When my daughter -in -law was pregnant before marriage, my mother -in -law changed her face and retracted the wedding room and 280,000 gifts.

They all "determine destiny". Many times, the mentality also determines the between them, especially the mother -in -law. If you have been holding a full calculation to treat the future daughter -in -law (mother -in -law), then this marriage is not yet started.It can be foreseeable that the water is deep in the future.

Many of the differences of thoughts can also be because of the incorrect mentality. It has done something to regret it. It is too late to look back.

Just like Ran Dasao, a 65 -year -old, his 42 -year -old son managed to find the object through a blind date. Both sides have talked about Cai Li and some pre -marital details, waiting for Ji Riliang to get married half a year later.

However, when Ran Dadao learned that after her daughter -in -law was pregnant before her marriage, she regretted that she changed her face to retract the wedding room and the 280,000 gift to the woman.His son was crazy.

Ran Ran Da is the target of the famous cricket in the village. Because of this, her fate in the village is not very good, and many of them do not like to do things with her.

It is precisely that she has trained two very good daughters. Both daughters are famous college students, and only the son is more ordinary.

The neighbors had a complicated perception of her. She was envious of her so outstanding daughter and looked down on her so much. Perhaps because of this, Ran Dasao almost always been the topic center in the village.

Especially her son, the children of the same age are in high school, but he has no target. Everyone talks about it. "It is not bad, and the conditions are good.

In fact, Ran Dasao almost worried about his son’s affairs. Seeing that he was the same age as his son, he could be a grandparents immediately, but his son had no object yet.

The most angry thing about her is that her son is so outstanding, not only handsome and good figure, the key is that there is no bad habit, but also a sense of good son. Such a good son is actually in his forties.There are no friends.

This has become Ran Dasao’s first -class event. Ran Dajie is often anxious to insomnia and headaches. She feels more than anyone else, and she can even dream about her son getting married.

In order to find the object, in addition to launching relatives and friends to help introduce the object, she also asked her son to sign up for a blind date section held on the TV station. In addition, she also participated in a large blind date activity of various blind dates.

However, no matter how tossing, the son is not always his favorite type. After so many years, Ran Dasao has broken his heart for his son. What she is most hopeful is that her son can marry his daughter -in -law and can hold his grandson herself.

I can see that her son is in his 40s, and he is more than 60 years old. His daughter -in -law has not yet been shared. Ran Dazhen is really worried that his son will be a bachelor in his life. In order to hold his grandson, Ran Dasao has to relax his future daughter -in -law.

In the past, she felt that her son was good. Even if he was older, he had requirements for finding objects. In addition to height, weight, age, and appearance, he must be a first marriage.

She had threatened to say, "Although my son is older, the others are not worse than others. They are still marriage. We are resolutely not marrying a second marriage woman.

At that time, many of the requests she asked for sneer, "Don’t be married, even if a girl with a child is willing to marry, she will burn high incense, and pick it."

Today, as the neighbors are really neighbors, Ran Dasao really doesn’t pick anymore. As long as her son is willing, she recognizes what kind of daughter -in -law to marry.

Later, a sister of her family introduced her son to a woman who had been knotted once. Perhaps the fate was reached, maybe it was the son who had to be low, and the son who had always been very stingy.female.

Although Ran Dadu was not very satisfied with her heart, she could hold her grandson for a long time, and she reluctantly accepted it.

According to the customs of the hometown, most of them are about the gifts and other details before marriage, and then discuss marriage.

Ran Dazhen also prepared a wedding room for her son according to the woman’s request, but also gave the woman 280,000 gifts. However, she also proposed the condition that when she was married, the woman had to bring 280,000 gifts back.

Ran Dasao "This colorful gift is also your two. I won’t want you in one point, but if you leave all the gifts to the mother’s house, it is unreasonable, and it is unfair to my son."

The woman may also know that she is a second marriage, and it is unreasonable to have such a high gift in itself. Therefore, in this regard, the opinions of both sides are unified, and everything is very smooth.

At this time, the two are both male and female friends. Since they are both male and female friends, and in the future, they will be a couple’s male and female friends.

The parents of both sides are accustomed to it. After all, the young couple can also be regarded as the fiance and fiancee recognized by the parents, and there is a wedding of foreign officials.

I thought it was a happy event on the board, but it was a happy event, but because of the difference between Ran Da’s thoughts, it caused this marriage to end before it started.

It turned out that when his son was about to get married, his son told Ran Dajian that his girlfriend was pregnant.

This is more excited about Ran Da’s award. Thinking of her will be a grandma immediately, Ran Daji can’t wait to tell all: she is also a grandma.

And she also did not let her son disappointed. She immediately asked her son to take her daughter -in -law to the house. She had to take care of the prospective daughter -in -law and let the prospective daughter -in -law raise a good child.

When her daughter -in -law saw her mother -in -law so happy, she also felt very happy. After all, her mother -in -law’s attitude often played a key role. However, she was too happy. She had not had time to move to her mother -in -law.It was surprised.

After being excited, Ran Dasao actually had to take back his son’s wedding room, and he did not want to give it even 280,000 gifts. She thought that the daughter -in -law was pregnant. This daughter -in -law and grandson must not run away. In this casebride price.

