What’s wrong with tinea and foot ringworm?6 common incentives, early understanding and prevention

Patients with tinea -foot ringworm are caused by hand, foot skin diseases caused by fungi, and many fungi that cause this disease. Most of them are caused by tineae bacteria. This type of fungi can be transmitted through slippers and public facilities.Therefore, the probability of infection of these items for a long time is relatively high.

1. Khan

Hand -footed long -term sweat, and because the sweat cannot evaporate in time, resulting in a white pheasure -like substance on the surface of the skin. Among them, the most obvious between the toes and the severe sweat will also cause blisters and erosion, which can easily cause fungal and bacterial infections.Thus triggers tinea and tinea.

2. Pregnancy

Some patients with tinea -footed tinea are out of pregnancy. This may be related to the endocrine disorders of pregnant women and reduced physical resistance. These conditions cause fungi to be more likely to infect the hands and feet, which causes tinea -footed tinea.

3. Obesity

Obesity causes the gap between fingers and toes to reduce or disappear. If these parts are in a humid and impregnated state for a long time, it will easily lead to the emergence of tinea -footed tinea.

4. Damage

When the skin of the hand and foot is damaged, it will cause the local area to decline in resistance to the outside world, making it more likely to be invaded by bacteria and fungi, which will induce tinea -footed.

5. Diabetes

This situation belongs to a type of disease caused by the abnormal endocrine metabolic metabolic metabolism. Due to the lack of insulin caused by the patient’s long -term lack of the material metabolic disorders of the nutritional body, the body’s resistance to the skin, especially the skin, decreases, which is more likely to infect fungi and induce the emergence of tinea, feet, and tinea.Essence

6. Use medicine

The body uses antibiotics, immunosuppressives and other drugs for a long time, causing the normal flora in the body to flocculent, which causes a large amount of fungi to reproduce in large quantities.

1. Itching and pain

In the early stage of the occurrence of tinea and feet, local itching symptoms will occur. When the condition continues to increase, it will feel pain. Although these will not cause severe physical injury of the patient, it will cause major trauma to the skin, especially for naked exposed ones.The skin can make patients feel obvious discomfort, thereby generating different feelings in physical and mental.

2. Easy to spread

Patients who do not have timely control or patients with severe condition will also cause secondary infections in other parts. At this time, if it is not treated in time, it is very likely to cause tinea and athletes.Scratching causes bacterial infections locally, causing lymphitis and van poison.

Hand, foot, and tinea also have a certain contagiousness, which can be communicated through public items. Therefore, for patients with athletes and tinea, it is best to use themselves to use themselves.Also try to avoid contact with patients.

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