When I was pregnant, I found the ovarian campaign. Do I need surgery?

Gynecological clinic, 20 -year -old Jing Jing said to me with a registered bar shy: "Dr. Fu, I haven’t come to that for almost 2 months, I used the test strip to test it, yes.Super. "

I seriously asked Jing Jing’s previous menstrual marriage history. I knew she had just received a certificate two months ago. This was her first pregnancy.She opened the B -ultrasound application form, and she walked out of my clinic with a list.

After a while, Jing Jing returned with the B -ultrasound. After taking her report, I looked at it and said to her, "Jing Jing, congratulations. Your current results show 8+ weeks of pregnancy."

"Dr. Fu, but you see that there is a cyst on my ovaries on the ultrasound list. Does this cyst need to be treated? Will it hurt my baby? What should I do? Scared me!"Essence

"Ovarian cyst" is commonly known as ovarian tumor, and is named after ovarian tumors.Clinically, it is often divided into two categories: physiological and pathological: as the menstrual cycle is more disappeared as a physiological cyst, it is often called pathological cysts that continue to exist after the three menstrual cycles.

For example, the foam cysts and luteum cysts are the most common physiological ovarian cysts. The former is formed because the follicles have no ovulation, or the follicles are not absorbed or increased;, Bad absorption.This cyst is mostly unilateral and wall thin, and the diameter is ≤8cm. Observing or oral contraceptives can disappear after 2 to 3 months.

Pathological ovarian tumors are clinically divided into three categories: benign, malignant, and border.Among them, benign ovarian tumors are common: ovarian plasma cystoma, mucus cystic adenoma, endometriosis (chocolate cyst), and mature teratoma.

Pregnancy is a good thing, but there is a cyst on the ovaries that make the pregnant mother distressed.

The bad news is that compared to the unhappy, pregnancy -induced ovarian tumors are more prone to twist and rupture, which can cause miscarriage and premature birth.The attention of pregnant mothers.

In the diagnosis of ovarian cysts, ultrasonic skills are indispensable.Ultrasound can not only understand the position, form, size, and relationship with the uterus, but also judge the content and blood flow of the mass, combined with the pelvic examination of the type of ovarian tumor.

There are a lot of pension on the ovaries, and ovarian tumors need to be identified with ovarian tumor -like lesions. The latter is mostly unilateral, thin walls, diameter

The ultrasonic image diagram of ovarian malignant tumors has some characteristics. If an experienced ultrasonic doctor identifies the benign and malignant identification of ovarian tumors, the results are more reliable.

Then we can see that Jingjing’s right ovary cyst size is 3.6*2.5cm, which is no echo. Then this cyst considers benign and may even change ovarian tumors.

Do I need to be treated for Jingjing’s ovarian cysts?

Answer treatment is to look forward to observation.

Some data indicate that most ovarian cubs during pregnancy can subscribe naturally naturally.We can all look forward to treatment for benign tumors with a diameter of less than 6cm.Considering surgical resection during cesarean section or 6 weeks after childbirth.

After all, there is a small cyst on the right ovaries. What should I pay attention to when pregnancy?

If the pregnant mother suddenly feels the pain on the lower abdomen, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, the ovarian cysts must be reversed.Once the ovarian cyst is reversed, emergency surgery is required.The doctor of the arts removes ovarian tumors and reset the ovaries; if the ovary has been determined, the resection is required.

If the surgery is performed between 28 and 34 weeks of pregnancy, there is a possibility of inducing premature birth at this time.

When I heard this, Jing Jing was still nervous, and she was afraid that she had reversed ovarian cysts in pregnancy.Fortunately, the literature reported that only about 1% to 7% of ovarian tumors were reversed during pregnancy, especially during early pregnancy.So I told Jingjing that her ovarian cysts were not large, and the chance of reversing ovaries during pregnancy was also low, so she knew this risk in her heart. She naturally faced and regularly checked on time.

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