because the black tea passes through the fermentation of the time, some of the active ingredients will be decomposed.Therefore, in terms of nutritional content, the nutrition reserved in the production process is higher than black tea, so drinking green tea is relatively better.

So is it suitable for women during pregnancy?What are the benefits of drinking tea for women during pregnancy?

In fact, drinking tea is not much good for women during pregnancy, because there is a substance called "tannic acid" in tea leaves. This substance will affect the normal iron of the human body after entering the body.Anecdotes can cause anemia risks.

However, there are also some nutrients that are good for the human body, such as tea polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, catechins, etc., which have the effects of antioxidant and improving human immunity.Therefore, during pregnancy, women who want to drink tea can drink light tea, and avoid drinking strong tea, while absorbing nutrients while reducing the impact of adverse ingredients.

If you want to be healthier and give birth to high -quality babies, then preparation before pregnancy must not be less. Adjusting your body to the best state is particularly beneficial to the growth of subsequent pregnancy and the growth of the fetus.There are a lot of homework to do. So, what are the things that women need to pay attention to in the work of preparing for pregnancy?

1. How long should I start pregnancy in advance?

The sperm and eggs of both husbands and wives take about 3 months to develop in the body, and the treatment and treatment of some bad problems in the body starts at least 3 months.Therefore, if you want to improve the success rate of pregnancy and ensure the quality of the fertilized eggs, you must have at least 3 months in advance, and it is best to have 6 months of pregnancy.

2. Need for nutrition that requires key intake during pregnancy

Many people know that they must supplement folic acid in advance before pregnancy, which can reduce the risk of fetal malformations and brain nerve development. In addition, during the period of pregnancy, it is necessary to supplement vitamin E (improving fertility, preventing abortion), zinc (zinc), zinc (zinc), zinc (Antioxidant, preventing abortion, fetal malformations), iron (prevention of anemia).

3. Adjust and quit bad habits in life

During pregnancy, if there are bad living habits such as staying up late, smoke and alcohol, and irregular meals, they must also quit, because these habits will have a different degree of impact on physical health.Maintaining good living habits can improve physical fitness and improve bad physique.

Important tips: The essence of the essence between black tea and green tea lies in the process of "fermentation". Black tea is a fermented tea. Therefore, the effective nutritional content will be lower than the green tea.Women during pregnancy should drink less tea, or do not drink strong tea. High -quality pregnancy needs to prepare in advance to supplement nutrition and adjust their lifestyle.

Topic today: Do you need to replenish folic acid during pregnancy. Do you have any good folic acid products to recommend?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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