When the birth check was met with a male doctor, I was embarrassed so that I laughed out

The pregnancy test during pregnancy should be the most important task of pregnant mothers during pregnancy, but if you are a male doctor for your delivery, what would you do? Will you and your husband mind? Will you and your husband ask for a request to replace the doctor? Below belowThe editor summarized some embarrassing things for the birth check. Please forgive me for a pig -like laughter.

Doctor: Lie, take off your pants, put your legs well!

Pregnant mother: Ah? Ah!

Doctor: Pants go down again, so you can’t check it!

Pregnant mother: Ah? Ah!

Doctor: After checking, why not wear pants!

Pregnant mother: Ah? Ah!

[PS] This pregnant mother, a universal "Ah? Ah!" Solving all the problems of inspection.Xiaobian recommends that pregnant mothers should not have too much psychological pressure. Cure do not distinguish between men and women. Sometimes male doctors are more careful than female doctors.

Doctor: Relax, don’t be nervous, make your legs bigger!

Pregnant mother: a little embarrassed!

Doctor: This is for your health. If your cervix is not good, it is easy to cause fetal abortion!

Pregnant mother: Is there a problem with my cervix? (Open your legs quickly)

Doctor: See you anxious, aren’t you embarrassed just now?

Pregnant mother: This, isn’t this for the baby?


Pregnant mother: Doctor, how about my cervix?

Doctor: Very good, no problem, go out.

Pregnant mother: …

[PS] Before the male doctor engaged in this career, he had a long understanding of the anatomy structure of the human body, and the mystery of women had long gone.Everyone can abandon gender, age, and identity to serve patients. Why can’t we have an ordinary mind? If we still mind, the pregnant mother can ask the nurse to accompany.

Doctor: Have you ever had a room yesterday?

Pregnant mother: Yes … there is (there is the sound of mosquitoes)

Doctor: Do you know that you ca n’t have the same room in the first three months of pregnancy? During this period, the baby is not developing well, and the current situation is a bit dangerous!

Pregnant mother: Husband … Husband said it’s okay …

Doctor: Call your husband over, let me talk to him!

Pregnant mother: Okay … 哪里? I feel wrong!

[PS] I feel that this doctor is so severe. It is almost the same as the parents of school teaching. It is a little scared! Hahaha.But then again, this doctor is still very responsible.

Doctor: Please lie on the bed on 298, take off your pants!

Pregnant mother: Doctor … Birth, doctor, are you a man?

Doctor: Yes!

Pregnant mother: Can you change a female doctor to check? I can’t accept it.

Doctor: Okay, please hang up tomorrow.Next, No. 299.

Pregnant mother: Don’t … don’t, come on, check it.

[PS] Sometimes the level of male doctors is better than female doctors. Doing something has an advantage than a female doctor. For the baby and their own safety in the stomach, the heart is usually good!

Pregnant mother: Doctor, my stomach pain, is there a signs of abortion?

Doctor: Don’t worry, check first.

Dad: Why is a male doctor? Is there no female doctor?

Doctor: Sorry, the female doctor rests today, today is my class.

Mom: Doctor, my stomach is really painful, all sweaty!

Doctor: Please come in and check.

Dad: Go, we change the hospital to see, we do not believe that there are no female doctors.

Pregnant mother: My stomach hurts, I can’t carry it.

Doctor: Please hurry up and come in to check.

Dad: If you check him, if he dares to touch you, I will not touch you again in my life …

Pregnant mother: …


[PS] In the critical moment, where can I still care about the male and female doctors. As long as it is a doctor, it is enough to cure the disease and save people.He is just a doctor, not a bad guy, because the doctor has delayed treatment, and the fetus has a problem. Who is this pot?

Today, more and more male doctors have begun to involve the field of obstetrics and become the leader of the hospital. Even male doctors must be used in certain work. The majority of pregnant mothers do not have to be too stressful.If it is really unacceptable, the male doctor will respect your wishes. You can choose to change the number, change the doctor, and change the hospital to avoid embarrassment.

Have you encountered a male doctor during the production or check -up? What are the embarrassing funny things? Share it with you.

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