When the air conditioner blows, it will be sick?How to choose the fan vs air conditioner in the hot day

In this weather, it is hot for a while, and it is rainy for a while. High temperature and humidity make people look like a crayfish in a steamer. Many parents are tangled. Is it better to use an air conditioning for the baby, or use an electric fan?

Once the air conditioner in the family starts to run, this kind of nagging and controversy will also turn on: "Children are still small, it is best to blow the fan!"Look at it, as soon as the air conditioner is opened, the child has a cold and cough. "" The child has a cold, can’t blow the air conditioner, or the electric fan is safe. "


the truth!Children need to turn on air conditioner than adults

In terms of high temperature, children are much more fragile than adults.

The child’s body temperature regulation center has not yet developed, and the heat dissipation ability is not as good as adults.The younger the younger child’s temperature adjustment ability, the worse.

Secondly, the child’s metabolism is fast, and the body temperature is higher than the adult. If it is at high temperature for a long time, the child will not only be irritable, but also the body temperature is more likely to rise with the environmental temperature, which will cause heat stroke.

In addition, in the high temperature environment, children are prone to sweating. If the environmental humidity is large or the clothes are not breathable, the sweat is not smooth, and it is easy to grow.

Therefore, children need to live more than adults in an environment with a suitable temperature.Opening the air conditioner is equivalent to opening a plug -in for the child to regulate the body temperature.

Which of the air -conditioning VS electric fan is healthier?

"After turning on the air conditioner in the summer, children are prone to colds, coughs, and diarrhea." Some parents felt that blowing air conditioners can easily cause "air conditioning diseases", which is not conducive to health, so it is more inclined to use electric fan to cool down.

In fact, both fans and air conditioners can relieve heat. How to choose, the key depends on the temperature.

If the temperature is not too high, it is enough to blow the fan to the child.It is necessary to deal with high temperature days, making children with relatively poor high temperature capabilities more comfortable and more effective to turn on air conditioners.

As for the saying that "the air conditioner will get the air conditioner", this pot of air conditioner will not be carried.

"Air conditioning disease" is just a general name for everyone in the air -conditioned room for a long time in the air -conditioned room. In addition, the series of discomfort caused by the air conditioner is not cleaned and the use of improper use, including: cough, dry throat, flowing, flowing, flowing flowNasal nose, even asthma, rhinitis attacks, etc.

Many symptoms of "air conditioning disease" may have nothing to do with the air conditioner itself, and it is not related to the air conditioning cleaning and improper use.

Similarly, if the fan is not blowing, it will also be "fan disease".For example: In order to "exclusive wind" to improve the comfort; many people like to blow close to the body or head; in order to cool as soon as possible, the largest gear is opened as soon as possible.

Therefore, in the summer, whether you are an air -conditioned party, an electric fan party, or an electric fan+air -conditioning party, you should use it reasonably, and it is a healthy way.

Can a child catch the air conditioner?

Whether the cold and fever can be turned on depends on the temperature outdoors and the child’s heating stage now.

During the cold, the high environmental temperature is not conducive to the fever, and the use of air -conditioning to reduce room temperature reasonably is good for fever babies.

Three stages of children’s fever- ——

产 The temperature of the body temperature rises, the heat produces> heat dissipation, the child is afraid of cold, the hands and feet are cold;

, The body temperature continues, heat produces heat = heat dissipation, the child is hot, the small and ears are red, etc.;

产 The period of body temperature decreases, heat produces <dissipates heat, children sweat, and they are comfortable.

If the child is in the duration and decline of the body temperature, the air -conditioning can be opened appropriately to assist the heat dissipation, but pay attention to the regular open doors and windows. Frequently pay attention to the child’s state and maintain the appropriate temperature. It is generally recommended to keep the room temperature of 26 ° C; avoid direct air conditioning blowing.

Pay attention to 5 o’clock to the air conditioner for the baby

1 After a lot of sweating, turn on the air conditioner immediately

On the hot summer, the air conditioner is used to "save lives", but if you go home, you can’t wait to open it, especially if you are sweating on your baby’s head, you think of the consequences?

Suddenly cold heat can easily cause the baby to catch a cold, heat stroke, or the uncomfortable phenomenon similar to "air -conditioning disease".

√ Correct practice

◎ When the baby goes home with sweat, takes a break for 10 minutes before turning on the air conditioner.

Use a dry towel to wipe the baby sweat, put on dry clothes, don’t rush to cool down with air conditioners.

◎ Before you bring your baby to go out, turn off the air conditioner 10 minutes in advance.

2 Frequent air -conditioning switch

Everyone knows that the air conditioner cannot be turned on 24 hours, but frequent switching, hot and cold alternation will increase the risk of a baby’s cold, which is also unsuitable!

√ Correct practice

During the low temperature in the morning and evening, turn off the air conditioner. While it is relatively cool, you can also take your baby out to take a walk and breathe fresh air.

It usually takes 2 to 3 hours before going to bed at night. If you are really afraid of heat, you may wish to adjust to the "sleep" mode.

3 The temperature of the air conditioner is too high or too low

In the air conditioning temperature, there is a phenomenon of polarization:

Some parents are worried that their children are cold, and the air conditioners have turned to 29 ° C; some parents see that their children are too hot and adjust to 22 ° C.

√ Correct practice

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to keep the indoor temperature at 24 ° C ~ 26 ° C.

The temperature is too high, and the air conditioner does not play a role at all, but it will increase the discomfort of the baby.

Of course, too low temperature is not a good thing.Cold air can produce the effect of allergic source in the respiratory tract, which may induce allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma.Usually adults feel comfortable and more suitable for babies.

4 Wind Blow Baby

In order to "cool down" themselves as soon as possible, many babies will stand under the air conditioner and blow.

√ Correct practice

Avoid blowing out of the air outlet to the baby, the wind speed is best to be adjusted to the minimum.

If the position of the air conditioner is facing the baby’s bed, it is best to move elsewhere, even if it cannot be installed, it is necessary to install a windshield.

5 The air -conditioned house is not ventilated, closed the doors and windows tightly

"The air conditioner is turned on, the doors and windows are closed", this rule is common in everywhere.

However, long -term air flow in air -conditioned rooms is easy to breed pathogenic microorganisms, and germs are also easy to gather indoors, which will increase the risk of respiratory disease transmission.

√ Correct practice

Even in the state of Sanfu Tian, the air conditioner is open, it will ventilate the room once every 2 to 3 hours, and ventilate for 10 ~ 15 minutes each time.After going home, turn on the air conditioner when opening the window. After waiting for 5 ~ 10 minutes, make sure that the dirt on the air conditioner is discharged outdoors and then close the window to reduce the remnants of the indoor harmful gas.

(Wuhan Evening News Comprehensive Wuhan Children’s Hospital public account reported original Xue Yuan)

Source: Wuhan Evening News

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