When a 13 -year -old boy eats, the big vomiting blood is actually neglected when his mother was pregnant

2018-05-22 06:27 | Zhejiang News Client | Reporter Tang Mengxia Correspondent Zou Yun Xie Chen

Why does a 13 -year -old boy suddenly vomit blood?

Henan primary school student Xiao Zhao was 13 years old this year. It was when he was preparing for the middle school entrance examination. However, in January this year, he ate normally as usual, and suddenly vomited blood after meals.This was frightened by the parents sitting at the table at the time, and quickly sent the son to the local hospital for treatment.

"After arriving at the hospital, he vomited blood, and kept telling me that dizziness has no strength." Xiao Zhao’s mother said that the hospital was diagnosed with "upper gastrointestinal bleeding" at the time.room.But the child is good, how can the sudden gastrointestinal bleeding?Xiao Zhao’s parents were puzzled. In order to further find out the cause, he took his son to Wuhan for medical treatment.

"After entering the hospital at that time, a comprehensive examination was performed. The doctor said that it was considered that the hepatitis B was sclerotized during the loss of the hepatitis B and the esophageal stomach veins rupture caused bleeding. It is recommended that we do liver transplantation." Xiao Zhao’s mother suddenly realized and regretted it.

It turned out that Xiao Zhao’s mother had chronic hepatitis B. When she gave birth to Xiao Zhao 13 years ago, she was spread to her children through the mother and baby.However, because the mother’s hepatitis B disease is still in a compensation period, there is usually no symptoms, so negligence is negligible and does not want the child to suffer such a big pain.

Place of hepatitis B

"I am sad and regretful in my parents’ heart. This time, I have to treat the child’s illness, and I will never leave regrets." Therefore, the family came to Hangzhou from Wuhan and found the tree orchid hospital. I hope Academician Zheng Shusen will do it for the childLiver Transplantation.

Do you do liver transplantation at such a young age?Academician Zheng Shusen conducted a detailed consultation evaluation with the liver and gallbladder pancreatic surgery team, considering that Xiao Zhao was still young, liver function was acceptable, and there was no indication of liver transplant surgery for the time being.

"After this little patient transferred, we conducted a consultation discussion. He had poor coagulation function due to liver cirrhosis, and all blood cells decreased. Various examinations showed severe door vein hypertension, spleen and kidney diversion, and the possibility of repeated bleeding possibilities.Very great. "Deputy Chief Physician Zhong Yanmin suggested that in order not to affect the life and study of the child, endoscopic treatment is recommended. Although the risk of treatment is relatively large, the most suitable treatment is at the moment.

Earlier last month, Deputy Chief Physician Zhong Yanmin performed a painless endoscopic esophageal vein for Xiao Zhao. "He is very lucky.After the hem is treated, the veins of the stomach have disappeared. "

After surgery, Xiao Zhao’s situation was quickly improved, and no bleeding was not bleed after normal eating.Recently, Xiao Zhao came to Shilan Hospital’s digestive internal medicine clinic for review. The gastroscopy found that the vein of the original severe song had disappeared, and he could return to school to study and live normally like before.

Doctors remind that maternal and infant transmission is an important way for children to infect hepatitis B. Studies and practical experience at home and abroad show that through the screening of dyswoman diseases, it provides timely and comprehensive intervention measures for infection with maternal and born babies, which can effectively prevent prevention preventionHepatitis B maternal infant transmission occurred.

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