After the son knew, he had a dispute with Ran Dajiao for the first time. "I only got married once in my life. Shouldn’t I have a gift? You should live a good life for me. Can you leave some room for me?Absolutely? "

When my son couldn’t twist his mother, he begged my mother "I would borrow you when I borrowed you, and I will return you slowly in the future, just please don’t take it back."

But Ran Dasao didn’t take his son’s words seriously, and the son was too straight, and he didn’t know how to calculate himself at all.

After the woman knows, she scolds the man who is not something and is not authentic. As a matter, the prospective daughter -in -law is also very angry. She feels that she is not respected by her mother -in -law.What about it?

Perhaps it was to gamble, maybe he was injured by her mother -in -law. The prospective daughter -in -law turned and took the child in the belly to marry a first love for 7 years.

Regarding the first love, the prospective daughter -in -law also met again after participating in a classmate party after engagement. At that time, she had been engaged, and her second half of her life had been given another man.

Therefore, the two sides only dinner and chatting together like ordinary friends, and in the mouth of her classmates, she knew that her first love had a unfortunate marriage.

The first love has been married for almost 10 years. I have no children. After the examination, I found out that the problem lies in the first love. Later, the first love was divorced. After that, the first love has never remarried.

Originally, his parents asked him to find a woman with a child. This is better than lonely and lived, at least it looks like a home.

But the first love was rejected, and it was better to live freely than to live together.

At this time, the prospective daughter -in -law looked for her first love and asked him if he was willing to be with himself?Don’t mind the child in her belly?

This pair of first love is the big egg that has fallen from the sky. It is too late to connect.

Prior to this, the prospective daughter -in -law gave Ran Da a phone call. I won’t marry your son anymore. I have found my dad for my child. I want to break up with your son.

Ran Dasao thought that his daughter -in -law just threatened her intentionally, and did not take it seriously, and even "you are all like this, who would be so stupid to be a cheap dad?"

In fact, the daughter -in -law just wanted to give her mother -in -law another chance. However, after listening to Ran Da’s words, she finally made up her mind to marry her first love and receive a certificate with her first love.

Ran and Ran Da may not know that it was her words that not only destroyed the happiness of her son, but also made her son hate her and let her even have a chance to regret it.

When she had been waiting for the daughter -in -law to come to the door at home, she listened when she was waiting for her grandson. Her daughter -in -law had given birth to a big fat son, and she was no longer her daughter -in -law.

Ran Dasao couldn’t believe everything she heard. She quickly rushed to the woman’s house and wanted to ask for a clear, but at this time she knew that her prospective daughter -in -law had married.Essence

Ran Da was panicked. She rushed directly to the former daughter -in -law’s house and wanted to make it clear, but the facts stabbed her eyes. Looking at the pictures of the three daughter -in -law’s family, she could no longer bully herself.

She collapsed, and she begged the former daughter -in -law to forgive herself and go back with herself.

However, no matter how she kneels to ask for a daughter -in -law, the former daughter -in -law is indifferent. "I already have my husband and my own home. Now my life is the life I want.It is a legal husband and wife with my husband, and we have received a certificate. "

Now Ran Dasao is really desperate. She did not expect that the former daughter -in -law would do so well, and she didn’t even leave a retreat. Seeing that she could not save the former daughter -in -law, Ran Dazhen completely teared her face.Son’s son, you want to return it to me. "

In the end, Ran Dasao wanted to snatch the child, but the previous daughter -in -law did not give her a chance. "That was my son, and no one could snatch her away. If you want to make trouble, we will report it."

At the end of this incident, Ran Dasao still failed to return her grandson, and the most desperate was that after the son knew, she was directly mentally abnormal, like a wood, and even her basic self -care ability was gone.

The village was made by Ran Dasao himself. It was a good pair, but she was dismantled by her, and now it still hurts her son.

The two daughters of Ran Ran Da Da are also blaming her, "No matter how poor our family is, it is not bad for hundreds of thousands of colorful gifts. Even if we borrow it, we can borrow it. Besides, my younger brother is old.It is not easy to meet a marriage object. Why do you have to have a branch? "

"If you don’t have any trouble with you, you have already hugged your grandson now, and your brother would not be like now. All this is caused by you."

Ran Dasao was crying without tears, and she didn’t even have a crying qualification, because, just like her daughter, it was her book that caused all of this.

In fact, there are many such old in life. I always want to take advantage of it. I do n’t know that in the end, it becomes “chickens do n’t erode rice”.

Sadly, it is often only when they come to the end, but at this time, everything is already a foregone conclusion, and there is no room for recovery.

Just like Ran Dasao in the text, since she thought she was smart, she found out that she lost watermelon when she ended up.But her son.

No one was expected by this result, and it could even go far beyond all control. Perhaps at the time, Ran Dasao just wanted to take a look at the daughter -in -law and want to put his posture a little bit.

And her attitude exactly conveys a information about "I am not satisfied with you" or "You can’t deserve my son". Such information will feel a kind of humiliation, especially for a one who is about to marry into the mother -in -law’s house.It’s hard to think about it.

Maybe the daughter -in -law in the article is more extreme, but to some extent, it is also understandable.

"The Buddha competes for a column and sighs". Since you are unwilling to marry or your attitude is not true, then don’t blame it for not seeking another way.

Everyone pays for what they do.””””I want to go to the headline”

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