When his wife was 7 months pregnant, he mentioned AA. Men: When the divorce, the child took it away, and the family also moved to

For marriage in France, for marriage, once said: "The tragedy of marriage, like many other tragedies, is that everything that one see is not all the facts."

When falling in love, the lover’s eyes came out of Xishi. He felt perfect in the eyes of him. He felt that he had advantages all over and down. Even if the onlookers were clear and told you what it was bad, you couldn’t listen to it, but said bad things about your love.People have opinions.

After getting married, get along with him and live under the roof, and you will find that many of his living habits and behaviors conflict with you. You work hard to adapt and want to seek the same difference, but you can’t do it.The two of you are inconsistent with the three views, and their views on things are not consistent. When discussing things, instead of discussing it, it is better to quarrel. At the end, the words are not speculative.It’s right.

As said in the psychological work "Intimate Relationship", at first, we were attracted by a person’s external external, and then the values. Over time, it was a lifestyle that decided whether the intimacy can be stable and long -term.

When you are in love, what you see often is what he wants to see. In order to be with you and to marry you, he tried to hide his shortcomings and only show his advantages.

When you get married, the marriage becomes life, and is surrounded by life trivial matters such as Chai rice oil and salt sauce and vinegar tea, so you can see what kind of person he is.

Although it is said that after getting married, you must learn to open one eye and close one eye. You cannot care for some trivial things. You must learn to change himself and work hard to accept each other.You find that you are with him, only pain and no happiness, it is better to think about yourself for yourself. Don’t waste time in painful marriage.

Zhou Lei dreamed that the wife who was weak in his impression, only knowing that he was crying, and a wife who couldn’t help but used him would have a big change.

"She took the child away and took away the furniture of the dowry. The daily necessities she spent the money were the same. All of them were taken away.The house of the empty air. "

The reason why Zhou Lei and his wife were in trouble was mainly because of AA marriages.

The reason why Zhou Lei mentioned the AA system with his wife was because they started to quarrel with the real estate certificate since they got married.

At that time, Zhou Lei and his wife had not yet married, so he took the last step. The wife was pregnant and wanted to leave the child. The two began to talk about marriage.

The woman’s parents asked for a 100,000 color gift and suggested that the two buy a house together to get the down payment. However, Zhou Lei’s parents believe that the marriage is too unreliable and the possibility of falling into an analysis is very high.

In order to control the property firmly in the hands of the Zhou Lei’s family, the parents took out all the savings, and found someone to borrow money. Before Zhou Lei and his wife received a certificate, he took the house slowly as a wedding room.The real estate certificate naturally only wrote Zhou Lei’s name.

"The down payment is 310,000, which spent the savings of my parents, and owed 70,000 to relatives. The monthly mortgage was repaid more than 5,000, and my salary was over 10,000.If you pay a penny, why add her name? "

Zhou Lei and their parents refused to add their wives. Even if their wives were pregnant, the two were already husbands and wives. However, as long as the wife mentioned the incident, they resolutely opposed it.

"Although the down payment was from your parents, you got married with me. Isn’t your salary the common property of the husband and wife? Don’t look at you have finished the mortgage and have money to spend, but that is enough? With a child, the expenses of the family at home, the expenses of the family’s expenses at homeIncreasing, isn’t it to use my salary? Besides, you pay back the mortgage with your husband and wife’s common property.

And Zhou Lei believes that it is his own salary. How can you say that he infringes his wife’s interests?After the two were noisy, Zhou Lei’s parents knew that they made suggestions to their son and let their son and daughter -in -law AA.

"The wages of each control and each flower, so that she has nothing to say. You can also control each parents. Anyway, we have been staring at the daughter -in -law who is not in the real estate, and we don’t expect her to respect her. I willI know, I should really guard against her. "

From childhood to large, Zhou Lei has not heard of his parents. With the advice of his parents, in order to prevent his wife from getting divorced in angered, and hurting the child in the belly, Zhou Lei was dragged to his wife for seven months of pregnancy.When he quarreled again with his wife’s name for the real estate certificate, he said his thoughts and asked AA.

At this time, because of the big belly and inconvenient action, the wife could not complete the work arranged by the company. She was crowded out by the company. In order not to let the bad mood affected the child, they had chosen to resign.In other words, from this moment, to her physical recovery, she has no income.At this time, Zhou Lei not only cared about her, but also proposed the AA system for his own selflessness, which disappointed his wife.

"She promised to be very refreshing. I thought she persuaded her, and never had to worry about her remembered my house."

More than two months later, the wife gave birth to a boy. Zhou Lei and his parents were very happy, and even the name was taken.

However, when Zhou Lei told his wife’s name to his wife, he was ridiculed by his wife: "In order to give birth to this child, I suffered for ten months and gave birth to it for a long time. What did you do? Except for one?Sperm, what else? I need to check the checkup. You said that this is my business. I did n’t have a dime. I ’m going to get pregnant. I want to eat durian and let you bring one. You hand over an invoice. I don’t give the moneyDon’t give it to me. Including the cost of this time, all the money I took from the dowry. Then you tell me, why should my son be with your surname? "

Zhou Lei felt that his wife was entangled in Hu, and his son was with his father’s surname.Just as Zhou Lei rushed his wife, his father -in -law and mother -in -law came in, and his father -in -law directly slapped Zhou Lei: "The son is with his father’s surname, heaven and earth?Son -in -law who is selfish and not considered for my daughter, I don’t want it. "

Seeing his wife decided to divorce, Zhou Lei was in a hurry. First, he refused to die, and then saw his wife not loosened, and turned his face ruthlessly: "Okay, leave, leave, the son is my incense, and I must return to me. The house is me.Yes, you go out and go home! "

At that time, his wife ignored him, Zhou Lei rushed away, and even his son didn’t care.Until a month later, his wife went out of confinement and took his parents and lawyers to find the door.

The child was just born, his father -in -law and mother -in -law had a good family, and Zhou Lei scrambled to fight for his son’s custody.As for the house, the wife could not be distinguished, but in front of Zhou Lei, she dragged the furniture inside, including toilet paper, pots and pans, etc., all of them.

The child was taken away, and the family moved to the air. Zhou Lei recovered his single. Zhou Lei’s parents except for scolding.

Emotional expert Tu Lei once said such a sentence: For a long time, the reason for many people to break up is attributed to personality. In fact, it is just a guise. There is no incompatibility at all, but there is only love or not.

Because you do n’t love, you only have your own interests to consider the perspective of things and do n’t feel his feelings.As long as you can safeguard your own interests, take more cheapness and be good for yourself, then will it be not good for the other party, and it will not be within your consideration.

The other party is not stupid, love or not, you can clearly perceive from your behavior and attitude.When you constantly violate her interests for your own interests, you do n’t love these two words.

Since you don’t love him, why can’t he leave you, but will waste time on your body?


Topic today: If it is you, can you accept AA marriage?Welcome to share your point of view in the comments area.

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