When you are in a bad mood, please drink a cup of rose tea to relieve the liver and relieve depression

There are hundreds of human emotions, and we often simply divide emotions into positive and negative.The front emotions such as happiness, surprise, movement, etc., negative emotions such as jealousy, sadness, loneliness, etc.

Negative emotions can help us understand ourselves and growth, but negative emotions need to restrain peaceful recovery and avoid being out of control.And a cup of tea is exactly these negative emotions.

Use tea to relieve worries and treat heart disease.

I believe that friends who like to drink tea have such experience. When they are in a bad mood, drink a cup of tea, and slowly calm down, the thoughts slowly open, and the mood is not so bad.

Depression -The fragrant Duoyan Rose Tea

The depressed emotions come up, and they are always not interested in anything, affecting work efficiency and rhythm of life.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the rose is slightly bitter and warm, and it can warm people’s heart and liver blood veins, relieves the qi in the body, and has a good effect on sedatively soothing and relieving liver relief.

Duoyan rose tea is made of high -quality heavy -petal red roses. The moment of water injection, the rich rose fragrance overflowed, and it was so comfortable.The tea soup is light yellow, the color is bright and pure, and the body and mind are happy and satisfied from the inside out.

Looking at the roses blooming slowly in the cup, smelling the rose fragrance of refreshing and spleen, as if walking in the flower fields in the rose blooming, gloomy and light.

The taste of roses is slightly bitter and warm, and it can play a role in relieving qi and relieving depression, blood circulation and stasis, and regulating menstrual analgesic.

For young people with a lot of pressure on contemporary life, roses are mild, which can warm people’s heart and liver blood vessels, relieve the depression in the body, and play a effect of sedation, decompression, and antidepressant.For women who focus on conditioning, long -term drinking rose tea can be used to promote blood circulation, nourish the skin in the skin, remove the spots on the skin, and restore the tender and fair healthy skin.

Duoyan rose tea brewing method

(1) Take.Twitally take the Rose Rose Crown Tea with a rose spoon.

(2) Note.Inject 70 ° -80 ° to a third of the temperature of the glass.

(3) Put.Place the flowers on the warm water surface, keep the flower pipe facing the front of the petals to ensure the uniformity and complete product of the rose soaked in water absorption.

(4) Smell.After adding the corolla, you can feel the fragrance of the rose, the aroma is mild, and you can enjoy the relaxed and comfortableness of being in the sea of roses.

(5) Reward.The crown is gradually stretched over time, and the roses bloom in the water quietly.

(6) Drink.Small mouthful, reminiscent of roses with different scent of fragrance.

(7) Continue.Repeat the brewing to witness the return of the rose to the innocence. Renewal can be used to use hot water and carry it with a closed glass.After several brewing, the rose is perfectly blooming, and it is elegant and beautiful.

(Precautions: 1. Do not drink it with green tea. 2. Drink or follow the doctor’s advice after three months of lactation. 3. Disables for pregnant women and pregnancy)

Depressed, drink some rose tea

Stronger, he loves fire, and in Chinese medicine, such people often have different degrees of liver stagnation and stagnation, liver stagnation and fire.Roses have the beauty of "relieving depression medicine". They have the effects of relieving qi and relieving depression, promoting blood circulation and dissipating stasis. They can drink rose tea in appropriate amount when they are irritable or depressed.In addition, roses can also be added when soaking wine, cake honey and making dishes.

Making tea: The easiest way is to take 9 ~ 15 grams of roses a day, put in flower tea appliances, and soak in water for 5 minutes to replace tea.In addition, if the tongue coating is yellow and the mouth is bitter, you can also add 9 grams of chrysanthemums in the medicine tea.People who feel tired and belong to qi can add 3 to 5 jujube.If the fire is more vigorous, you can add 3 grams of lily and 3 grams of orange to enhance the power of relieving liver and religion.Traditional Chinese medicine reminds: Roses are not "women’s special medicines". As long as they meet the indications, men are also applicable.In addition, women with too much menstrual periods do not drink.

The correct brewing method of Duoyan Rose Tea

Before brewing: Some people who are more particular about them can be washed slightly with cold or hot water before brewing the roses to filter the roses.Like friends who like to drink Kung Fu tea, the first bubbles like to fall off first.But be careful not to rinse too much, because the first bubble rose is full of essence.

The first bubble: Do not brew it directly with boiling water (and you cannot use boiling water to brew honey directly). After boiling water boiling, wait until about 80 degrees (about ten minutes).Blims are brewed. At this time, please use a cup lid to hold the cup after brewing to ensure that the nutritional essence of rose tea is effectively integrated into the water. At this time, the bottom petals are slightly fade, the tea soup is slightly yellow, and the aroma is naturally rich.

The start of the second and third bubbles: It can be brewed with water above 90 degrees.After absorbing moisture, the petals become soft, the peripheral petals are blooming, and the tea soup becomes bright yellow.

Fourth fifth foam and above: The flowers are completely blooming in the water, and there are still incense around the cup. The petals have faded, and the tea soup has begun to become lighter.Slowly, the flowers began to sink, and the tea soup became clear.At this time, the taste of sweetness is the enthusiasm of tea polyphenols.Do not fall away because there is no color or fragrance, and it is still rich in the essence of tea polyphenol.

The last bubble: In the last bubble, when you drink at night, when you do n’t want to make it again, the surrounding rose petals can be eaten directly, because the heavy petal red roses are food -like roses. This is why many people can get it.The reason why roses do desserts directly.

Note: After the rose tea is opened, please be seal and save, and drink it within three months.Don’t drink it anymore for rose tea overnight, but you can still use it to wash your face.Because Duoyan’s rose has high nutritional value and strong blood circulation, please do not drink during pregnancy and pregnancy. Please drink less during menstruation.

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